The TR-3B aircraft also has the ASTRA code name. TR-3B has the ASTRA code name. If you have any idea about the sightings of UFOs (unidentified flying objects), you probably just stare at the sky and wonder what aliens control these things. Even our great leader has said that on provocation do not give in. Kortom, service! Edgar Fouche claimed to … The technology behind this aircraft is considered beyond everyday technology. The outer coating of the tr-3b responds to electrical influence, with the result that the device can change its color". As you would expect, a lot of money goes into this research. "Repent, he came up with, inspired by, you know. IN TIME – Time Travel Possibilities eBook, The Atrahasis, Akkadian/Babylonian epic of the Great Flood, Enuma Elish – Creation of the World and of Mankind, Ancient Arrow Project: Visitors from the Sky – Anasazi – Chaco Canyon, 10 of Most Influential Ancient Women in History, Dynamic Theory of Gravity by Nikola Tesla. The TR-3B propulsion is provided by three multi-mode propellers mounted at each lower corner of the triangular platform. More specifically, by generating this rotating magnetic field, the effect of gravitational attraction on the ship is neutralized to 89%. As a matter of fact, this is happening right here on the U.S. soil. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality Device – Augmented Reality Headset, The Phone – History and Evolution from 1876 to present day, Robotic Contact Lenses Enables Users To Zoom In On Objects by Blinking, Nikola Tesla Genius – His Legend, and His Inventions, Star Trek Legacy – Back To The Future Innovations, Global Consciousness | One Mind – One Energy, All Connected As One. Brown Effect for additional lift), The SR-91, The SR-75 Penetrator, and the TR-3B Astra or TR-3 Black Manta. Where are we up to the states, right?in general, continue to understand the pain that uber-fly is not worth it. yeah. This is also behind how fast it could run and how high it could go. The propulsion of the TR-3B is provided by three multimodal propellers mounted in each corner at the bottom of the triangular platform (see Fig. Nikola Tesla: 3, 6, 9 the KEY to the UNIVERSE? The construction of this vehicle has been used to a great extent by reverse engineering (recovered from alien spacecraft collapsed). “Aurora” is now the most secretive US aerospace program and TR-3B is the most “exotic” vehicle that was created under the Aurora Program, funded and coordinated by the NSA (National Security Agency), the NRO National Recognition) and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). TR-3B is a hoax (we’re not talking about the conceptual design of a formerly alleged, aerodynamically sound TR-3A – Black Manta, “Aurora” here, we are only talking about Fouche’s TR-3B) Edgar Fouche’s TR-3B is a hoax, based on his credibility. The TR-3B aircraft evolve at high altitudes in an undetectable way (using STEALTH technology), thus providing an undetermined flight time recognition platform. "It is believed that it produced 24 of these aircraft, which spent from 10 to 24 billion dollars., Sea Domination: International Allied Carrier Strike Group Assembles. TR-3B is the most exotic vehicle created within the Aurora Program. Astra onderscheidt zich van andere bioscopen door het service-systeem. Let’s hope that the so-called “black helicopters” and their technology, flying without noise and carrying out the black operations of the hidden government, will be revealed soon. The nsa, nro, cia and U.S. Air force played a game with the modifications of the machine, creating the tr-3a, tr-3b, and the teir 2, 3, and 4, with the prefix "+" or "-". The first operational tactical recognition flight was in the early 1990s. vehicle created within the Aurora Program. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. share: edharris79 +7 more posted on Jul, 4 2020 @ 10:43 AM link . It is possible that this is due to the fact that after the Pentagon gave preference to the use of a small reconnaissance satellites, some of these machines were disposed of, and the taxpayers ' money was buried in the ground. American superweapon TR-3B Astra – not for the faint of heart! Why this was kept in the wraps is a story we can all speculate. The MFD is a short form of a circular plasma-filled accelerator ring, called a magnetic field disruptor.

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