Thanks to Alchemist from the TDIClub forums for schematic and Jimbote for bringing it to my attention that I'd need to build this circuit. After the engine starts, the amp draw went down to 24 to 25 amps. I'm in the middle of swapping an ALH TDI into an '81 Rabbit 4 door. I'm going to be using the 1.9 turbo diesel vw motor, I will be putting 30hp injectors, bigger turbo, and a in line 40hp chip from bully dog. If you are unable to pick up, we can discuss delivery or shipping options, at your expense. I knew it would be some work to install all these gauges, but I really under estimated it. I used an aluminum circle track radiator and modified it to work. Early on I decided it was going to happen on this 4Runner. Write notes so you don't forget. It was worth it, though; the end result is exactly what I wanted. I am getting ready to start a TDI swap into my 86 Toyota x-cab, anyone seen or have info/input on the idea. I offer no warranties of any kind. I was afraid the side bolsters would be a bit too much for getting in and out, but initially they don't feel too bad. I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to install the wiring.ALH Wiring Harness - Necessary Hardware - TDIClub ForumsAHU TDI Caddy Swap Using the S&P Automotive Swap Kit –, Jms-se Temperature Measurement Thermocouple Wiring Diagram, Wiring Diagram 2014 Fxdb Harley Street Bob, John Deere 310g Ecu Wiring Diagram Color Code Chart. My roommate and I built a 4cyl turbo Mustang and experimented with various turbos, exhausts, head porting, tunes, etc. Relay pin 30 - This is the largest terminal on the relay, and is wider than your normal sized spade connector. Relay pin G1/2 - Switched power wire to glow plugs 3 & 4. White/purple wire. There's 8 gauges - oil pressure, pyrometer, boost, volts, RPM, speed, coolant temp, and fuel level. No idea how many hours I have in the whole setup, but there was a lot of time consumed in making it all look nice, wiring up the lights, powers, grounds, and sensor wires. Green wire. The stock seats in this 4Runner were in rough shape - some stains, some missing chunks of foam in the side bolsters, and they had permastank! It doesn't match the other gauges perfectly, but it's close enough for me. Relay pin G1/2 - Switched power wire to glow plugs 1 & 2. Use the above information at your own risk. I bought the truck with a bad engine and started this conversion project from there. This truck is a 1990 4wd 4Runner with a manual transmission. 5v signal. That project ended when I have a giant Turbonetics turbo that was too much for the engine. Rather than cover it all up with some seat covers, I opted to replace them with Summit Racing's sport seats (. Just wondering how much easier that could/would … Cash is preferred. Radiator is very solid in the vehicle. My current priorities are focused on growing my business and other entrepreneurial opportunities. I made my own seat brackets out of flat steel bar stock. After NTI, I was an automotive technician at a Memphis Volkswagen dealership and then an independent shop. The rounded risers are roll cage tubing cut in half. TDI Engine Main engine Wiring Harness ALH Code these VW NOS AHU Diesel TDI Engine / Glow plug Wiring Harness Swap. After the conversion was complete, I drove the truck as my daily driver for 11,000+ miles. These seats look great, are comfortable, come with sliders, and appear to be a good value.

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