Directed by Jeremy Harrington. Dick Richard exclaims that he's going to the sewer to look for it, and convinces Button-Up Barry to come with him. 1 About The Entire Wiki 2 The Backstory 3 Explore! Dr. Digestion, distracted by birds, unknowingly walks toward the Giant Rat. Rat Movie Through this Jermaverse, Jerma's creative madness has steadily grown; and along with the comedic genius he regularly expresses on both YouTube and Twitch, Jerma has birthed something truly special. Michael's father is exasperated by Michael's bratty behavior, and calms him down by getting them all to listen to the "Rats' Birthday Mixtape" together as a family. The Giant Rat bids him adieu as a Rat sneakily hides on his shoulder. We're the rats, we're the rats, yes, we're the rats. The Giant Rat is greeted by the leader of the Dogs, welcoming him to the Dog Capital. A Rat Movie 3 entered production shortly after the release of Rat Movie 2. Giant Rat and Rats: Let's see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into! However, the project would ultimately be canceled and would never see the light of day due to lack of inspiration from Elbertson for a good plot. At the cafe, a man dances; the clerk informs him that there is a fee of $10 to dance at the establishment. The Giant Rat uses his newly gained powers of subterfuge to disarm the officer, who seems to not have realized any misdeeds. Characters When likes and dislikes are calculated into a percentage, the film has a 99.99% positive rating. The police have pulled up to the cafe, and are interviewing the dancing individual. Martin Crobston of the San Diego Sentinel claimed "I walked out of the theater within 45 seconds of the movie starting.". The man escapes during the commotion, the thieves take the clerk with them to the back, and the statue in the back of the room comes to life to pursue them. Rat Movie. As Sergeant Pickles is leaving, Sergeant Scritchy-Scratch notices the Rat on his shoulder. He posted a sequel, "Rat Movie 2: The Movie", on April 7th, 2015, gaining over 1.2 million views in five years. bless you jerma 3 made by Nick & Zac. Gerrard is unfortunately taken out prematurely by a low-flying airplane, but the Giant Rat continues and overturns Dick Richard's car. The Giant Rat ends up in a bathroom, where he uses the Noah's Ark Toothbrush to brush his teeth. [1] None of these movies have ever been released. Jerma actually lives in a world of his own creation, parallel to ours, known as the Jermaverse™. There are 2 movies Jerma has worked on. This wiki documents the characters, events and other happenings associated with popular Twitch streamer and former YouTuber, Jerma985. He is interrupted by Dr. Digestion smashing the car through the front of the cafe. Sergeant Pickles alerts the other officer of the lack of information, but are greeted by Sergeant Scritchy-Scratch of the Cat Police, who relieves them of their duties. Rat Movie featured little marketing whatsoever. Dr. Digestion decides to drive, as it was—or at least he claimed it to be—his birthday. He had previously used the software to make allegedly hundreds of movies with his friends that were "way more detailed" than Rat Movie, spending even months on projects in the past. His hopes are soon realized, but he is soon interrupted by Gerrard, Guardian of the Treasure Chest of the Mayan Temple. An Interview w/ Jerma985 - Letting off Steam. Dick Richard comes up with an idea, realizing that they could sell the toothbrushes to the Cat Police, and the two drive away to meet them in the city. Dr. Digestion kills the Giant Rat with one kick. Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan Treasure, and Rat Movie 2: The Movie. Button-Up Barry contemplates aloud when they had a rat problem and is quickly met with a response of "We don't.". The Giant Rat and his Rats enter, chanting their usual chant, to abduct and drop Gerrard off of the nearby opening in the Earth's crust. In 2016, Jerma moved to Twitch to stream his video games and comedy sketches there … As of August 2019, the film has 1.3 million individual viewings across the world. The Rats, Giant Rat, Dick "Dastardly" Richard, Trench Coat Man, Blue Man, Man Who Got Run Over, Man Dancing, Woman Sitting, Clerk, Gerrard Guardian of the Treasure Chest of the Mayan Temple, Giant Rat (Resurrection), Unnamed Police Officer, Sergeant Pickles, Sergeant ScritchyScratch, The Cat Police, Dick, "Dastardly" Richard, Trench Coat Man, Rats #1-17, Space Cats. They then proceed to leave the castle at speeds often described as "The fastness I want." Jerma actually lives in a world of his own creation, parallel to ours, known as the Jermaverse™. After driving all night, Dr. Digestion soon becomes lost, and they find themselves to be in a city. [9], Elbertson was initially skeptical of the film's future performance with critics and the box office, being shocked by the cultural and financial significance Rat Movie ended up having.[10]. The Rat Movie 2 intro scenario was based on a real experience in which Jerma's cousin, while a birthday tape for them was playing, was screaming and crying because a clown came in . However, there was no toaster involved and the clown survived. April 7, 2015 The screen suddenly freezes, and zooms out to reveal that the whole thing was a pitch to the Rats for a potential sequel to the first Rat Movie. Suddenly, Gerrard, Guardian of the Treasure Chest of the Mayan Temple, appears alongside the Giant Rat to finally face off against the Cat Police. Dick Richard calls for the attention of the room and alerts them of "The Plan" to take the treasure in the backroom. Upon its release, Rat Movie was met with unparalleled praise and adoration by the world. Jerma has also done voice acting for the games Apotheon and Cryptark (as the Horse Lord and Engineer, respectively). When the other Rats depart, the Giant Rat presses a button on the drone's chest that transports him and everything else in the room to a mysterious cavern. They meet up again, both having found multiple blue toothbrushes that resemble the legendary Noah's Ark Toothbrush. It was explicitly advertised to those who were subscribed to Elbertson online circles and sometimes would show up in people's recommended videos for some reason. The Giant Rat arrives back at the toilet from before, exclaiming "Mt. Some more complex segments of the film, such as the Rats' getaway from the Cat Police at the climax, allegedly took four-and-a-half to six hours to film. Where they at, where they at, where they at, where they at. With As Himself, Matt, Hilfred J. Steelhelm, Gabe Degrossi. Jerma as the Rats, the Giant Rat, Dick "Dastardly" Richards, Gerrard Guardian of the Treasure Chest of the Mayan Temple, Sergeant Scritchy-Scratch, Michael, the Dogs, the film agent, the clown Ster as Michael's father, the Rats mixtape voice Boo as Button-Up Barry Ashley as Michael's mother Reception Edit Critical response Edit. Like its predecessor, Rat Movie 2 received critical acclaim upon its release. In the film, a group of thieves compete with a band of sentient rats to unearth and steal an ancient treasure while a police force attempts to thwart the heist. Real Monsters, Ren & Stimpy, and Rugrats, that came with Windows 3D Movie Maker. The Rat notices that he's been found, steals a police car, and crashes it through the cafe. Rat Movie has been an incredibly influential film, arguably changing the face of pop culture as a whole since its release. Dick Richard argues over the price of the product, but the Cat Police are unfazed. The Rats' Birthday Tape was based on real tapes Jerma and his family got as a kid that inserted various names into a birthday song. Doom!" Video Details It incorporates Elbertson songwriting and singing skills, and its original soundtrack became popular, with the single "We're the Rats" reaching #3 on Uncle Tony's Hits, and was covered by several different artists. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fortunately, an early version of the new Rats song for the planned film was still released by Elbertson, which can be heard here. We prey at night, we stalk at night, we're the rats. This Wiki is here to exhibit and celebrate the brainchildren and antics of one of the greatest internet funnymen of all time. It has been acknowledged by celebrities such as Lil Nas X[13] and Lena Raine[14]. This has led some to theorize that the story was of the Giant Rat's making, and that he was acting it out with action figures in the bathroom. Michael's father brings the clown's rampage to an end by throwing a toaster at his head, knocking him unconscious. As they climb out they sing their famous chant: Rats: Rats, we're rats, we're the rats. 4 Jerma's Greatest Hits This wiki documents the characters, events and other happenings associated with popular Twitch streamer and former YouTuber, Jerma985. Then I came back, as my friends had begged me to and insisted that I 'couldn't miss it.'". They soon are interrupted by the police and hide. Jerma Lore Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Jerma Lore Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. [8] However, there are other scenes that Elbertson was not so fond of. The screen suddenly freezes again, and zooms out to reveal Dick "Dastardly" Richard and Button-Up Barry sitting on a couch watching the movie on a television. However, in fear of copyright infringement, he changed his mind and decided to make an original story with an original world and characters. The other Rats complain about him, and the Giant Rat protests that he makes all the rules. They learn of the Giant Rat's presence, and Sergeant "Pickles" is sent in to investigate and get candy corn for the other officer. Dick Richard then attempts to convince the Rats that his treasure shall not be taken, but to his dismay, he is killed by the Giant Rat. Dick Richard and Button-Up Barry exit the car at a Cat Police barricade, where Sergeant ScritchyScratch demands the toothbrush. After spitting in the sink, he flushes the artifact down the toilet. The Cat Police then merge together to reveal their true form, a gigantic skeleton creature, which begins to chase the Giant Rat through the streets. Rats, we're Rats. Jerma claims the clown coming in and scaring Michael during the birthday party is based on a true story that happened with his cousin. "We're the Rats" ended up reaching #3 on Uncle Tony's Hits, and was covered by several different artists in the years to come. In an avant-garde ending, a UFO with a cat's head on top is seen destroying a planet. The Giant Rat flies off of the car and cries a dying screech, soon to be apprehended by the Cat Police. Giant Rat: I'm da giant rat that makes all of da rules! Michael's father claims to have defecated in the present, but Michael assures him that it's really a super cool toy instead; when Michael opens the present, he finds another Rat inside who proclaims that he is going to be his new best friend. Rat Movie featured a soundtrack composed by the staff at game development studio Microsoft Kids, featuring the hit single "We're the Rats" written and performed by Elbertson himself.

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