Fixed missing leaderboards in the Base of Operations and Haven. Here is how to use the PS5 DualSense controller on PC, including how to connect it to Steam and have it work with your games. The Division 2 Year 1 roadmap I had added charges mod ... and my revive hive would not revive me (would stop after a few charges, then destroy itself). OPERATION IRON HORSE Players can press and hold the skill to activate an EMP with a larger radius. Lockdown magic – how to introduce your household to Magic: The Gathering. Whether you’re a returning The Division player or a fresh Agent, learning about The Division 2 skills is essential to conquering the Washington, D.C. wasteland. Grab the latest The Division 2 … Division 2 – Title Update 6.1 HARDCORE MODE IS LIVE ! The Division 2 brand sets You can find more information regarding the delay. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the thedivision community. Skills will be an essential aspect when it comes to creating your Agent build, so knowing each skill and the all of the ways you can mod each one will help a great deal when The Division 2 release date rolls around. These extra random Exotics can still be awarded with the same frequency but are acquired as an Exotic Cache from the mission completion rewards instead. Gear Sets Fixed an issue causing Keener’s defender drone to become invulnerable when affected by a jammer pulse. Fixed the Blinder Firefly failing to blind enemies. Added missing audio for Keener’s Legacy collectibles. This skill mod is only available with the Gunner Specialization. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Sony Bend has announced that Days Gone on PS5 will run in dynamic 4K at up to 60 FPS when you are playing via backwards compatibility. As the name suggests, this drone is all about covering your posterior. Stinger micro-drones also cause some enemies to bleed and flail about while they are under attack from the hive, preventing them from attacking or taking other actions. Fixed the inability to remove facial hair at the Barber. Most of these are defensive in nature, except for the Stinger, which targets enemies. Fixed missing leaderboards in the Base of Operations and Haven. You can toggle this on and off. Additional The Division 2 guides to prepare yourself: We are still investigating solutions for the Iron Horse Leaderboards not showing correct information across all platforms. A fix for infinite RPGs in the Iron Horse Raid was deployed during a maintenance on Thursday, July 9. Fixed the Blinder Firefly failing to blind enemies. Fixed an issue where some brand, raid and other gear set crafting materials were not shared even if the material sharing perk was purchased. These micro-drones will swarm any target that enters their area of effect and deal damage over time, even to weak areas. The smallest of all the Shields, the Deflector has a coating of micro-actuators that causes incoming bullets to ricochet to a nearby highlighted target with a clear line of sight to the Agent. He joined PCGamesN way back in 2015, and he’ll fight anyone who disagrees with him over SEO best practices. Fixed an issue where some brand, raid and other gear set crafting materials were not shared even if the material sharing perk was purchased. This iteration of Pulse works exactly like the Scanner Pulse but offers more flexibility as a projectile that continuously scans a location. The Blinder Firefly flashes targeted enemies, leaving them blind and unable to function at full combat effectiveness. Increasing Assault Rifle damage to better solidify AR power at its optimal range. Foundry Bulwark 3-piece gear set bonus. On the plus side, it uses a flamethrower, so if you’re looking for crowd control or want to quickly delete enemies who are funelling toward you then take the Incinerator mod. The most notable difference here is that the Scanner Pulse is explicitly used for intel. At the time of writing there are four different chemical charges that you can load into the Chem Launcher. Ubisoft has unleashed The Division 2 update 1.25 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, which will go live later today for PS4, PC and Xbox One. Massive. Fixed Termite league activities appearing as completed under certain circumstances. Fixed multiple instances of robotic NPC voices encountered in missions. In the meantime, this information should help you start crafting your ideal The Division 2 Agent, ready to liberate the US capital. System mods improve cool-down times or charges. The Division 2 skills and variants. Jordan prides himself on one thing alone: being better than you at Rainbow Six Siege. Changing behavior so that Agents can swap loadouts even if skills are on cooldown. Activate this skill and a Defender drone will hover by you and deflect bullets using microwave bursts. Fixed Special Field Research not granting Apparel Cache rewards. Booster Hive behavior changing to no longer increase weapon damage, instead it will provide hazard protection – 20% at Skill Tier 0 and 60% at Skill Tier 6 (applies to PVE as well). Added missing subtitles for Keener’s legacy collectibles. This drone skill can only be unlocked through the Sharpshooter Specialization. This is great for leveling the playing field. Fixed missing image for the Thermite Outfit in the in-game rewards menu. This can be dodged occasionally due to a short arming period before detonation. Some posts on may contain affiliate links. Fixed a delay between the EMP Sticky Bomb exploding and the start of the cooldown. I was also wondering if anyone knows what hive variant "stim efficiency" is for and what it does? Fixed the inability to remove facial hair at the Barber. Likewise, if you’re more interested in setting up devastating combos then skills like the Chem Launcher are ideal for you. This skill mod is only accessible through the for Survivalist The Division 2 Specializations. Skill Mods are not static, unlike weapon attachments in Division 2. Fixed the Demolisher Firefly not working on Support Stations in Legendary difficulty. Fixed an issue where players could spawn inside spawn closets in Operation Iron Horse. Fixed a UI only issue on the Trauma Specialist talent where it states “REQUIRED” but gives no further context. Skill Mods can be gathered from the field as loot. Needles are inserted into the patient’s ear and affixed using another adhesive. One of the most useful of these is definitely the Hive, which can be used for not only healing purposes, but also for offensive ones as well. These extra random Exotics can still be awarded with the same frequency but are acquired as an Exotic Cache from the mission completion rewards instead. I don’t know for sure but the charges mod might help in a weird sorta way; It takes 4 charges to revive and then the hive destroys itself - I guess you could add mods for extra charges so the hive is still there after the revive - unless you can get +4 charges it won’t do much but it will let you destroy it manually to half the cool down. Killing a tagged hostile also sets off the explosion on the next closest enemy. you drop it yourself) it works the usual Speed, if it got Active by going down as Player it will heal always that slow, couse there were Problems they didn't worked that fast with the Animation of Being down and got Revived. Tomorrow’s title update is being rolled out during a 3-hour maintenance period. The Bighorn in Legendary missions) or an Exotic from the current targeted loot pool, but not a random different Exotic. This is a short-term buff however, as not only will the drone lose battery for every bullet it deflects, the drone is also incapable of defending itself from bullets. Alternatively, you can read everything we know about The Division 2 raids. When deployed, the Reviver Hive can revive allies within a specific radius on the ground. Shield health bonus increased from +10% to +50%, Armor regeneration lowered from +3% to +1%, Increased minimum item power and chances for higher power items for several difficulties, resulting in higher average rolls overall, Increased power of items from Field Proficiency and Dark Zone caches to be on par with Heroic tier loot (up from Challenge), Increased power of items from Clan caches to be on par with Legendary tier loot (up from Heroic), Increase of item power of Legendary tier loot also affects all season caches, Moved general pool Exotics from mission final boss loot to mission completion rewards. Guides editor. Fixed a delay between the Firefly skill being destroyed and the start of the cooldown. The level 30 version of Operation Iron Horse is now available, Agents. Fixed an issue where only one of Lieutenant Gray bodyguards would deploy their shields in Operation Iron Horse. This week’s State of the Game was filled to the brim with information regarding improvements you can expect to see in Title Update 10.1, coming on July 21. Loot roll minimums will be increased in TU10.1. Hives are deployed much like turrets, in that agents throw them to a location; once on the ground, their micro-drones will target any valid unit inside their radius (this can be an ally or enemy, depending on the Hive variant used). This means that an Exotic that drops as loot from a final boss in a mission will either be the Exotic specific to the mission (e.g. enemies. Added missing subtitles for Keener’s legacy collectibles. Division 2 – Title Update 10.1 Patch Notes, Division 2 – This Week in The Division 2 | July 3. You can find more information regarding the delay here. The Pulse is also making its return from The Division, but it works differently this time around. Take the risk to evaluate some aptitude constructs, cause some disorder, and gain extra Season occasion prizes through the various difficulties! Fixed a UI only issue on the Trauma Specialist talent where it states “REQUIRED” but gives no further context. The Division 2 update 10.1 is being deployed tomorrow across all platforms and here’s what it does.

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