I asked you if you supported abortion in all stages of pregnancy to see if you support the killing of healthy viable babies. Like the clinics website says " almost always" it is for medical reasons, but it can and does happen for other reasons.Also, consider the fact that "viability" is at the discretion of doctors and can range from about 20 weeks up to as far as 27 weeks depending on who is making that judgement. That was "legal" because he was king, are you ok with that?I will not judge "if" you are a christian or not because that is ONLY Gods right! I do not judge I merely discern where there is truth and there is none in these people who support killing babies and call themselves christian. If it is truly another human life, then it is valuable and should be protected. "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil;Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;Isaiah 5:20Repent of your pagan lifestyle. Chiropractor? If you support the death penalty, how can you claim to be "prolife from conception to natural death" as is often stated? No...thought not.You're advocacy of abortion has nothing to do with an interest in protecting women's lives. I'm not focused on abortion after viabity, I think all abortion is equally as wrong because I value all human life including the unborn. Like I said, it's illegal to have an elective abortion after viability. "Beyond the legal right; why liberals and feminists don't like to talk about the morality of abortion". Doctors are free to make this judgement because again, there is nothing in law restricting them.Can you get back to me on my earlier question on the humanity of the unborn and when they become valuable etc? Babies outside of the womb react in involuntary manners all of the time. I get why you won't answer the question, because you can't show me anything that makes the two morally different, right?A blanket response like " Fetuses are not persons" just doesn't cut it when the legal definition (which you place so much trust in) so clearly doesn't question their humanity.Hmmm...tough one. If they want to abort, I want them to have access to safe abortion and funding support (among other things for both, of course). "A DNA test would also prove that my arm is human." Abortion goes against everything a Christian believes. I smiled back and silently vowed never to EVER EVER EVER again believe that I had the right to make decisions for ANYONE else. . Married women have abortions, as do women in committed relationships. Human/human being...no difference. If not sorry my mistake just going by the dates on the posts.Nobody is dismissing science. Permalink. Are you enjoying this "Biden is cheating" like I am, I don't want to begrudge one final bit of conspiracy nonsense from Trump supporters? This is still happening in Canada btw all perfectly legal. Haven't I made that clear. 55% are or were married, or living with their partner. You pro choice "Christians" need to dust off your bibles. I've had no abortions. Your planned parenthood link reveals that planned parenthood was responsible for convening the panel on fetal pain -- does it occur to you that they might select a panel favorable to their particular bias? With todays medical and technological advances babies are surviving premature birth weeks before this. But with this comes the responsibility to make right choices (leading to godly, righteous living.) Choice in itself is not a bad thing, that's why God gave us all free will. What else do we need to know? Still have questions? did you see the references under each of the statements? It is alive. And it's a false issue. Heck they're even told the unborn aren't human beings!! Personally, I am anti-abortion, but I have been raped and am pregnant from it. How about that?I mean no insults...but your supposed "God" scares me. I agree that preventing pregnancy is the best thing. How could it be moral to kill them if they have a right to life? Read your bible lately?? Anything that proves you are wrong and should not call yourself a Christian since you do not follow Christ at all you just remove...Classy ;) The silent scream was not a hoax....haha nice try though. Abortionists on the other hand know exactly what they are doing and lie to women when they are at their most vulnerable for the sake of enriching their own bank accounts. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. Also, why do you think the term would "scare" the general public? So are you telling me that when my friend gave birth to her daughter at 23 weeks, she wasn't a human being? They're easier to respond to that way.Yes, abortion saves thousands, millions of lives. That is also alive. You said you support elective abortion up to viability i.e about 24 weeks. When anyone is confronted with the truth of abortion, they will either see it for what it is or harden their heart. I don't need to cite links or research to prove a point. Rather I feel the person who put this out there was putting up a smoke screen.Finally - I agree with the content of the Silent Scream on the whole, though I do find it over dramatised. I have that backwards. Oxymoron. Don't think so.. abortions to protect a mothers life account for less than 1% of all abortions. See the article in its original context from. Women who were wealthy enough left and went where it was legal. Being a nominal Christian means nothing...zilch. You said, "You support abortions which are carried out for any or no reason at all!! Blows liberal Christianity right out of the water :-)"Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.". ? Which is great, but is also not how you treat someone you actually think is a murderer. YOU used it to try to convince something, not me. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued a statement in response to the president's comment, saying that the neurological pathways necessary to experience pain do not begin to develop until the third trimester of pregnancy. Can it be proven scientifically that it is not a human? But that is the issue in ''The Silent Scream.'' Ok, first off I don't get your last statement that "human life is always valuable". It's not propaganda, scientific evidence proves otherwise. If you don't believe me on the legality of it look it up for yourself on guttmacher institute.org Lots of info/stats tables on there. Abortion is not caused by casual sex. Give a someone a page to write on and wow look how they suddenly think they are an expert and spread lies! Whatever you choose to do, I wish you the best. I don't "call" myself a Christian, I AM a Christian; and for you to judge me and whether or not I am based upon something that isn't mentioned directly at all by Jesus is hilarious. (Romans 12:2)Listen also to the words of Jesus in Matthew 7:13,14 He tells us to enter by the narrow gate. Where in the world did you get the idea that a fetus isn't human? Why are you so obsessed with abortion? Caged animals used for breeding??? Do you think an unmarried woman should be forced to abort? Give someone an opportunity to comment and wow look how they suddenly look like a complete and total illiterate moron. You are not Probabies. To hell with the babies right to life. That was also state sanctioned murder. Scary how things have become so twisted. Any additional weight, could have permently disabled me. So when do you assume humans acquire it? You're right in saying that your arm is human (adjective) but you are a human being. It doesn't change the fact that every abortion kills a human being i.e it is murder. Which law do you hold dearer? 2) Nothing in the Bible says abortion is murder. Could you please cite the orignal source from the NIH website? I jest but only slightly, you can see enough from the Silent Scream in it's 1970 graininess to know that the fetus is distressed that it's environment is being invaded. Its really nice to know that things are questioned and not blindly followed. Just more word play from team death. I use that definition of murder because it so clearly points out that abortion isn't murder. Five physicians were invited by CBS Morning News to see the film and analyse it. Funny how you are so shocked that a Christian would believe strongly in the authority of the bible yet it doesn't shock you at all that a Christian would support abortion. Retrieved from Communication & Mass Media Complete database. As I am a Christian, I believe in the trinity. PLEASE, if it has been "debunked" may I have the info please? "If it is wrong to kill humans, and the fetus is human, it it wrong to kill a fetus. Most of … It is in fact state sanctioned murder. Therefore how could He be pro abortion. Can you disprove it? Lastly, a reflexive response is still physical responses. No. Some Siamese twins are joined in such a way that it would kill them to separate them. "[24] The film has been very important for the anti-abortion movement and is widely available for purchase or download. Please post them again if you'd like me to take a look at them. Not to mention some people get abortions because they never even wanted to have sex in the first place... rape is probably the biggest reason for abortion. [9], The film concludes by discussing the implications behind hiding this material from women. Bet we could make millions! They don't change species.

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