In the show, the Immortals were said to be the ones who defeated the Eight Demon Sorcerers and sealed them away in the netherworld using items that symbolized their powers. They are revered by the Taoists and are also a popular element in secular Chinese culture. Poor Zhong Xiaoqin! For those of you not aware of it, the number 8 in Chinese culture is a lucky number. In the X-Men comic book, the Eight Immortals appear to protect China along with the Collective Man when the mutant Xorn caused a massacre in one small village. Sa Sa gets news about Lucy buying a wedding dress. Looking forward to this drama. The first drama of Zanilia and William Feng as a newly married couple. In the Immortal Iron Fist comic book, there are seven supreme kung fu practitioners, called the Seven Immortal Weapons. In the roleplaying game Feng Shui, the Eight Immortals appear in the sourcebook Thorns of the Lotus. It started when Minglan was a little girl. Amazon Banner. An interesting feature of early Eight Immortal artwork is that they are often accompanied by jade hand maidens, commonly depicted servants of the higher ranked deities, or other images showing great spiritual power. Later on in the series, the items the Immortals used to seal away the demons the first time are revealed to have absorbed some of the demons' chi and become the targets of Drago, the son of Shendu (one of the Demon Sorcerers), to enhance his own powers. This shows that early on, the Eight Immortals quickly became eminent figures of the Taoist religion and had great importance. In the Andy Seto graphic novel series Saint Legend, the Eight Immortals reappear to protect the Buddhist faith from evil spirits set on destroying it. One famous story that has been rewritten many times and turned into several plays (the most famous written by Mu Zhiyuan in the Yuan Dynasty) is The Yellow-Millet Dream, which is the story of how Lǚ Dòngbīn met Zhongli Quan and began his path to immortality.[1]. At the party, Lucy congratulates Zheng Ze for joining the company full time. She wonders if Zheng Ze was the one that brought her home and put the blanket on her. Consider it’s been at least ONE year since I started blogging about CDramas! And Chen Yu was…, Sigh, sometimes life throws you a curveball and Zhong Xiaoqin was the casualty. In modern China, the Eight Immortals are still a popular theme in artwork. They mess with her and she gets her face caked then falls into the pool. They then crafted the Pan'ku box as a key to opening the portals that lead into the demons' prison. Legend of Yunxi was a cdrama that was loosely based off of this novel. For those of you not aware of it, the number 8 in Chinese culture is a lucky number. 100 Ghost Collection Action Adapted from Books cdrama Episode Recap Jiu Lu Fei Xiang Lyric Translations Novel Translation Ostentatious Zhao Yao Richie Ren Romance Song Strong Female Xianxia Xianxia Drama 招摇 Zhao Yao ~ The Legends Chi Xin stays with Xiao Rou outside her apartment while she sleeps. The Untamed Episode 8 Recap September 20, 2020 We’re back for The Untamed episode 8! Sa Sa tells Chi Xin to bring Xiao Rou home. The Story of Minglan cdrama is based off of this web novel. Legend of Concubine’s Daughter Minglan. You Who Forgot Poetry's Lee Yubi talks about her desert island essentials, poetry, and acting. We hate spam as much as you do. First described in the Yuan Dynasty, they were probably named after the Eight Immortal Scholars of the Han. In Jackie Chan's film Drunken Master, there are eight "drunken" Chinese martial arts forms that are said to be originated from the Eight Immortals. All posts master recap list ratings. She hallucinates about teaching Lucy a lesson. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. What happens when Wei Wuxian invites Lan Wangji to celebrate with some wiiiiine? The 1998–99 Singaporean television series Legend of the Eight Immortals was based on stories of the Eight Immortals and adapted from the novel Dong You Ji. In The Iron Druid Chronicles, Zhang Guolao joins the party journeying to Asgard to slay Thor in vengeance for the Norse gods crimes. In literature before the 1970s, they were sometimes translated as the Eight Genies.

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