More charming than actually exciting, a purgatorial comedy and not-so-subtle metatext about neverending fights and eventually wearing out your tough guy self. Film data from TMDb. Lista feita a partir das atualizações postadas no Filmes Netflix, lá você também pode ver quais filmes e séries foram…, Netflix is finally turning the corner with some polished top grade cinema. 첫 번째 수금 대상은 라스베이거스에서 대형 바를 운영하고 있는 똑똑한 여자 말 리스로 오래전 수의 연인이다. worth it just to see scott adkins and louis mandylor do their own DTV tough guy version of the 6-minute throwdown from They Live, but though they bring back much of the hangout charm of the first film this is probably the weakest entry i've seen from adkins and johnson. Dates and details in notes. Es más de lo mismo y se vuelve a desaprovechar a Scott Adkins como Artista Marcial. the rest of the fights are unremarkable at best, boring at worst (that foot chase is a total snooze). I was a big fan of the first movie and this is more of the same which is all I could ask for. Unfortunately the set pieces aren’t quite as brutal/inventive, but Johnson and Adkins work so fluidly together that even the simplistic opening bar brawl seems effortlessly badass. their banter is the best and most effective part of the movie, and their alleyway fight (strongly reminiscent of Piper v David from They Live) is the best action sequence of the movie. I den här listan hittar ni alla filmer jag sett under året (2020) i ordning från vilken jag gillade mest…, (001 - 041) ~ January (042 - 089) ~ February (090 - 127) ~ March (128 - 162) ~ April…, feel free to make suggestions, especially if you're from the UK and know some stuff from earlier years that just…, ROI/UK releases due in 2020. Schon der erste Teil war eine angenehme Überraschung, aber hier hat JVJ noch einen oben drauf gesetzt. Das absolute Highlight ist die Sie Leben Gedächtnisklopperei zwischen Frenchie und Sue. Once again, Scott Adkins kicks and punches like a boss, but he also brings his natural humorous charisma that proves he’s more than just a talking punching bag. It adds a touch of normalcy to a world gone mad to know that Scott Adkins is still kicking ass via Video on Demand in 2020. IMDb The chemistry between the two leads worked a lot better this time around thanks to the…. Melhor que o primeiro. This whole experience reminded me of that feeling of visiting a video rental store and finding the movie I wanted to watch then going home and enjoying it.…. Puntos que me sorprendieron de la peli, a pesar que moría de aburrimiento: - Participación estelar con Ryan Reynolds de la salada.- Espectaculares Transiciones de Movie Maker. S. Scott Adkins. 말 리스와 수 . None of the action at that point makes sense in terms of the geography within the scene, you lose track of where and who people are shooting at, they move around in a way that isn’t clear, it’s just weird altogether. doesn't help that this one ends on a shittier version of the same shootout where less happens. 09:33. 프렌치와 수는 준 돈을 다시 회수하려는 말리스의 부하 네 명을 쓰러뜨리고 다음 대상을 향한다. Mobile site. Shadow Top Fight Choreography - Modern Martial Arts Movies. Contexto: Ver una peli de lunes a la noche en la casa de tu abuelo por Netflix, película de tercera doblada en castellano, SUBTITULOS ACTIVADOS EN ESPAÑOL, (si es que los tiene a propósito bueno...), y ESTABA MASTER CHEF EN SIMULTÁNEO, muy triste. This review may contain spoilers. © Letterboxd Limited. Besetzung: Scott Adkins, Louis Mandylor, Vladimir Kulich, Marina Sirtis. I miss video rental stores a lot. Louis Mandylor owns every scene. It's funnier and slightly more polished, there's two great fight scenes (the boxing gym and the They Live style fight). 6. I'll take a third one yes please. the villains are undercooked and uninteresting. I was wondering how Jesse V Johnson was going to make a believable sequel after The Debt Collector’s ballsy ending. the plot is pretty thin, serving mostly as a series of excuses for our heroes to get into new scrapes and bicker with one another. They churn out content at an exhausting rate.…. ​ A bit more polished version of the first one. 2020 ", "Everyone ends up in the same damned place. Day and date titles, including those on Netflix, are included. Das Drehbuch ist dieses mal noch runder, uns die Witze sitzen besser. Not sure why. I remember going out to rent movies as soon as they became available. 그리고 수는 토미를 위해 다시 한번 더 수금을 하자고 프렌치에게 제안한다. I'm pretty sure Jesse V. Johnson just bought a bar specifically to shoot fight scenes in, which is a decidedly unorthodox use of property investment, but also decidedly worth it. Scott Adkins, coma meu cu. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. 영화 제목 는 '빚 수금 대행업자'를 말한다. Just a nice buddy action flick with some heart and some good fighting. Adkins' character doesn't have an arc this time and barely gets any development, while Mandylor's arc is the central focus of the film and is compellingly acted, if unoriginal. Again lots of people in a small crowded area that can’t seem to aim for shit, exactly like the 1st movie, not sure what they…, Another month, another slightly above average Jesse V. Johnson movie. 2020. Adkins and Mandylor are back as French and Sue. I was wondering how Jesse V Johnson was going to make a believable sequel after Sue und Frenchie sind zurück und was ist das für ein Spaß. Scott 'oi I'm British innit' Adkins and Louis 'eyy I'm a New Yoikeh here' Mandylor go through the motions of a direct-to-Netflix action movie. Denn THE DEBT COLLECTORS ist weitestgehend genauso ruhig und fokussiert sich ganz auf…. Aber das ist egal, weil die Kiste hier ansonsten echtes DTV-Actionkomödien Gold ist. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} Lediglich das Finale ist nicht ganz gelungen; extrem klischeehaft, mit teilweise peinlichen Onelinern und etwas unbedarft geschnitten. I knew for a while that 5/29 was the day this became available so I went out of my way, perhaps unnecessarily, to find a Redbox nearest me that had a copy of this. He’s the heart and soul of the franchise, and with any luck, we might get a trilogy. Even I was feeling exhausted. Report this film. Admirable for how easily it shrugs off the first film’s grim finale while still managing to keep the goofy sad lug Walter Hill vibe that made it so special. We even have a little bit of They Live fistfight homage. At times I fear he might truly be our last action hero: "Debt Collectors" can't help but feel a bit unpolished and under-funded compared to Adkins' other efforts, including its prequel; the fact that Luke LaFontaine's choreography, which impressed in the original, feels rushed here leads me to believe it's only getting harder to get a pure fight flick made in our post-streaming landscape. A bit more action with Sue!He's driving and does his boxing with the gloves on.When it came between Sue and French fighting man it was brutal. Directed by Jesse V. Johnson. Nachdem ich mich gezwungenermaßen auf einer Art "Adkins-Diät" befand (Trademark vom guten Nachtwaechter , Grüße gehen raus) , und der letzte Film mit ihm ABDUCTION schon jetzt eine ganze Weile her ist, war es dann gestern Abend endlich mal wieder so weit. not a bad time, but definitely not Johnson and Adkins' best work. It's a road movie this time which means there's a fair amount of banter between Adkins and Mandylor, which I think is the highlight of this series. The Debt Collector 2 izle filminin konusu, bilgileri, oyuncuları, varsa serinin diğer filmlerini bu sayfada bulabilirsiniz. I can handle the truth. Questions later." The ones I've seen are are at the top of the list (1-91). Wer den ersten Teil kennt, wird sich hier auf Anhieb zuhause fühlen. And with that in mind I gotta say I was surprised how much I enjoyed this. Surprisingly satisfying once again. TMDb Score. Die beiden Schuldeneintreiber French (Scott Adkins) und Sue (Louis Mandylor) nehmen für die Mafia einen Auftrag an, der dann aber bald aus dem Ruder gerät und als unsere beiden Jungs dann noch in einen Hinterhalt geraten, spitzt sich die Situation immer weiter zu. Scott Adkins Louis Mandylor Mayling Ng Vladimir Kulich Mariano Mendoza Ski Carr Josef Cannon Mike Maolucci Jermaine Jacox Catherine Black R Scott Hoffman Dasha German Marina Sirtis, Deborah Del Prete Scott Atkins Scotty Andiamo, Brad Whitcanack Terah 'Bishop' Woodley II Daniel Navajas, Tarzana Productions DC2 Productions Leverage Film Funding, La Deuda 2, Payback, The Debt Collector 2, Колектори, Колектори 2, The Debt Collectors 2, 97 mins   Target Number One, 2020). Cast. That being said, it's up to the usual Adkins stamp of hand-to-hand action. 프렌치와 수는 토미의 조언대로 조용히 숨어 지낸다. Festival and promo theatrical dates non withstanding. Directed by (1) Writing credits (2) Cast (58) Produced by (8) Music by (1) Cinematography by (1) Film Editing by (1) Casting By (1) Production Design by (1) Set Decoration by (1) Costume Design by (1) Makeup Department (1) gtag('config', 'UA-149444161-1'); by 자유로운 영혼의 even star They come across angry bar patrons, a group of boxers, gunmen, various criminals and people from their past all of whom they get into scrapes with.…, “Hey, you were great in that NINJA movie!”. I actually like this one slightly better than the first in the franchise. Not as good as the 1st one but hey the story continues with Sue and French and I love the chemistry with these two men. Just pretty much blowing stuff up around the actors instead..Hahaha I don't know. succeeds almost entirely on the chemistry of the 2 leads, Adkins and Mandylor. Also, Jesse V. Johnson is on a…. Movie Details Where to Watch. Genau das Richtige nach einem anstrengendem Tag. Ein leichter, lockerer, nebenbei konsumierbarer Actionfilm mit Scott Adkins. “The Debt Collector” is the twentieth episode of Season 4 of The Blacklist and the eighty-fourth episode overall. THE DEBT COLLECTORS beginnt da wo der erste Teil aufhörte. This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb. 그러던 어느 날, 여러 발의 총상을 입어 죽은 줄 알았던 수가, 7개월 만에 프렌치 앞에 모습을 드러낸다.

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