Choose among Temperates, Tropicals, Pygmies, and Hybrids. Ease to Grow: Easy. Drosera capen... Drosera intermedia While some quirks vary from species to species, their general care is very straightforward. Dormancy: Required. Sort by. Venus Fly Traps like to live in a bog, so that means wet roots, high humidity, and 6-8 hours of full sun (or 10 hours of artificial lighting).  Water your plant with distilled or filtered water.  This type of carnivorous plant is occasionally flooded in its natural habitat so it doesn’t mind sitting in water all the time.  Just before the plant goes dormant, allow the soil to dry out a bit (damp not sopping wet) and place it in a cool dark area.  A north-facing window in the basement would be an excellent place.Â. Mini-egg Terrarium Set with Carnivorous Plant, Drosera filiformis tracyi - Florida Giant. Nepenthes, drosera, sundews, dionaea, venus flytraps, cephalotus. Dormancy: Yes, forming gemmae. Stay up-to-date and get inspired when seasonal plants are back in stock. The Ultimate Carnivorous Plant Guide for Beginners - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. Submit. Skip to content. If you are looking for activities, classroom resources, games and gifts or carnivorous plants, let Carnivorous Plant Nursery supply your needs for venus flytraps, sundews, pitcher plants, butterworts, bog orchids and many more carnivorous plants. Nearly all grow in open areas where they get lots of sunlight. See all ** Seniors Save 10% Every Tuesday ** Product Catalogues. Dormancy: No. Zones: 7-9... Spoonleaved Sundew PHONE: 828-407-6478 2 Venus Fly Trap Plants in 9"x 6"x 6.5" Terrarium by Nature Gift Store, Live Carnivorous Flytrap Plants, Assorted Color Lids 3.8 out of 5 stars 25 $23.85 $ 23 . Zone: ... Drosera paleacea For most growers this means a sunny south-facing windowsill that gets between 4 and 8 hours of direct sun per day. $6.99 each) Dormancy: Yes. Terms & Privacy | © 2020, Inc. Native Range: Wet Pocosins of the Florida Panhandle. Top Soil - Sale Found mostly in bogs and seeps, sundew plants require extremely bright light in order to thrive. Native Range: Sandy-peat wetlands of coastal southwestern Australia. CARNIVOROUS Plant Soil * COMPOST * Venus Fly Trap * Pitcher Sundew * PREMIUM * £2.75 . Previous Next. dichotoma T-form (Forkleaf Sundew), SUNDEW: Drosera Binata var Dichotoma, Giant Form (Forkleaf Sundew), SUNDEW: Drosera Spatulata (The Spoonleaf Sundew), SUNDEW: Drosera Aliciae (The Alice Sundew), POT O' PYGMIES: Drosera Roseana (Mini version sundews), POT O' PYGMIES: Drosera Scorpioides (Mini version sundews), POT O' PYGMIES: Drosera xPulchella (Mini version sundews), SUNDEW: Drosera Capensis, Wide leaf form, POT O' PYGMIES: Drosera sp.Lake Badgerup (Mini version sundews), POT O' PYGMIES: Drosera xSidjamesii (Mini version sundews), SUNDEW: Drosera Capensis loc Bains Kloof, POT O' PYGMIES: Drosera sp. Ease to Grow: Easy. If you have a brightly lit windowsill with moderate amounts of direct sunlight and you remember to water your plants, you will have an easy time growing tropical sundews. Begonias; Bromeliads; Carnivorous Plants +-Venus flytrap; Butterwort; Sundew; Tropical Pitcher; American Pitcher; Impatiens; Orchids; Other Plants; Gift Certificates ; Collector's Corner; Potting Mixes For Sale. Dormancy: Recommended. Directly to your inbox. See sales page for details. Close search. Top Soil - Sale (Reg. Dormancy: No. Ease to Grow: Very Easy. Every couple of years your Venus Fly Trap should be transplanted.  Use a mixture of 50% sphagnum moss, 25% washed (playground) sand, and 25% perlite.  It’s best to do this in the spring.  When the plant is mature, it may start to flower.  This takes a lot of energy away from the plant, so it’s best to just cut the flower off.  You don’t have to feed your plant to keep it alive, but a few bugs per month will improve the plant’s general health and trap size. Native Range: Peaty wetlands of Southwestern Australia. Carnivorous Plants for Sale: Venus Flytraps and More! $9.95. Native Range: Wet Pocosins of the southern Gulf Coast of North America. Lighting:  An east or west-facing window is an excellent place.  They need a few hours of direct sunlight to help bring out their colours.  A south-facing window will usually create too much heat for the plants and a north-facing window will result in lanky growth.  In a terrarium you could use florescent grow lights: 16 hours a day during the spring and summer and 10 hours per day in the fall and winter. The Sundews or Drosera are a large group of carnivorous plants containing over 170 different species found from the tropics to near polar conditions. 69. Native Range: Wet bogs of New Jersey and Florida. Carnivorous Plant Nursery is your one-stop shop for carnivorous plants and useful information on their care and culture. Zone: 8 (... Drosera hamiltonii 99. Calgary, Alberta Hot this week in Sundew Plant. Zones: 8-10 (7-11). Powered by Shopify, EMAIL: (Click for more info), Over 630 species exist, but only a few are propagated.  Carnivorous plants have adapted to grow in thin and nutrient deficient soil.  Unlike most plants that get their nitrogen from the soil, carnivorous plants absorb nitrogen from their prey.  Their active growing season is in the spring and summer.  It’s normal for your carnivorous plant not to drink much or grow much during its dormant winter period.  There are 6 main types of carnivorous plants and we usually carry 3 of the most popular: pitfall traps (pitcher plants), flypaper traps (butterworts and sundews), and snap traps (Venus fly traps).Â. This is probably the most famous of all carnivorous plants. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items. Sundew Drosera plants grow long sticky leaves that ensnare flies, gnats, and moths. 14111 Macleod Tr. The Sundew, (Drosera) are probably the most diverse genus of carnivorous plants in the world. Dormancy: Recommended. Shop by category. Email Us, Seniors Day Native Range: Wet Bogs and Pocosins of northern and southeastern North America, north... Drosera capillaris Dormancy: No. Cape sundews are large and handsome plants that are very easy to grow. (Click for more info), greengate offers in-house service and repair of all STIHL tools sold by greengate... $6.99 each) 3 or more @ $5.99 ea. 9 sold. Sea Soil - Sale (Reg. ... Drosera filiformis tracyi - Florida Giant Shop by category. $14.95. Zones: 7-9 (6-10). for our Newsletter, Store Hours: (Click for more info), When we deliver your new trees, we can also plant them for you... Pitcher plants, also known as a trumpet pitcher, are hardy to North America.  One variety, Sarracenia purpurea, can be found in eastern Canada and is the provincial flower of Newfoundland.  Pitcher plants come in a huge variety of shapes and colours.  In fact, most pitcher plants change to a reddish hue to attract more insects. (Reg. From the cape of South Africa comes this marvelous sundew; a variable species that offers everything the plant lover could wish for. These can be found widely spread on every continent except Antarctica. Zone: 7 (5-9). Sarracenia x Juthatip Soper. $5 Flat Shipping & Free Shipping on Orders Over $75, South American Pitcher Plants (Heliamphora). Repotting:  The basic carnivorous plant mix is 50% sphagnum moss, 25% washed sand (play sand), and 25% perlite.  This mixture retains a lot of moisture, but still allows ample air to the roots.  Putting some live moss on top of your container helps to recreate their natural environment and retains moisture too.  Carnivorous plants don’t need to be transplanted until the moss starts to degrade.Â.

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