If company files for H1B premium based on MS (and get accepted before May 31), can I qualify for cap-gap. Thank you for willing to provide ISS your feedback. You can apply to use your OPT eligibility before graduation (pre-completion OPT) or during your final semester (post-completion OPT). You must file your application with USCIS before the end of the 60-day grace period following your program completion date. Students on OPT are REQUIRED to report ALL changes regarding: Pre-completion OPT is available to F-1 students that are still enrolled in courses (dissertation or thesis excluded). There is the risk of a gap in employment authorization if you must submit a second OPT application and the timing is not perfect. It can help you apply for OPT EXTENSION. Thesis pending OPT expires when? Please note that if you choose to travel, it could be difficult to respond to requests from USCIS about your application. Students should not drop it off at the CGE. Your application fee will not be returned and we cannot guarantee that your request will be honored. You can type or hand write your I-765, but please save an electronic version of your completed form so that you can upload it to the I-20 request form. Thesis pending OPT expires when? Sign up for a new account in our community. Anand991, February 18, 2013 in Student Visas. © 2020 University of Washington | Seattle, WA, For research opportunities and J-1 visa sponsorship, please visit, FIUTS helps new students with questions about cell phones, banking, and daily life in Seattle. I was supposed to defend and graduate before the end date on my OPT (June 1) so that I could apply for extension (17 month). However, there is no way to predict what date it will be. During OPT, the majority of your time should be spent working in your field. Those living outside the U.S. must first obtain a passport from your government. The I-20 cannot be extended. If you pay by credit card, you must sign Form G-1450. All Rights Reserved. Please read the following instructions carefully. Copyright, OPT is available only once for each higher degree level. If you do not fit into one of those categories, a decision to drop below full-time credits (10 or 12) will negatively affect your F-1 status. Again my current OPT is based on PhD and NOT MS degree. The format of form I-765 changes periodically. Inviting Family Members to Visit the U.S. You are no longer eligible for any type of employment (including on-campus employment) after your program completion date unless you have already received your OPT card from U.S Citizenship and Naturalization Services (USCIS). Includes: plan requirements; exceptional circumstances; MRes, MSc and MA by research degrees; student fees and finance. Florida State My spouse overstayed at 90 days OPT as she is in thesis pending OPT and did not finish her thesis yet. Authorized OPT dates will be on your EAD. If you have received your EAD card and wish to cancel the authorization, fill out the ‘Have a Question?’ form on our website in order to notify us of your change in plans. You are not required to register for the purpose of maintaining F1 status (though you must consult with your department about Graduate School registration requirements depending on your funding, defense quarter, and ability to apply for on-leave status). If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. ), When you graduate, you must submit a separate. Warning! Students in F-1 status who have completed two semesters of an academic program are eligible for a total of 12 months of work authorization known as Optional Practical Training (OPT). Please be aware that Exceptional Regulations have been developed and are being applied. You can talk to DSO if you can get CPT and work after filing H1 visa till the thesis is complete or H1visa is approved whichever comes first. Students on one year research degrees (for example, Master of Research) do not have a thesis pending period. If you are still looking for practical training opportunities, you should not travel internationally. Review OPT dates when you pick up your OPT I-20. Instructions for this process are provided with each CPT I-20 confirmation email. Having used less than 12 months of full-time Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or full-time Pre-completion (OPT) during the current degree level. Being outside of the U.S. for more than 5 consecutive months, will cause the termination of your F-1 status (and OPT). Next, you must apply for an F-1 or J-1 student visa. We do not approve the application or have the authority to influence the process. University, Students must email a scanned copy of their OPT application to their CGE advisor. If you do not report your practical training/employment, the U.S. government will terminate your F-1 SEVIS record 90 days after the OPT start date printed on your EAD card. In that case, nothing more needs to be done. If you do not need to enroll full-time in your final quarter to graduate, please submit a Final Quarter Reduced Course Load Request form to ISS before submitting your OPT application. In this period of 12 months (for students who were registered full-time) or 24 months (for students who were registered part-time) or less, the student will be entitled to the use of library facilities and University computing facilities but not to facilities for research. All applications should be submitted with supporting evidence to Student Services or equivalent for consideration on behalf of Quality and Standards Committee (QSC). If you wish to begin OPT before you complete your degree, you may apply only after you have completed all coursework and have only thesis or dissertation hours remaining. It's easy! Be aware that the travel signature on page 2 is valid for six months (not 12) when you’re on OPT. There are advantages and disadvantages to consider when deciding which option works best for you. (For example, students can obtain OPT after their Bachelor's and then again after their Master's and/or Doctorate degree. Use part 2, page 3, item 21b as the citation for this annotation. They should be printed on thin paper with a glossy finish, and be unmounted and unretouched. In the past, students were able to apply for a temporary EAD card if their application was pending for more than 90 days. You can request current DSO for any letter mentioning you academic record. Examples of circumstances which would normally lead to the approval of an extension to the thesis-pending period: Examples of circumstances which would not normally warrant an extension to the thesis pending period: Portland Building, University of NottinghamUniversity Park OPT Pending More than 90 Days Traditional USCIS processing time has been 90 days or more, but currently processing times are exceeding 110 days. If it is not, contact your ISS adviser immediately. Keep all previously issued I-20s. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Campus maps | More contact information | Jobs. Combining or splitting Post-Completion OPT is complicated and requires planning in advance. If company files for H1B premium based on MS (and get accepted before May 31), can I qualify for cap-gap although I will not have defended and graduated my PhD? Your I-20 will be shortened to the requested OPT start date. ), Valid F-1 visa (Unless automatic visa revalidation applies), OPT I-20 signed for travel (The travel signature must not be older than 6 months). If your application is pending for more than 5 months, submit the ‘Have a Question?’ form in order to get help from an ISS adviser. Selecteer uit de lijst de faculteit of het departement. If you have already mailed your application to USCIS, a request can be submitted to USCIS to halt processing. I am at F1-OPT now. You cannot work earlier than the start date, but you can start working later. Where this applies, it will be clearly indicated within each section below. From point of approval, USCIS says it can take 30 days beyond to receive your EAD card; however, most cards arrive within 7-10 days after approval. Look at page 2 to verify your requested OPT dates, then sign and date on page 1. You may use the case number on your receipt notice to check the status of your application online. You must continue to register full-time (which may or may not be a requirement from your department depending on your funding and/or defense quarter. If an extension request is granted, the fee listed in the University's Fees Schedule will be payable. Cons However, a good way to get around this is to move back home for the summer! Supposedly, as soon as H1B gets approved (premium filing) I should be eligible for automatic extension on I-20 based on Cap Gap. Changing the requested OPT dates after the application has been mailed to USCIS can be very difficult. Approximately two to three weeks after USCIS receives your application. Your 90 days of unemployment begin counting on the, Do not send more than one method of payment. It is normal for your case status to say ‘case received’ for most of the 3-5 month processing period. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The 60-day grace period does not apply to students who are waiting for the government to process their OPT application. Click the "Next" button below and complete all the questions on the form. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Pre-completion OPT is only valid while you are a student finishing your thesis or dissertation. Call: 850-644-1702 Land border crossings are not always documented in the same way that entries via air are. Postal Service can’t forward official government mail (like OPT cards) to a new address. First contact your home university to see if they offer an exchange with the University of Washington. OPT employment MUST be in the field of study and initial employment may begin only after an Employment Authorization Document (EAD card) has been received from U.S. Kies vervolgens de reeks die je zoekt. Students authorized to participate in pre-completion OPT must work part-time while school is in session. You are not subject to the 90-day unemployment limit. Be sure to make both digital and paper photocopies of your EAD for your own records. Enkel de thesissen die door de auteur vrijgegeven werden ter consultatie, kunnen geraadpleegd worden. All posts are moderated, so it will take time for your post to appear! Your I-20 can be extended if you need more time to complete your thesis/dissertation. Students are eligible for one 12 month period of OPT for each successively achieved a higher level of study (12 months after a bachelor’s, 12 months after a master’s program, and 12 months after a Ph.D. program). Niet alle afstudeerrichtingen deponeren de masterthesissen in de bibliotheek.

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