It was a sunny day Richard Tyler's Parents were asking their son Richard Tyler where he as been. The theme songs to the movie are "Dream Away", sung by Babyface and Lisa Stansfield, and "Whatever You Imagine", sung by Wendy Moten. Christopher Lloyd as the Pagemaster: the Keeper of the Books and Guardian of the Written Word. Dr. Jekyll, Captain Ahab, Long John Silver, and the dragon reappear in a magical twister and congratulate him. Ed Gilbert as George Merry: An obese and ugly pirate on the Hispaniola. Richard and Adventure are picked up by the Hispaniola, captained by Long John Silver. Robert Picardoplayed The Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager. The film grossed $13,670,688 in theaters,[2] on a $27 million budget. This was one of the first films to feature live-action, traditional animation, and CGI animation all together. Jan 19, 2017 - Ideas for a Pagemaster themed leg piece. [citation needed] The 2001 book Producing Animation by Catherine Winder and Zahra Dowlatbadi (Johnston's assistant on The Pagemaster) recommends against making story changes during the animation process. The Pagemaster took three years to produce; the animation in the film was produced by Turner Feature Animation, headed by David Kirschner and recently spun off from Hanna-Barbera. Dr. Jekyll, Captain Ahab (voice of George Hearn), Long John Silver (voIce of Jim Cummings), and the dragon reappear in a magical twister and congratulate him. Promotional advertisements for this film used the theme from the 1984 film, The Last Starfighter. Later Richard Tyler took his Parents to the Library and told them he was inside the Pagemaster, Then They swept into the story line. The film received negative reviews and grossed $13.7 million from a budget of $34 million. Contrary to any claims, the screenplay and film are not based on any book. Unfortunately, such moments are few and far between. [citation needed] The 2001 book Producing Animation by Catherine Winderand Zahra Dowlatbadi (Johnston's assistant on The Pagemaster) recommends against making story changes during the animation process. Richard finds books in the dragon's stomach and uses a beanstalk from Jack and the Beanstalk to escape through the dragon's mouth. Leonard Nimoy as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The fictional scientist who turned into the horrific monster. $8.99. "[11] Rita Kempley of The Washington Post, however, gave the film a positive review, calling it a "splendidly original children's fantasy about the world of books. The Pagemaster. Upon receiving this determination by the WGA, Fox threatened to pull out of arbitration and release the film without WGA-approved credits, positioning the WGA to be forced to file an injunction blocking the film's heavily promoted Christmas season release.

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