Here’s a beautiful and melodious pick for your water baby. Keala — Keala Kennelly surfed before she could walk and was one of the real-life surfers to appear in 2002’s Blue Crush. June is a cute English name for baby girls. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. Animated film lovers will recognize this name from the movie “Finding Nemo”. Kohner’s daughter Kathy surfed with the boys and earned the nickname Gidget, just like the fictional version. Besides being a lovely color, Coral is also a term for underwater skeletal deposits that form beautiful reefs. She’s currently competing on the Women’s Surf League World Tour. Even Mariska Hargitay bestowed this name to her baby boy a few days back. His surname, Occhilupo, is Italian and means “eyes of the wolf.” However, his nickname is “The Raging Bull.”. Paige Frances Hared is the first woman professional surfer from New Zealand to qualify for the World Tour. This name reminds us of a bright sunny day by the river or bay. Natural Ways To Induce Labor: Do They Work? We’re sure you must have found your favorite by now. Sera—This short form of Seraphina can be used on its own. One of the most favorite names of all time shares its association with the professional surfer from New South Whales, Jack Freestone. Summer is a lovely and fairly unique baby girl name. Cove is a seaside inlet or a small bay on the shoreline of the sea. Alexandria: Alexandria is the short form for Alexandrite, the birthstone of June. His occupational surname, Slater, is another sporting option, one that is surprisingly even less common than Kelly for a boy. Sydney is a hotspot of surfing in Australia. Surfing is a favorite sport for people who enjoy summer, sun, sea, and the spirit of the ocean. Animals, food, drinks, personality traits, physical characteristics, mental skills, lifestyle preferences, reputational assets, abbreviations and diminutives, they all serve to create a moniker. This lovely name is the feminine form of Aiden, meaning ‘fire.’ The name would make a fitting tribute to the heat of summer or the sun. Just two years ago, Hamilton beat some of the world’s best surfers in Fiji at the World Surf League’s Fiji Women’s Pro. Now you decide whom you want to give this name to. Sabine—An ancient girls' name never in the Top 1000. Bethany- for Bethany Hamilton and the East Coast’s Bethany Beach. This moniker has several worthy namesakes, including singer and songwriter Bob Dylan, writer Dylan Thomas and of course, Dylan Goodale, a professional surfer from Hawaii. Learn more on our About section. Instead, you may take surfer name inspiration from current stars of the sport, many of whom have uncommon, even one-of-a-kind names that are fresh and eminently usable on a 2020 baby. This name of an ancient Greek tribe was introduced in Oscar Wilde’s novel, “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. The name Sally last peaked in 1939, meaning it’s almost ready for a full-on revival. Waverly is a beach girl name with an easy-breezy flow. And it hasn’t even broken into the top 1000 list yet. This English occupational name means ‘park keeper’. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. Bede means ‘prayer’. Meaning “from Italy,” Italo would make a strong choice for a boy of Italian origin. Great additions, both – thanks! He usually tours around his hometown, San Diego. Kanoa — Kanoa Igarashi is a young Japanese American who will be competing in next year’s Summer Olympics. Surf on! In the US, Sofia is on the decline, along with former top girl name Sophia. The name Sofia is an international powerhouse, ranking within the Top 100 in over a dozen countries worldwide. Beau is currently on the rise in the US, ranking at number 151 and rising. This name would be familiar to our Australian readers. And in Sanskrit, Maya means ‘illusion’. Getting close to the force of nature while riding the waves gives an adrenaline rush. Lakey could easily be a nickname for Lake, a water name that’s tied to actress Lake Bell. This name will sound great on your tiny adventurer. The meaning of Julian is ‘youthful or downy’. Brother. It feels less hippy-ish than Starlight and Rainbow, making it an appealing middle name choice. Dane Reynolds, the Californian surfing pro known for his surfing and tanned looks, is the namesake. Her surfing nickname stuck, and now she competes under the name Lakey Peterson. His first name, Bede, rhyme with “bead.” It was given to fewer than five baby boys in the last year on record. Laird may not be one of the most famous names, but once you go through the accomplishments of the American surfer Laird Hamilton, the awesome factor of this name will go up ten notches. Surfer Names for Girls. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite names — from those of famous female surfers to just plain ocean-inspired and lovely. This name would make a perfect ode to one of the summery months of the year. Nickname Used Since Medieval Times. It means ‘wave or surf’ in the Kaurna language. Share your choice with us by commenting below! You don't need to be a surfing legend to earn a cool nickname. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. This Latin name, meaning ‘from the sea’, is currently at the 656th spot in the Social Security List. Layne – This world champion has a very appropriate last name — Beachley. ), Lives Near The Bridge Over The White Water. So if you want your child to carry the same attitude, give her a beachy name, something like Oceana. Just look at Bethany Hamilton, who didn’t let losing her left arm in a shark attack at the age of 13 stop her from continuing to compete in professional surfing. More: 30 West Coast Baby Names With a Laid-Back Vibe. And Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes chose this name for their child. This cheerful and cool surfer boy name means ‘meadow by the lake’. Some of them have last names that would make for a cool, trendy and untraditional baby girl name too. Brisa is the Spanish word for “breeze” and briefly ranked in the US Top 1000 from 2000-2012. This cool name brings to mind the serene, blue ocean. This name refers to Cooper Chapman, the professional surfer from Australia. Miki — Miki “Da Cat” Dora was born Miklos and made his mark back in the 1950s and 60s, appearing in 1966’s classic surf film The Endless Summer. It’ll be a few years before Sally breaks back into the Top 1000, but now’s the time to act if you’re looking to get in ahead of the curve. There are plenty of football stars with this name as well. From retired professionals to young women currently making a name for themselves in the surfing world, we have plenty of pro female surfers to choose from. Coco Ho is a Hawaiian surfer born with a surfing board under her feet, well not literally. As a baby name, Ruby is sassy, sultry and vibrant. It could work as a nickname for names such as Tomaz or Dalmazio. Coco — You know her as a fashion icon, but Hawaii’s Coco Ho is a pro surfer currently on the tour. This sweet name will remind the surfing loving parents of the rippling waves. Aquata, a Latin name, meaning ‘water’, would be fitting for your little mermaid. The list includes celebrity surfer names as well as names related to water bodies. Carissa Moore from Hawaii has established herself as a dynamo in women’s surfing. Kai Lenny is one of the most well-rounded watermen on the planet. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Please read our Disclaimer. White Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy: Should You Be Worried? His short and energetic name, with the zippy Z ending, makes an unexpected alternative to Max. Merrick is a robust and attractive name coming from a Scottish-Gaelic word, meaning ‘fork in a river’ and is one of the rarest names in the list. Ellie Jean, the Australian athlete is better at surfing than most of the pro surfers. It’s one of the fastest rising names, currently holding the 141st spot. We are absolutely smitten by this name. Fletcher is the surname of the famous surfing family in the United States. All rights reserved. Dean means ‘church official’. Well, we have our reasons to support the point. But these names are long past their prime, sounding more like mom and dad names (even grandparent names!) It has made several appearances in television series and movies as well. Kelly — Arguably the best surfer competing today, Kelly Slater could encourage parents to reconsider Kelly for a son. In the meantime, discover the best surf-inspired and non-surf-related nicknames. Malia Manuel, the Hawaiian Pro was the youngest surfer ever to the US Open of Surfing at the age of 14. Gidget is rarely used as a given name, but it would be an apt nickname for the daughter of a surfer. Koa Smith is a well-known surfer from Hawaii. The name evokes feelings of both strength and calmness. Sophie Kihm has been writing for Nameberry since 2015. It ranks 173 on the Social Security Administration list. Finn would make a lilting name for your son. All the members of this family, which include Herbie, Nathan, and Greyson, are pro surfers.

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