They later married at this bar, but it was legally binding. Joe Exotic married Travis Maldonado and John Finlay in a three-way ceremony. He pointed the gun to his head after taking the clip out and fired. He was the only son born to Danny and Cheryl Maldonado. Of course, that's not his birth name — his actual moniker is Joseph Schreibvogel, which he changed to Joseph Maldonado-Passage, before finally settling on his famous nickname, per Esquire. During his attempt to run for president in 2016 (Yes, you read that correctly) he discussed his sexuality, asserting that being gay gave him "the ability to open my heart and my mind to let people live how the hell they want to live.". What's more? In early 2014, Joe Exotic committed to Travis Maldonado and John Finlay in a three-man ceremony where they donned pink dress shirts and black jeans. Prior to John Finlay, Joe was in a relationship with a man named Brian Rhyne, who he met while working as a security guard at a gay cowboy-themed bar named the Round-up Saloon. Travis read online that the gun wouldn't fire if the magazine wasn't it, even if there if a bullet was in the chamber. I mean, the man had a three-way marriage: Travis Maldonado and John Finlay are his former partners, and monkeys attended. Two months after Travis's death, Joe married another young man named Dillon Passage. Joe was devastated. He started working at the G.W. Maldonado, however, met a much more tragic end. Travis Maldonado. "I've had some kinky sex. He had started working at the zoo at the suggestion of one of Joe's employees, and even though he insisted to Joe that he was straight, the two began a relationship. It was with Brian and his brother, Garold, that Joe bought a pet store and began his life working with wild and exotic animals. The then-22-year-old from Austin, Texas, met Joe through a chatroom. A one-stop shop for all things video games. One such critic was Carole Baskin, who owned a big cat sanctuary in Tampa, Fla., who took issue with Joe Exotic's affinity to breeding big cats and other animals kept on the premises: alligators, bears, lions, and Napoleon Dynamite's favorite: lion tiger hybrids. Joe Exotic’s other partners aren’t featured as much in Tiger King. Joe and Rhyne's park quickly filled up with exotic animals, with some of the young creatures living in their home. Joe Exotic grew up in a conservative farming family in Kansas. Some of which passed away under truly tragic circumstances that add a heartbreaking layer to Tiger King. Joe Exotic Is Known for Animal Cruelty and Attempted Murder, but Where Is He Now?

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