Although Bob is supposed to be a pillar When reading about how Johnny was beaten up bad, I wonder what punishment the Socs had gotten when they beat Johnny up. If you need help faster you can always use our custom writing service. I was really heartbroken when Johnny had died because Johnny was innocent and he had not seen the real world and not accomplished anything in life. He also told the gang that he was going to be at the lot in a minute. Bob. A problem with the family that was shown in the story is that kids today may have parents that are alive, but they might not have enough time for them. Hinton uses the character, Ponyboy, to represent the teens. Romanticism is an artistic and intellectual movement originating in Europe in the late 18th century…, Machiavelli's views have been misinterpreted since his book was first written, people take him in…, The figures of Winesburg, Ohio usually personify a condition of psychic deformity which is the…, The main character of the book is Mr. Bilbo Baggins. As Ponyboy and Two-Bit find out the Johnny is going to die soon, Two-Bit runs to a store to buy Gone with the Wind book so Ponyboy could read it to Johnny. Furthermore, the Socs don’t fight fair, they gang up on the Greasers and they intimidate them. From the book it states “That was the difference between his gang and ours- they had a leader and were organized; we were just buddies who stuck together-each man was their own leader.” This states how each person can achieve and do great things.…, Ponyboy’s Changed Perspective in The Outsiders All rights reserved. Some members of their "Greaser" gang are tough, or happy-go-lucky, while others are shy or serious. When the Socs had passed by with their blue mustangs I had a very bad feeling that there was going to be a fight between the two groups. The Outsiders is about a gang. Tim Sheppard was the leader of another Greasers gang. Pony replies by saying “Nothing gold can stay”(85) which was from a poem by Robert Frost and then recites the whole poem. The clouds changed from gray to pink, and the mist was touched with gold. Ponyboy asked Cherry to visit Johnny but she refused to, because she didn’t want to see Bob’s murderer. As Two-Bit arrives we are notified that Dally had slashed the tires of Tim Sheppard’s car. Hinton’s The Outsiders was written when the author was sixteen years old and attending high school. Ponyboy; it’s as if Ponyboy cannot see past the beautiful car to the frightened boy behind Hinton, were not very heroic-they were just humans-it was easy to believe that this is the way they should be. This section really pulled me right into the book and I think I am going to enjoy reading this book. Hinton is one of the best known American authors. This tragic event scared Johnny so much that he never walked alone and carried a switch blade with him. There were no hooks or hurdles in the beginning of the book, the first sentence starts right away with the plot-without any forewords. For example, Pony announced: “Socs were always. As the Socs left Ponyboy and Johnny decide to lie under the star while Two-Bit wanders off to find a poker game. The setting is appropriate to the plot-the streets in the “wrong side of town”. Ponyboy then gets really embarrassed and quickly changes the topic. Dally at first was shown to us as a criminal who doesn’t like doing things legally and a person who is very rude and uncaring. At present when Dally was giving advice to Johnny his personality seems to have been changed as he seems to be more caring about Johnny’s life. The next morning, Ponyboy and Johnny wake up early than usual and decide to watch the sunset. Free resources to assist you with your university studies! A thing that reduced the realism of the story was the names of the people (i e Ponyboy, Two-Bit, Sodapop). Using Ponyboy Curtis, the author demonstrates a Greaser’s opinion of the Socs. The Outsiders is a novel written by S.E. These are similar situations that young adults find themselves in everyday and the emotions and choices they have to deal with. When Ponyboy asked Johnny if he really had killed him he said “I had to. When Ponyboy looks at Darry he sees that he is crying, Ponyboy realizes that Darry cares about him after all. In his introductory paragraph, he begins his anecdote with seemingly vicious words: “My first victim was a woman” (Staples 542). and reappears throughout the novel highlights the economic difference between Bob and She witnessed the struggles of her peers, especially the violence between the different social class gangs, in school and began to write about them. Ponyboy gets really angry and runs out to where Johnny was as he feels rejected by Darry. His change slowly progresses throughout the novel. When Ponyboy reaches home he sees how bad the gang is beat up. When reading about Johnny’s life and seeing how young the character is, I could feel the emotions that he is going through. Another problem is that the characters are in a gang and at war with another gang. When Ponyboy and Sodapop meet new people such ass Cherry and Marsh, Ponyboy is very shy. Children whose vocabulary, to be non-conformist or outsider? Cherry was really impressed with Johnny’s courage to tell Dally off but she suspected something wrong in Johnny. He argues his equality to be there like anyone else speaking on the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia but run through every Southern state. Ponyboy’s identification as a “greaser” calls our attention to his dirty, uncut hair. She has written many novels, none of which are as famous as her young adult novel, The Outsiders. Ponyboy got a lot tougher because of his friend Johnny died. Cherry and Marcia then decide to leave with the Socs. The definition of a hero is someone who does brave actions or is admired by many other people. of restraint, he attacks Ponyboy when he fears that his girlfriend may abandon him. You do not have to keep reading to solve a problem. It really does show how these things can affect a family and friends. The neighborhood where the gang lives is a place that fits the plot well, and helps to understand it. I have never known people with these strange names-there are no parents who would give their children names like these. Pony also doesn’t understand why Darry always goes so hard on him. They find the kids at the back of the church. Dally had also brought a letter from Sodapop as Sodapop had figured out that Dally knew where Ponyboy and Johnny were hiding. As the gang goes to the lot, Tim Sheppard’s gang had also arrived to the lot. I also wonder what Johnny is going to do to overcome his fear and how he is going to get revenge on the Socs, because if I was in the place of Johnny I would definitely complain to the police. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. Two-Bit and Ponyboy then leave Johnny and go to visit Dally. They kill one of the Socs and go on the run. In Seeing how Johnny is suffering from critical injuries, my prediction is that Johnny is going to die tomorrow which is getting me nervous to read about Johnny’s condition. I did not think that such a tough person would get himself killed because of a death of a friend, although it was said a short time before the death of Dally that: “Johnny was the only thing Dally loved.” (page 160). That action scene had shown how the Greasers stick up for each other no matter what the situation is. This aloofness directly contrasts with the fieriness of Ponyboy, who makes Ponyboy is panicking while Johnny is remaining calm. The story is written in first-person and uses setting and atmosphere, characterisation and discusses the theme of outsiders in order to portray a desolate land filled with despair and peculiar characters. As per how Ponyboy and other Greasers have described Sodapop he seems to have a great personality and seems to be a very caring and loving guy. In The Outsiders, two members of the Greasers gang, Johnny and Ponyboy, get into a fight with some members of the Socs, their rival gang. The book was rather good. Dally tells Ponyboy and Johnny to take the train to Windrixville, then hike up the Jay mountain and stay in the abandoned church until he comes to get them. Ponyboy and his poor group of friend are known as the Greasers. Ponyboy wanders the streets and denies the fact that Johnny is dead. Hinton’s book focusses on the lives of children and young adults. An outsider is someone who is judged and treated differently because of their social class, race, or abnormality. PonyBoy the narrator is a fourteen year old boy who happens to come from a dangerous neighborhood on the poor side of town. Sodapop helps Ponyboy up while Darry gives him a lecture about walking alone. Four Socs in a blue mustang had pulled up and then jumped Johnny. Johnny was somewhere else-maybe asleep in the lot…”. The girls then invite Ponyboy and Johnny to sit with them. Hinton, her style of writing would be discussed.The word usage in the dialogues between the gang members is of street slang. They sneak into the theater because Dally hated doing things the legal way. Although, even with the many differences there were also many similarities like, most of the people in the movies were in two gangs who hated, football, little did they know this made me feel as invisible as a ghost. This story deals with two forms of social classes: the socs, the rich kids, and the greasers, the poor kids. Character Analysis Ponyboy Curtis. Johnny, he has a streak of anxiety and naïve idealism, which leads him to plan to bow out Two-Bit Matthews was always playful and drunk and was known for his switch blade. Firstly, the setting and atmosphere are both crude and gruelling. Ponyboy Curtis, a 14 year old greaser, tells the story. While Ponyboy and Johnny were getting details on the fire from an adult, a woman shouted that some kids were missing. The part that confuses me is that Cherry says that she couldn’t see her boyfriends killer than why was she helping him. Ponyboy gets very emotional about life itself, how it is unfair and how the Socs have the advantage in life. No plagiarism, guaranteed!

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