‘When I opened my eyes, the ceiling had disappeared, and part of the floor as well. His total flying experience was 10,800 hours and he was certified to fly aircraft of the types Boeing 707 and 747. The aircraft was a Boeing 747-206B, registration PH-BUF, named Rijn (Rhine). “You’ll face the judge,” said a voice in the cockpit. Suddenly, the Pan American crew sees the lights of the KLM 747 emerge from the fog 2,000 feet away and closing in fast. This course of action was later expanded into what is known today as crew resource management (CRM), training which is now mandatory for all airline pilots.[63][64]. Captain Veldhuyzen van Zanten, a KLM training captain and instructor for over ten years, had not flown on regular routes during the twelve weeks prior to the accident. The Tenerife Airport Disaster killed 583 people - but ex-police officer Joani managed to survive. Be in the know. Van Zanten then made an operational decision that made perfect sense but later proved disastrously significant: Wanting to use the wait constructively, he decided to refuel his jet. Video, 00:04:17. [10][38] KLM had suggested initially that Veldhuyzen van Zanten should help with the investigation, not realising that he was the KLM captain who had perished in the accident. (page 50) [20], The angle of the third taxiway would have required the plane to perform a 148-degree turn, which would lead back toward the still-crowded main apron. Many were just standing there, stunned.’ In an interview with purser Kelly, it is revealed that Miss Johnson was standing (or sitting?) Hierarchical relations among crew members were played down, and greater emphasis was placed on team decision-making by mutual agreement. Both airline crews got confused about the runway exit they were supposed to use. The ensuing collision killed everyone on board KLM 4805 and most of those on Pan Am 1736. One of the 61 survivors of the Pan Am flight, John Coombs of Haleiwa, Hawaii, said that sitting in the nose of the plane probably saved his life: "We all settled back, and the next thing an explosion took place and the whole port side, left side of the plane, was just torn wide open. Additionally, an ATC clearance given to an aircraft already lined-up on the runway must be prefixed with the instruction "hold position". ", while first officer Robert Bragg yelled, "Get off! Just before Pan Am passed C-3, KLM’s captain took the action that sealed everyone’s fate: He began his takeoff roll before getting permission from the controller. ‘On the right side,’ directly behind me, she recalled, ‘the girl I had just looked at prior to the crash disappeared. Despite their own injuries, Pan Am’s cockpit crew and four surviving cabin crew members did their best to guide passengers to safety. Before we look at the world’s worst airline disaster and what we learned from it, let’s talk a little bit about Tenerife. More than 100 Pan Am passengers were alive and some were even relatively unhurt at this point, according to later interviews. “Oh, yes!” van Zanten responded. The controller then immediately added "stand by for takeoff, I will call you",[4] indicating that he had not intended the instruction to be interpreted as a takeoff clearance. [4] Dutch investigators placed a greater emphasis on mutual misunderstanding in radio communications between the KLM crew and ATC,[5] but ultimately KLM admitted that their crew was responsible for the accident and the airline agreed to financially compensate the relatives of all of the victims. Bragg, the first officer, later said the fog was so heavy that they taxied past C-3 without noticing it. The significance of that was now only minutes away. The material presented on this page has been researched by Peter Engberg-Klarström. Then a second explosion wracked the plane. Either message, if heard in the KLM cockpit, would have alerted the crew to the situation and given them time to abort the takeoff attempt. Up until that point, aircrew and controllers should use the word “departure” in its place. The front section of the plane, torn loose from the mangled midships, collapsed to within five feet of the ground, making the jump to the runway less hazardous than it might have been….After helping as many survivors as possible, Miss Jackson and fellow stewardess and roommate Suzanne Donovan of Pennsylvania jumped to the ground and ran as fast as they could….’ (Star-News, Pasadena, March 30, 1977) The material presented on this page has been researched by Peter Engberg-Klarström. ‘When I first felt the wheel slump downward the impact came in seconds….There was instant fire. Add new page. The captain increased the power to try to get out of the way but a 747 does not respond instantaneously and there is a slight lag…. FANDOM. ‘I kept telling people to move away from the plane,’ she said. ‘I could see the sky above.’ As the plane burst into flames, she said, some passengers were blown out and others jumped. [4] About 70 personnel were involved in the investigation, including representatives from the United States, the Netherlands[46] and the two airline companies. We all thought that our lives…were about to come to an end. and "We are still taxiing down the runway, the Clipper 1736!" [8] Its cockpit crew consisted of Captain Jacob Veldhuyzen van Zanten (age 50),[9] First Officer Klaas Meurs (42), and Flight Engineer Willem Schreuder (48). Wikis. ”Stewardess Carla Johnson lived through explosion after explosion. [14], Los Rodeos was a regional airport that could not easily accommodate all of the traffic diverted from Gran Canaria, which included five large airliners. "It melted the front of my Dacron (polyester) shirt, burned my chest and the gap between the tops of my socks and my trousers.".

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