Life cereal commercial / iSpotTV. Please be aware that our site is best experienced with Ad Blockers turned off. Last year, I certainly didn't expect what happened, but now it's something I'm keeping in mind. On November 30, 2011, T-mobile announced a surprise event at the Woodfield Mall. - . And I feel like being in so many can hurt you in some ways. Submissions should come only from the actors themselves, their parent/legal guardian or casting agency. We always end up wearing the same thing. Maybe since you don’t care how people feel about it the shows that use this commercial might. Candice is kind of the last woman that you might think you would find in a commercial. [29] In announcing the ad to the media, T-Mobile said: With this new ad, there is a distinctive departure from our existing campaign as Carly's magenta summer dresses are replaced by motorcycle leathers and a 1000 cc Ducati superbike, which symbolizes the speed and capabilities of our 4G network. No. Reply. How are you holding up? I've been really focused on "Couple Time ," but I'm also working on a feature with another writing partner. Well, in my case it just might be a very hot woman. Great pay, benefits, and culture. Ms. Rachel: For the longest time, I was auditioning, getting called back, and I had a long string of things not going my way. Ms. Rachel: Actually, my dream is to do Sean Connery singing "Good King Wenceslas," the Christmas carol. Ad Age : Some actors get pegged as "that girl from those commercials" and struggle to leverage their ad personas into actual roles in TV or film. Ms. Rachel: The eBay one might be my favorite. They are horrible. Even if 2020 is not over yet, tks to Super Bowl 2020 we have seen enough TV ads so we can present the most popular ads of 2020. They've consistently been really funny, and I've worked with really great directors who have given me the freedom to improvise and pitch lines, some of which have even made it. [42] She has two sisters, Kimmy[43] and Angie. [34] T-Mobile debuted its new ad campaign on March 26, 2013, without Foulkes. I don't necessarily want to go the ["Saturday Night Live"] route, but I look up to them so much. [3], Foulkes appeared on the April 2009 cover of Mexican Elle magazine and in advertisements for Rugby Ralph Lauren,[1] Abercrombie & Fitch, Macy's, and Tommy Hilfiger. It's definitely my most recognized one, too, because it's been airing for so long. See the positions. You probably first saw her last year picking at her parents' social lives in that biting Toyota Venza spot. No one necessarily wants to see all the same people all time. Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want more dumbest people or dumb girl videos! Foulkes' last new commercial was posted to YouTube on February 25, 2013. How is iSpot helping partners disrupt their industries? [6][16] T-mobile has a color trademark for the color magenta[17] and markets itself using its corporate colors. She plays a wife in the commercial, which makes sense, as it is probably one of the reasons she got the job, as we all know that wives are very rarely hot - for long anyway. ", "T-Mobile to Hold "Magenta Saturday" Sale With Smartphones and Tablets for as Little as $0--$49.99 Net Down: On 19 Nov., T-Mobile will help holiday shoppers escape the dark lines of Black Friday and help them step up to data and the smartphone revolution with minimal upfront cost", "Video: T-Mobile stages holiday musical in middle of a mall", "Magenta Meets New Directions For T-Mobile", "Schaumburg High School students in T-Mobile ad", "T-Mobile's Home for the Holidays Surprise", "Why the 'T-Mobile Girl' Is Really Getting a Makeover – Reading Between the Lines", "T-Mobile Talks Tough for Its Comeback, Vowing 'No More Mr. Nice Girl': Struggling Carrier Embarks on Big-Budget Rebrand, Makes Over Spokeswoman", "T-Mobile Girl Carly Ditches Pink Dresses For Sexy Leather Suit: Reasons for the Makeover [VIDEO]", "Carly, T-Mobile Girl, Gets New Look: Leather Makeover Debuts in New Commercials (VIDEO)", "Guam airman asks T-Mobile Girl to Air Force Ball", "Meet Carly Foulkes: T-Mobile's Girl in Pink Turned Biker Babe", "CONFIRMED: T-Mobile Ditches Carly Foulkes, The Beloved 'Girl in Pink,' From New Ads", "Carly Foulkes, 'T-Mobile Girl,' Looks Like She's Been Fired", "T-Mobile girl Carly Foulkes back after hiatus (and in lots of leather)", "Girl-In-Pink Carly Foulkes Hints She May Return To Rescue T-Mobile From Sales Decline", "Stay tuned #tmobile #magenta #surprise", ". [27] In the refreshed ad campaign Foulkes starred in a commercial, entitled "Alter Ego", in which she discards her usual pink dresses and high heels for a black-and-pink biker outfit and boots before embarking on a motorcycle ride. - 1 day 3 hours ago. [4] She is represented by Modelwerk and Sutherland Models. Carly Foulkes (born August 4, 1988), also known colloquially as The T-Mobile Girl, is a Canadian model and actress who became known for appearing in a series of T-Mobile myTouch 4G television commercials, in which she often wore pink/magenta-and-white summer dresses. Please consider disabling your Ad Blocker to ensure proper loading of all iSpot pages. [37][38] In September, Foulkes appeared in a T-Mobile public service announcement regarding texting and driving. This is the second woman on this list that has worked for Godaddy. We all hate commercials. Ms. Rachel: I love Kristin Wigg. We also get the feeling that Agnes is good at pool and likes to go out to the bar for an occasional beer. [citation needed], Foulkes is a video game junkie. It does not really matter though; when you look like Candice does, you are going to get job offers, and a fair amount of them might be legal. Okay, she doesn't. The video was produced by Ridley and Tony Scott's RSA Films. Muchas gracias. By The latest thought leadership, blog posts, announcements and press mentions, Connect with at these industry events. Agnes was in an Old Spice commercial back in the day, which is cool unto itself. A lot of [the material] is totally bananas, but some of it is more grounded, and still silly. A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. Please include at least one social/website link containing a recent photo of the actor. and it's made up of all girls. Ms. Rachel: Thank you! [28] The commercials are perceived as a departure from previous female-friendly Foulkes ads. She is a model from Poland and has been in a ton of horror movies. So much of the time, those focus on the competitive aspects of being in a relationship, or the obstacles within a relationship, and we're like, "Wait, aren't you supposed to be on same team?" As of now, I'm not associated too strongly with one brand, or one specific product, so it hasn't been a problem. Time to go get a snack, or to space out until your show comes back on. You may unsubscribe at any time. Well, now you know who she was. I mean who better to sell your product than that? - In callbacks, the director will say, "Let's try it this way." 15 Hottest Girls You Only Know From Commercials. She's also found time to develop a web series called "Couple Time " with her real-life boyfriend of eight years, Patrick Carlyle, which bills itself as the web's chronicle of "weird stuff couples do when no one else is around." Pay attention. [11] Since becoming the T-Mobile girl, she is known for the pink summer dresses that she wears in most of the ads. [citation needed], In 2001, at age 13, Foulkes began modeling in the Toronto area. If you have a TV, you've probably seen Allyn Rachel's deadpan brand of wide-eyed, plucky humor in commercials from some of the biggest marketers in the business. You may remember Paige from a Forevermark commercial in which her husband talks for a minute or so about how amazingly cool that Paige is as his wife, that she is the center of his universe, is everything to him, blah, blah, blah. Elizabeth has also appeared in How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory, as well as numerous times in my dreams. Which is your favorite? I thought, "Maybe this is never going happen.

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