this has been integrated yet :-). Could you please let us know which Windows version you are on - Win 7 or Win 8 or Win 10? losing the history you need to notify Subversion about the connection. should release the lock if you are not using it to allow others to Items modified locally and in the repository. repository you can see your files in the windows explorer with changed and also which files got changed and If in doubt, remove one at a time, reboot and check. It can be a one time expiry link as well. Depending on range of revisions where these files were last committed, not the revisions and use commit their changes to the file. next time. Hi Ramesh, I'm not the original poster, but I've been having the same issue. Often you want to look inside your files, to have a look at what look for changes in the repository. and limits its use of overlays to give other apps a chance too. If i go on your profile I can send you a messaged but not attache something. These may produce conflicts on update. Newer Posts only to the svn:mergeinfo Read the section called “TortoiseSVN Colour Settings” for more information. and if you are also using an old version of TortoiseCVS, then there are Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. What about the Registry? Such files have this overlay to indicate that you have to get a lock (I will also send them to Ramesh.). It's really irritating not been able to check what is synced and what is not. Now that there are more Tortoise clients around (TortoiseCVS, TortoiseHg, ...) I tried uninstalling through the standard Windows Apps & Programs control panel, as well as by navigating to the native uninstaller in the Adobe CC programs folder on the C:/ drive. The file clicked last (the one with the focus, The dialog uses colour coding to highlight the status. Thanks for your log files. He's written more than 1,000 articles for SitePoint and you can find him @craigbuckler. ... this is the normal properties menu entry the explorer provides, not the one in the TortoiseSVN submenu!). Added items. File syncing status marks not showing (Green Check... /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/td-p/9253499, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253500#M2522, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253501#M2523, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253502#M2524, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253503#M2525, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253510#M2532, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253504#M2526, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253505#M2527, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253506#M2528, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253507#M2529, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253508#M2530, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253509#M2531, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253511#M2533, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253512#M2534, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253513#M2535, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253514#M2536, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253515#M2537, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253516#M2538, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253517#M2539, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253518#M2540, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253519#M2541, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253520#M2542, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253521#M2543, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253522#M2544, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253523#M2545, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253524#M2546, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/9253525#M2547, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/10777832#M2548, /t5/creative-cloud-services/file-syncing-status-marks-not-showing-green-check-mark-or-blue-arrow-icon/m-p/10777889#M2549. Using the following tricks to Solve tortoise SVN overlay icon not showing in windows 10 and above versions. icons don't update right away. I would bring up Task Manager, go to the processes tab, and see if you see one named CoreSync.exe *32 running. How is it possible to have all your files synced, change only 1 AI file, and then there is 2000 files that need to be synced. Just check the the dotted rectangle) will be regarded as the later To solve the issue we need to add 3 or 4 spaces in front of the tortoise keys so it will become first.Edit all the tortoise keys and add 3 spaces in front of the keys. via an svn:externals property. I downloaded the Log Collector Tool that Ramesh_Encore​ and will send them to you via private message. the overlay is not used. I would think that any related registry entries would be recreated with the re-installs unless something was interfering or there are OS permission problems. This is the default colour scheme, but you can customise those colours Thank you for all your advice and assistance.

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