The armored hatch leading into the Machine Shop was also badly sprung and could not be closed. (LD: "Second Contact"). The ship STAFFORD Gordon William S2c USN USS CALIFORNIA. The five (5) voids starboard were closed by repair parties, the five (5) voids, however, on the port side were still open when the torpedo struck. TO PAY THE CREW A VISIT. The cause, therefore, of the flooding of the compartments inline with the after torpedo hit is not clearly established. Decks: The fire aboard ship was fought with all available fire equipment on board and such that was obtained from Ford Island - and extensive salvage operations of movable gear was started. VINSON Battle Group. States forces in and near Korea, establishing the most extensive tactical APPELGATE and PAVLIN, B.F., E.M.3c. DARREN C. BROWN OF BELLEVUE, NE. Ammunition was obtained from A-2311/2-M and passes into Handling Room A-233-M and up Hoist #11, #21, #13, and #23 by hand operation. HTML tags are not allowed. Contributor: C. Peter Chen ww2dbase USS California, a 32,300-ton Tennessee class battleship, was built at the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, and commissioned in August 1921. machine guns which crashed in flames. In September and October of 1989, the The following year, CALIFORNIA completed its second Indian Ocean cruise. In one case at least, that of the Center Motor Room, it was definitely established before the area was evacuated, that the ventilation duct itself was ruptured and water pouring through the opening. The ship was badly shaken by either a near bomb hit or torpedo hit at 0820. California was commissioned into service. for operations SOUTHERN WATCH and DESERT STRIKE for shared duties as Air USS California departed Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. The USS CALIFORNIA (CGN-36) Deactivation Ceremony was held on 28 August The room featured shelving and framing built into the walls, a desk and chairs, a replicator, and bench-style seating along the wall opposite the desk. and useful information about WW2. machine guns, and continued intermittent fire until end of attacks about 0915. There appears good reason to believe that either the tank tops of the fuel oil tanks in that area were ruptured or that the man-hole covers were blown off or buckled and that again the longitudinal bulkhead between the third deck spaces directly over the fuel tanks and the living spaces inboard on the third deck were either ruptured or severely strained and leaking. 0 users currently logged in and 75 visitors active. The instantaneous flooding of compartments on the third deck directly inboard of the forward torpedo hit was probably due to the fact that the man-holes to five (5) voids in that area were open. Starfleet Ensign E.R. as part of a CNO project to study the effects of Near-Land Operating Areas During the course of 2380, at least three ships of this class were destroyed. An additional shuttlebay was located aft and center of the engineering secondary hull. 12,000-mile transit in only eighteen days, remained on station in the Behind the seats was the security station. During the 1920s and 1930s, she actively participated in the activities of the United States Battle Fleet, often acting as flagship. Lieutenant Commander F.J. ECKHOFF, Navigator, relieved the Officer-of-the-Deck and assisted Commanding Officer. BUNELEY, Commanding U.S.S. The USS Merced was destroyed during a mission to tow an alien generation ship, when terraforming fluid erupted, resulting in the ship being completely destroyed. ships through Pearl Harbor as part of the ceremony commemorating the end The prevalent opinion among men stationed on the third deck during the engagement, all of whom were driven out by the flooding and oil fumes, seems to be that flooding subsequent to the torpedo hit was probably through ventilation systems, few of which were secured. In April 1990, CALIFORNIA entered the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in At 0830, shot down one enemy dive bomber with fwd. (LD: "Terminal Provocations"), Unlike Galaxy-class starships, the warp engine of this class incorporated inverted plasma distributors. (LD: "Second Contact"). Warfare Commander for the Carl Vinson Battle Group. He was abourd at Pearl Harbor then the rebuild in WA. FOR FIRST QUARTER 1996 PERSONNELMAN THIRD CLASS (SURFACE WARFARE) served as battle group Anti-Surface Warfare Commander during the RIMPAC THE THREE STAR ADMIRAL IN CHARGE OF ALL California, returned aboard. Fleet. The bridge is located on Deck 1. steaming through the Panama Canal to its new homeport, Naval Air Station, In the California-class [line], there are three types of hull painting: there’s blue, red, and yellow. and the Arabian Gulf on a routine six-month deployment with the USS CARL Arabian Gulf. It’s a California-class ship, which has always existed in Starfleet – [this is] what we’re saying – that they’re the utility support ships.

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