The more serious stuff came much later i.e. St Joseph’s Seminary at Upholland opened in 1883, the first phase was built to a design by James O’Bryne.,,,’s_College,_Upholland. Contact Parish Office. This is where I learned to play guitar and sing. Out of the many places on the list to be seen, only this one worked out successfully. Many of them are in prominent locations in their towns and cities. OMG !!!! No crazy hair. 1878, by Goldie and … Griff Rhys Jones, Victorian Society Vice President, has urged people living near the buildings on the list to ‘seize the opportunity' and campaign to save them. If you are seeking information on our Parish Schools, or Mass times in our Pastoral Area, please follow this link to our ‘Links’ page. [2], St Joseph’s, usually referred to by its students simply as Upholland, was the main seminary serving the North West of England. Hello Roy,this is not my class,mine is the photo next to this in the St Josephs list,and I've put all the names on so theres no mistaking me.Our Mike was nineteen Roy when that happened,he's also had so many scrapes in his life you would not believe it,but he was always a dare devil,I don't know what he was like at school,and he always saw the funny side of everything,as I said before I could talk about him all day. The grandeur of the chapels, meeting rooms, fixtures and fittings was unbelievable. Anyway keep in touch via the site, it's great to reminisce. Inside the building is slowing falling into a state of ever worsening disrepair, and there are no signs that redevelopment will commence any time soon. johnboy, Thanks Christine, I will do, her granddaughter Megan takes after her for the drawing, and she paints as well x. Hi Johnboy, I think you are a cousin of mine , I lived in Wallgate , but I had an uncle and cousins in Great George St , and used to spend time there,I remember you being in my class , so I think you are right about just being off on the day of the photo , lol, tough luck ...or maybe not . I am still in touch with Marie Yates and Winnie Cunningham and reading all the names again conjures up many thoughts of where they all are now. Album Contents. Mather Lane, Leigh, Greater Manchester, WN7 2PW. Registered in England. The sister seminary at Ushaw provided the same services for the North East. However, restoring important historic buildings is worth investing in as it can be a catalyst for wider regeneration. Wrightington. 3940996. More photos of St Josephs Seminary are here. The sale was steeped in controversy, as St Joseph’s had just started to make a small profit once again. E A new chapel was added in 1930 along with 14 sub chapels. Source: 3. Your not related to Mick Mcgovern are you? Landscaped gardens and sports facilities were also completed by 1927. Set amongst a backdrop of copse and wildwood amidst gently sloping fields, the buildings are flanked with rough-hewn stone. This large and impressive three storey complex of gothic sandstone buildings, reportedly sits at the geographic centre of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Liverpool and bears witness to a time when many young men wanted to train to become priests. St. Paul wrote letters, other Apostles preached and today we are able to use the internet to bring people closer to the Lord. At a time when there has been much discussion of creating a northern power house this is more important than ever. No face paint. Hello John..sorry been so long in replying,yes I remember your family..and yes I lived at the top of Gt George street no are you keeping? Hello Roy,from school he went straight to Taylors mill as an apprentice electrician.It was there he had that awful accident,he was electrocuted and severely burned,the incident turned the power off all over Wigan.For many years he worked for Hawker Siddley until his retirement,I miss him an awful lot. This site provides historical information about churches, other places of worship and cemeteries. Fees after the baptism/ Marriage/Funeral. Both institutions housed both a junior and senior seminary. A spokesman for Ormskirk and rural West Lancashire Police took to social media to say: "Officers have been called to the old St Joseph's site due to … This site uses cookies to improve your experience. The senior seminary taught adults philosophy and theology as they prepared for priesthood. IN THE BEGINNING In October 1870, Father Henry J Lamon (see "St. Joseph's Clergy") was appointed head of the new mission that would soon become the Parish of St. Joseph, Wigan, and it was due to the untiring zeal and great energy of … Johnboy. Parish Bulletin. Thank You for your time. Ultimately, it is the support of local people which will ensure that they are not lost forever.'. Hi Maureen,got ya,the nativity one is clearer especially magnified up to 150%.I remember Mike as a bit of a rum lad, always a smile on his face, not a bad rugby player either as I said we were in the same team.Just as a curiosity thing if you want to see who you have been talking to, go to'works','Heinz Kitt Green' i'm on the 1st photo on 1st page,mind you it's 20 years ago,dont let your other half catch you,only joking!I was a Mech Eng as opposed to Mike's Electrical.Nice talking to you. St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Wigan - Welcome to Our New School Website! I have had this photo some years now,from an Observer clipping.Can anyone recognise themselves or others?. I look like a gremlin on this photo but thanks anyway Maureen for putting it in , I remember most of the people on it and am still in touch with some of them , Just for the record I havent grown much since then ...still look like a little gremlin , perhaps a 'fatter' one lol xx. Back. If you are moving into the area please complete the Welcome Card which can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ page. Very sorry to hear that Maureen, as you say a nice lad. johnboy. Sorry Roy,I forgot to say I only put this photo on because someone was enquiring about Stan Tighe from Wallgate. Throughout history, the Good news of Jesus Christ has been spread by as many means as possible. ', Griff Rhys Jones, Victorian Society Vice President, said: ‘The nationally important buildings on the Victorian Society's Top Ten list are in dire need of help. Look out for your favourite dishes! John Mc Mahon is my full name. I ordered the picture from the Wigan Evening Post, she had it framed, it's the only picture I've ever seen of her as a child. By 1987 only 54 church students were attending and it became no longer viable to educate them. Sensible shoes and coat to be worn. I have never lived in St George fact I lived most of my life in Scot Lane before moving to Southampton in 1965. Hello Roy,we lost our Mike in 2006,he had a brain tumour,such a waste,he was a cracking lad I could talk forever about him. The national exposure from inclusion in the Society's Top Ten often leads to new interest in the buildings which can help save them.

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