He wears blue jeans and white sneakers that are accented with black and lighter blue. Finally, take a quiz and find out which Lion you would pilot as a defender of the universe! [7][8] His tendency to get caught up in his ego and personal image has led to lowering his guard and trusting too easily to show off, making Lance an easily manipulated target that nearly cost the team the Blue Lion on one occasion. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. [7] Upon switching Lions, he is unused to the Red Lion's speed and "lack of breaks", as the Blue Lion is more balanced in its attributes, but Lance soon adjusts to the differences in handling the Lion and his new position as Voltron's right hand.[14]. Lance has the appearance of a lean older teenager with light brown skin, short brown hair, thin eyebrows, and blue eyes that are notably drawn with small irises and pupils. Lance —Lance assuming the Blue Lion's nature, in "The Rise of Voltron", Immature, arrogant, confrontational, and seemingly viewing life as a big joyride, Lance is an adventure-seeking pilot who prioritizes looking cool and proving himself better than his perceived rivals, envisioning the glory of defeating Zarkon,[6] though his exploits often end in failure. Quiz: Which Lion Will You Pilot as a Paladin of Voltron? Important Information for Your Paladin Journey. His humor is rather vulgar, noted by him ripping a fart for the punchline of a joke, and he immediately dons a painfully transparent "smooth and suave" persona whenever in the vicinity of beautiful women to flirt with them. Written By This suggests Lance has notable piloting skill earning him that placement over other cargo pilots and this holds true as the Paladin of the Blue Lion: Lance naturally eases into piloting the alien spacecraft and his immediate bond with the Lion is so strong that he can hear its thoughts. Dude. [19] His official stats of strength, agility, and intelligence are all slightly above average, with agility being his highest. [9][6] Lance is an outgoing, amiable, and sociable teammate who will readily put himself in harm's way to protect his friends, be it from the mortal danger of a bomb or discipline from a superior officer. At the end of the show, Allura gives him small light-blue Altean markings. If you're as interested as I was, you can figure out how to view them on your own with a little research and a copy of the game. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. By logic of the guidebook, the listed ages on character pages are ages at the start of season one when. Style Guide Cookies help us deliver our Services. August 2017, AfterBuzzTV with Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery, August 2017, Let's Voltron: Shironanigans! Lance's bangs are very short and flare outwardly away from the center of his forehead before they curve inward with longer strands to frame his face at his cheekbones. He thinks of himself as nothing more than a "seventh wheel" of the team;[12] these insecurities are the source of his belligerence towards Keith and his egotistical nature. [18] Lance easily slashes apart the training drones but is thrown off-balance by Allura, as he is unused to the technicalities of handling a sword. Josh Keaton has stated that during production of the show as early as the voice actor auditions, the pitch was "five teenagers", but certain character models ended up looking different than the description, so the writing adapted to the finalized designs.

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