Wardell Stephen Curry II is the son of Sonya and Dell Curry. The new format involves a draft in which captains from each conference choose their team of all-stars, and rather conveniently for fans, the all-star teams this year are captained by LeBron James and Stephen Curry. Being the global spokesman for the company, we are not surprised he has one of these gorgeous Infiniti products in his awesome collection. In recent weeks, we have seen the significant economic impact of the coronavirus on various industries such as: manufacturing, tourism, hospitality and travel. The seven-foot native Cameroonian sends much of his money back home to his family and is satisfied with splurging on his video games. To help get the word get out, please consider sharing this link with your friends and on your social media! The very roomy SUV is propelled by a 6.2-liter V8 engine that produces 420 horsepower of energy. Steph Curry made a commercial shoot for the brand where he shot balls into the sunroof of the Q50. The Infiniti Qs Inspiration Previews an All-Electric Sports Sedan, Stephen Curry Pranks His Best Friend with the Ugliest Car Ever. The NBA is selecting their all-star teams through an entirely new process this year. 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The premise behind the prank was simple: Stephen Curry invited his best bud, COSeezy, to check out a concept he designed for Infiniti. Beyoncé’s car collection, private jet & magnificent mansions, The all-white luxury Range Rover LWB was taken for slight modifications to suit the taste of the NBA star. He owns an all-electric Tesla Model X. Steph Curry’s blockbusters five-year contract for the 2017-2018 season is valued at $34.6 million. He has since picked up a BMW i8, a huge upgrade over. Its appearance is a blend of sleekness and muscle, with the capability to produce 500 horsepower from the powerful engine underneath its hood. Whenever Steph is driving this car; he often gets overwhelmed by some fans trying to film anytime he stops for gas. Let’s just hope, for heaven’s sake, that when that future arrives, the Qs Inspiration Concept doesn’t turn into the QXzero Concept. This crown jewel is one car many people would love to cruise around town in absolute excitement. >>> You may want to check: [Photos] Check out Floyd Mayweather's eye-watering car collection, The beast-like luxury SUV sure caught the eyes of Steph Curry as he proudly owns one in his garage. For Step Curry, having won the award in the 2015-16 seasons, he got a 2016 Kia Sorento as part of the prizes. The two-time NBA MVP holder, Steph Curry, might not be as successful as the likes of LeBron James or Michael Jordan or that doesn't stop him from getting the best rides. Because of his father’s storied career at Virginia Tech, Curry wanted to play college basketball for the Hokies, but was only offered a walk-on spot due in part to his slender 160-pound frame. Ayesha started her business as a food blogger but has since grown to do TV shows, write food books, lifestyle magazines, and her latest venture the Chef Curry Food Truck, which the couple owns. RELATED: 15 Photos Depicting How The Range Rover’s Dashboard Has Changed Over The Years. Each NBA MVP receives a Kia as part of the prize, and Steph Curry won a 2016 Sorento for his 2014-15 MVP season. Somewhat standard fare for a wealthy professional athlete, but luxurious nonetheless. The 2018 Infiniti Q50 hybrid is another vehicle we expect to see the athlete add to his collection of cars in no time, as it’s meet all his taste for a car. Like several other prominent people on the planet, he loves luxury cars and he isn’t holding back at getting what he loves. Dell often took Curry and his younger brother Seth to his games, where they would shoot with the Hornets during warm-ups. He once pushed a glossy black Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen, but more recently has been driving a Porsche Panamera to games. Even though Curry is a private guy who likes to keep his rides to himself, we managed to get the details about his collection. Steph Curry’s car collection might not come close to other high-profile fleets, such as Jay Leno’s, but we admire the selection in Curry’s garage. ): Location: Waxhaw, N.C. Price: $1.55 million; Size: 7,650 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 4 full and 3 half bathrooms; Stephen Curry Biography | Wiki. Milwaukee Bucks General Manager John Hammond bravely sat shotgun in a Ford Edge as Giannis practiced driving and parking to prepare for his driving test, which he eventually passed. Boogie Cousins is the baddest big man in the league, and he’s got the wheels to back it up. He is also a strong football lover. Steph Curry Is A Huge Gearhead: Here's Every Car He Currently Owns. NEXT: Here’s The Most Reliable Honda Ever (And 14 That Come Close). It’s weird-looking, too, which contributes to its hideousness. So, it seems proper to get his hands on this beautiful and yet expensive electric car. He was even invited by “Steve” from Infiniti to serve as a brand ambassador for the concept and drive it around the Bay Area. It. The New Orleans Pelicans’ star forward Anthony Davis has owned the likes of the Bentley Continental GT and Mercedes-Benz S550 — plush cruisers that should be able to manage his 6’11 frame behind the wheel. Stephen Curry is very much alive and healthy. After which, he took the white luxury SUV for a bit of modifications, which include getting a custom wheels of 22 inches. Steph Curry might not be at the same pedestal with the likes of Michael Jordan or LeBron James when it comes to NBA achievements but he is sure among the top basket players and that extends to his paycheck too. You could tell from his words that he doesn’t really want to do it, but feels compelled to anyway. 5 best Mercedes-Benz cars for Nigerian Slay Queens: Make your friends jealous, and enemies mad! Read our full review on the 2019 Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept. He was born in Akron, Ohio while his father was a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He once pushed a glossy black Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen, but more recently has been driving a Porsche Panamera to games. Although we learnt that the headquarters of Tesla in Palo Alto is not that far from Curry’s club arena, just 30 miles away. The Jeep is the car Kyrie seems to take most places, including Boston when he was traded before the season to the Celtics. Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry is a very successful business magnate that’s famous for her restaurateur and lifestyle gigs. Led by his own collection, LeBron’s squad’s collective garage has too much horsepower and too much custom work. When it comes to speed, Steph Curry owns one of the fastest cars known to man: the Porsche 911 GGT3 RS. As we have introduced to you the garages of many famous artists, today Naijauto will bring you a NBA guest - Steph Curry's car collection! The league’s all-stars are named the same way as in recent years — a combination of votes from fans, coaches, and select media members will determine a group of 12 players from the Eastern and Western conference each. Now that he’s the international spokesman, we’re sure there’s an Infiniti in Steph Curry’s car collection. Stephen Curry Net Worth: Wardell Stephen Curry II is an American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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