Other models require the user to mix the oil and fuel together in the outboard’s main fuel tank each time the fuel tank is topped up (this is known as a premix model) In addition to this you will need to know if your outboard’s oil/fuel mixture is either 50:1 or 100:1 so that the correct amount of oil is poured into the fuel tank. Do not guess at the right ratio or approximate the amounts of either gasoline or oil; your engine requires a specific mixture of fuel and lubrication to run properly. Imagine: you're in the middle of the lake and a thunderstorm is on the horizon. What's the reason for adding oil to the fuel mix if the motor is running fine . = 10mls of oil per litre. Outboard engines have come a long way since Suzuki first entered the market with the D55(5.5hp, 2-stroke) in 1965, applying the company’s motorized vehicle expertise to the marine sector. 4-stroke engine oil (FC-W) Using Suzuki Marine oil also means less wear on your motor, so protect your investment by choosing Suzuki Marine oil. Whether you opt for premixing the fuel and the oil or make a good guess, if you add one 6-oz. The oils are designed to meet the demands of Suzuki’s high performance engines but are the perfect blend to optimise your motor’s performance, whether it's a 2.5hp or 350hp model. Johnson/Evinrude Will Charpentier is a writer who specializes in boating and maritime subjects. Regarding the Suzuki DT 7,5 A Outboard 2 stroke motor 1977-1979; answer ; the amount of oil mix is 2 %,acc to my experience. To arrive at the 50-to-1 mix your two-stroke motor requires, you can worry yourself with math that tells you measure and add 2.56 oz. It is one of the most asked questions for those required to pre-mix their oil and fuel together. The relative proportions of these two components is called the 'fuel mix ratio'. The ratio of oil to gas for most two-stroke outboards under most conditions is 1 part oil to 50 parts gasoline. For older Suzuki outboards, pre-1997, I'd recommend running 50:1 as the information I've provided about is for current model two strokes. See Privacy Policy, Difference between 2 stroke & 4 stroke outboards, difference between two stroke and four stroke engines here. If you can't find what you need or are simply looking to sell or exchange your outboard manual then drop us an email. Due to this design it is necessary to provide the engine with lubrication (the oil) actually within the injected fuel (the petrol or gas). Technical Support: 800.367.3245 If your engine has been idle for more than a month, such as when coming out of winter storage, check the fuel to make sure the mixture hasn’t degraded. Units 4 & 5 Kingston industrial Estate Once you've landed on the ratio you need actually do the mixing. What is the oil gas mixture for a 1988 2 stroke suzuki outboard motor? Add the correct amount of gasoline. Anyone who owns, or has owned, a two stroke outboard would have asked themselves the question; how much oil do I mix with my fuel? As Most are oil injected anyway . Note: For commercial applications Suzuki recommends 50:1. Suzuki 2 Stroke Outboard. Simple divide 1000ml or 1 litre of petrol by ratio = the required amount of oil per litre of fuel Upgraded compression ratio from tried and tested sion ratio from tried and tested 2,045cm3 four-cylinder 4-stroke engine of DF140A series to realize enhanced output characteristics…, On how reliable is Suzuki Outboards. The outboard range now ran from 2 to 140hp. Please note that the recommended oil for two strokws is TCW-3 outboard oil, the present cost being around £7.00 a Litre, For more information please call: 01475 744 215. or CLICK HERE, Clyde Outboard Services Limited Hopefully, the above answers any questions you may have and gives you a better understanding of what ratio your outboard requires. Author: Stuart Buckingham   Anyone who owns, or has owned, a two stroke outboard would have asked themselves the question; how much oil do I mix with my fuel? Jun 11, 2020 at 9:47am, |  One gallon of gas is 128 oz. Prepare you fuel, oil on a bench or other suitable surface and have a clean rag and medium sized funnel handy. i.e 1000 / 50:1 = 20ml of oil per litre of fuel of oil to each gallon of fuel, or you can avoid the math altogether by adding the oil for a tankful of fuel to a single gallon of gas, agitating the gas can and adding that gallon to your fuel tank before you fill up the tank. If you're absolutely stuck we recommend a mix of 50:1 for outboards older than 1980 and 100:1 for outboards manufactured since 1980. All two stroke outboards require an oil / fuel mixture when being used. Any outboard described as a 'two stroke' engine is an internal combustion engine than burins injected fuel through a reduced power cyle of just ignition and exaust (more info about the difference between two stroke and four stroke engines here. ) Note: For commercial applications Suzuki recommends 50:1. A  range of oil injected motors up to 140hp was introduced in 1981. how many gallons of gas will 16oz of oil treat? It is vital this procedure is carried out to prevent the outboard seizing. The fuel to oil ratio, for a 1988 model Suzuki outboard is 50:1, roughly 1 pint of 2 cycle oil, to six gallons of fuel. I have a 2 stroke outboard motor, Mercury 50 HP, 4 Cyl 2 carby (just bought) I would really want to know the correct mix ratio, oil to petrol Standard Fuel Tank is 23 litres, so how many litres of oil … Most outboard motors require a 50:1 ratio. How to Create the Oil Mix. Note: For commercial applications Suzuki recommends 50:1. Always store, handle and mix outboard engine fuel in a well ventilated space, ideally outdoors and away from any source of ignition of chance of contamination, i.e. You can avoid the hassle of measuring and the potential environmental and personal harm that can result from trying to mix "on the fly.". This was the very popular and successful DT85. The strength of this range is Suzuki’s PEI ignition system providing a powerful spark and sure starting. If you add the gasoline first, you face the problem of agitating the tank after you've added the oil -- a difficult proposition if you have built-in tanks. The table below will give you the correct measurements to hopefully prevent any problems. For the best in reliable 2-stroke power and power, look at Suzuki! That is 50 parts fuel to 1 part oil and 100 parts fuel to 1 part oil respectively. Sep 3, 2020 at 5:20pm, |  Date Posted:25 July 2017. You can confidently use this ratio for any horse power and just about all year models. © 2020 Outboard Spares Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved. not mix ratio.. you can run 'em rich as you want if the carb tuning is right..... 20:1 was the standard suzuki mix ratio for decades.. Browse, Shop or Download dozens of Outboard Service,  Repair & Operation Manuals from the leading manufacturers. Apr 14, 2020 at 9:08am, |  Suzuki Marine engine oils offer the right blend of lubricants to give the required protection to the Suzuki outboard range. Feb 1, 2020 at 6:56am, |  There can be some visual indicators but we would recommend having it tested. Jun 12, 2020 at 1:48pm, |  The comprehensive Suzuki factory backed warranty will bring you complete peace of mind and confidence in your new Suzuki, joining the millions of already happy Suzuki family members around the…, Called the Suzuki Precision Control. Planning is either the hardest part or the easiest part of this because, if you go boating, you not only have to carry along enough gas to get where you're … The Suzuki 2-strokes are ideal, not only for the most demanding of their equipment but for anyone looking for an economical and trustworthy solution. The oil lubricates the crankcase bearings, pistons, rings etc. Similar to the rest of the Suzuki range, these 2-strokes are also equipped with the shallow water drive system that allows the operator to simply adjust the engine’s trim position to one of two high settings when the water gets shallow. not on the ground of some dusty car park! Most technicians will have their own opinion or view on how long you should run the 25:1 ratio for but, I always recommend between 8 and 10 hours. Theses are our recommendations though: Watch Video, Let us help you find your outboard and boat, Suzuki Dealer – Atlantic Suzuki Is Looking For A Marine Technician, Suzuki Warranty – We Are Right Behind You, First, 4-Stroke 140 Horsepower To Offer Drive-By-Wire Throttle And Shift System, #Testimonial – Partick Shares His Experience. This 6hp model, together with a 4hp model, both aimed at the domestic fishing market, and constituted the range for the first few years. Mixing the two-stroke oil with the gasoline before pouring it into the tank is by far the simplest method of lubrication for two-stroke outboards. Check out google or equivalent in your area to find them. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); If however you don't have the original owners manual then you'll need to determine the right mix prior to use. Year 2000 forward . For a 50:1 ratio of gas to oil, use 2.6 fluid ounces of oil per gallon of gas. Some two-stroke outboards have oil injection systems that automatically add oil as required but for those that don't, you are the mixing system. My 3 hp Johnson says 1/2 pint to one gal. A retired ship captain, Charpentier holds a doctorate in applied ocean science and engineering. If you cannot locate either, but know the equipment’s age, refer to the following: most handheld equipment manufactured before 2003 requires a 32:1 ratio; most handheld equipment made after 2002 uses a 40:1 or 50:1 ratio. If the engine has a single fill port for both engine oil and gas, it is a 2-cycle engine that requires a specific mix of oil and gas to function properly.

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