Chapter 10 But it seemed as if her happiness was short lived, for the moment she returned home from school on September 13th, an exact month since Percy had discarded from their quaint home, there he was, a sullen look etched onto his tan face as her father comforted him. I asked her with my infamous baby seal eyes. Chapter 12 Perseus is one of the few good men left in this world. Well, each time he comes home, you treat him like-like a god! Forum. "What you need to realize is that we treat you both equally. Before she could even utter another word, Estelle had been pushed into her bedroom with the door slammed behind her. Percy sighed with relief as he finally made it to his room. Bad,Brick Books She could faintly hear her mother and father speaking in hushed tones, but the disgusting voice of her brother was nowhere to be heard. "I told him to be here on time.". Stark you'll be in the air scouting any accomplices. Estelle connected him to his life. Yet; every perk and privilege has its downside, and to Estelle Blofis, this was the absolute worst downside of them all. "Excuse me, but scrawny's the new hot." Annabeth was next to me still asleep. I mean an 18 year old terrorist? Glancing behind him, Paul gave Estelle a look as if to say, "not now". Which was..a lot. Garnering all of the attention for being the youngest was something you got used to- and when it was taken away, it was as if an angry spark had been lit inside of you, slowly growing into a large, burning fire of rage. I first bumped and went to get Estelle's things. 15. She grinned and signaled for me to pick her up. Your review has been posted. "Excuse me, but I stopped being scrawny, where as Leo still is." Contains the seven,the other demigods and Estelle. Percy jackson fanfiction mortals meet the gods. "Where's Stark?" After the war, it's turned into to sort of a tradition for all of us to have breakfast together. On the way there, we sat in comfortable silence as the soft music on the radio played. After breakfast we all went our separate ways and Annabeth and I went back to our cabin to grab her blueprints. Wanted for blowing up multiple schools as well as a school bus. Rarely do we see Percy.". Apparently it was so important that he needed all of us there. Chapter 4 Gabe consists of more than half of them. She cried out, tears dripping down her pale cheeks. Chapter 1 She questioned, eyeing her brother angrily. I said smirking. FanFiction. "I don't like this password." Sometimes Estelle reminded him of his mom and that led to numerous other memories. Notes: Alos posted on After Estelle and Lee's Digimon adventure, Cherry and Atticus are invited to the orphanage they grew up in before they were adopted by Cinderella and her late father. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "I will not tolerate this type of attitude towards your brother, Estelle." We talked and ate blue cookies. Chapter 2 It was a great privilege in Estelle's eyes, the way her life had been shaped and crafted. Suddenly she woke up, her grey calculating eyes staring back at me . 18. He walked in as fashionable as ever with his sunglasses on his face. She was wearing an apron and still she looked so adorable. Estelle ran and brought the first aid kit he hid under his bed. What happens when this small prank triggers his PTSD? amm_amethyst, MoeInTime, Stina, Calamity00Unknown, Banona, Miraculousfalcon, WeirdoWithWifi, queenlinhcinder, swilson2003, Blue_Moon_1, AquilaTreadway, gay_jeans, Otter517, AlexHosler, Unicorn32442, TheFloof, akintu, Afbc34, AbbyCrashing, Cupcakesaremylife, Booklover234999, crossing_the_bifrost, PollyYates24, muted_roses, Random_Nerd3, Sup_Peeps45, MythicalCypressWater, Strident, TheBloodyRoseCrusnik, Seaweed_brain916, i_love_avengers, Tarisa15, Shmolive, myhogwartsletterisjustlate, silima, WorkInProgressionA113, Tomboywolf201, hanakj, Moon_Watcher, sillyhuman, Otakualltheway, god_girl, Ksmith024, oceansdaughter92, overcookedpasta, Saallyi, KoalaKat, agatac, aProcrastinatingOrange, ncerise, whereismyselfcontrol, BlockDanMan, Gratsushipper3345, VioletAnimatron, comicx, black_cassiopeia, creeper_jeeper, fesihe03, Moonpuddle, adhd_dolphin, hpjlover, IamTerrowin, Dancingmeoth, Scorpion3, Black_K1tt3n, mermaidcafe, MISSDAZAI, Kathysbiblio, TheNightmareKing, Jess06Wsunii, idontpassthevibecheck, Black_Unicorn, Golden_Lion755, Eurydicee, Book_worm_148148148, TheGhostKing44, Raven9221, clandestine_meetings, For_Midgard, Icecream5650, HereSheLies, Natsuki_Akio, between, Kals_Cox, Dawn_Allen, Night2, ThatFeirceDreamer, 3than, FangirlOfAllFandoms, hey_there, Marineii, ReanTheBean, caffine_fueled, Loarza, Grace1Risa, pagliaccio, Sincest67, Purplemoon153, BluJay_9, rkma521, Acai0u0, SortaOtaku16, pasiphaeist, saintsfan165, deathberryhime, CalypsoMoonLace, implayinggod, RedTears, EggrollsOrWhatever, bluestarsly, broyals, AquaEclipse, CidSquid, TheFifthPevensieChild, K1ngtok1, amatuerwriternova, Lysslovsfanfiction, Okay_Always, Editors_Are_Underrated, Muddytheclown and knoXville "Come on Seaweed brain lets go." Perseus Jackson. Browse through and read solangelo short stories fanfiction stories and books. We went to the bathroom and brushed our teeth. A small flicker of joy scurried across her features, until she heard the deep snore sound in the room next to her own, and she realized that he was not leaving. Lifting her head, she came face-to-face enraged eyes of her father. "I promised I'd come back to hang out with you guys and Estelle. ... 3 weeks ago estelle . "You're right, Estelle… ", "I know you very well!" "Percy! "Can't we stay for 5 for minutes?" I tied my sneakers and waited for Annabeth. She grabbed my hand and we began route for the Dining Hall. "Do we all need to go? Even with her favorite color surrounding her in heaps, Estelle could not find an ounce of happiness within her small bones. Done with the first aid, he pulled Estelle towards himself and put her head in his lap. "Take a seat Stark." 17. 11. and 121 more users ... Mortals Meet The Seven + Will, Nico, Calypso, Thalia, and Reyna. ", "Paul, it's alright." "Nice to see that your apologies are after the offer." Yikes Okay I can explain Jokes are told, stories swapped, and it all seems perfect. Sally returned her grin, and kissed the top of her hair, all of which causing Estelle's grin to grow larger. He exclaims trying to cover it up. "Ha ha very funny Pipes, but may I remind you we weren't the ones who disappeared for a whole 2 hours in to woods after Capture the Flag was over." I said and waved at them. Confront and Repent Her brown hair was down as always with a bit of flour in it. He slowly extended his hand towards the doorknob and began to (try to) pull himself up, but fell back, exhausted.

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