Panzer III's Shoot the turret ring or turret face (NOT THE SPACED ARMOR PART :P). However, its agility should help you escape most situations without having to resort to uncouth tactics. Use the same tactics as with the Stug A: don’t get shot in the side and make sure to take KVs and T34s out first because they can kill you from the front. If only the next one was nearly as good. 1.0/Reserve Pz II C vs T-26 & T-60: Pz IIC can't deal with higher tier tanks and only works against reserve tanks. This guide will recommend several of … -Please inform me about language mistakes (english isn't my native). There is for sure a "bug" at this gun who is overwhelmingly overpowered. Put that all together and you’ve got the ultimate early level street fighter. Oh, and his job. If you hit the tanks at the correct places, there is nothing wrong with it(IMO,at least). Based on your wording, it sounds like you haven't even given it a chance. Not sure I agree with much of this.... Even if YOU HATE TDs, your OBLIGATION as panzerfahres is to HETZ  the moment you can research tier 3. And befor anyone says I'm a German fanboy: No I'm not. - Try IV F2 before it gets nerf (and snipe). So, confident in the agility of the StuG, I raced over there, around the steepest part of the hill...found my target and took him out with my next shot. Always hit this area after penetrating place "4". In an RB match, I once shot at an enemy tank on Kuban, from the B objective, who was at the hill on the C objective, and took out his gun. Welcome freshly registered tankers! Rank 2.... Panzer IV F2.... again not bad for german vehicles, but look at the average range in our current maps. The PzIII M isn't particularly lacking in armor, either, considering that German mediums have a tendency to get oneshotted anyway. One thing is sure, the Gun of Pzkw IV F (and also the same one mounted on stüg) is definitely an "alien" gun. But I quickly found out that the L/60 works just as fine as the L/43 since T-34's don't have much armor, and you would usually avoid frontal engagements with any KV to begin with. Its crew of six make wiping out it out extremely challenging, especially given how well spread out they are. The Pz IV F1 is nothing special and you probably shouldn’t drive. It is the only tank that can deflect ALL non-APCR Russian ammo at its tier. IV F2, but earlier versions of PzIV and PzIII family must know, where to nail them. Jordan Forward I might give it a shot for a few games to see how it performs and then update the text. The Tiger II(P) is well-armourd and just as deadly, but it's a bit slower. T-60 is more practical than Pz II C thanks to huge bursts and huge effective armour negating autocanons at the front. Weak armour at the back and sides and an unimpressive main gun make the MK.II incredibly susceptible to flanking manoeuvres and heavily armoured enemies. Hell even the Panzer IV F2 and Stug III F still have to kiss their xxx goodbye if they come across a KV at whatever range. Which of these you pick depends on your preference, I'd say. Welcome freshly registered tankers! See those twin-mounted .50 cal machine guns? I now think back to all the times I filled AI KV-1s with 10 shots of 75mm L/48 rounds without destroying them...there's something about the AI that makes human cannons go apeshit sometimes. 1.3 Pz II F & AufPz 38(t) vs BT-7: Germans are worthless thanks to autocanons. Published by Gaijin Network Ltd. under the exclusive license. It's relatively balanced. Then there is the massive gap where there are no, and I mean 0, german tanks to compete: T-50, T-80, SU-76M, T-34 40, 41, Prototype, KV-1. I wouldn't necessarily steer people away from it..but that's just me. Make sure to still research it though. Good armour penetration, solid all around protection, impressive straight-line speed and an accurate, quickly reloadable main gun make the 38(t) an unsung hero of the battlefield. Rank 1 for example you highlighted the Pz Kpfw 38t A.... it's not bad for a german tank but it has a inferior gun and armour than most russian tanks at that Rank..... and even then it lacks sloped armour meaning it's only really useful against the Russian Reserve vehicles and AA vehicles. Rank 2.... Panzer IV F2.... again not bad for german vehicles, but look at the average range in our current maps. I can't tell how much is about general bugs and how much is about individual tank models bugged... - Take good consideration to jump in green team. Also buffing its defensive capabilities is an impressive rate of acceleration and a small engine, which makes disabling it a mission most won’t pursue for too long once you’re out of sight. Airsoft The occasions where Germans have penetration, Soviets don't have armour. Area "3" is similar to "4", except that loader sits there. That's all fine but I play realistic so by the time I've lined up any of these shots from the front the kv-1 has penned me 5 times over regardless of how my tank is angled and wrecked me completely. So, research it, equip it with APCBC rounds and then hunt tanks. Hmm I actually liked the Pz 4 C. It's beasty with HEAT ammo, just don't get hit in it. The most vulnerable spot is "1" - one hit most of time, if not, guaranted driver killed. - If you have been kicked multiple times from servers for camping take tiger, all other should go panther. you expect people to know where those locations are? - Try Tank Destroyers, if your play style fits for them. Regretting playing too much. It's not a weakpoint, but for the 3 L, M, and 4 F2+, it's a good place to hit. In tier 1 however, the T-50 is best employed in pincer movements where its excellent armour and high speed come into their own. Get involved in the conversation by heading over to our Facebook and Instagram pages. The Tiger is a very good tank in its current form and there is no reason why you shouldn't drive it. If you’re after a solid all rounder that’ll keep you in the fight, this is the tank for you. And if you point that out, you get called 'inadequate' or something, and flamed to hell by people who think they know better. It has very little armour for starters, and with such a compact design any hits that do penetrate will kill every crew member unless you’re outrageously lucky. The list is probably outdated since I haven't updated it for a month, but here it is if you're interested: Agree with almost everything except that StuG F should be the best tank of T2, not F2. Light, agile and well armoured, the T-50 is used even in tier 2 battles thanks to its proficiency as a scout tank. Your missing the fuel tank on the KV series. can the first tanks you list down be the panzer III's and StuG's? At the same battleratings you also have the Pz III E medium tank with better speed, a reload faster by 0.1 second, and a better gun depression but worse ammunition, worse turret rotation, much higher profile, worse armour profile. Panthers make even most stonehearted men wet. Not taking into account bugs that make both sides RNG galore, there's also missing bits, like ammo storage on the back of T-34 turrets for instance. Poor armour on the sides limit the StuG III’s incredible offensive capabilities to frontal assaults, while the blessing of its stopping fire comes with an ineptitude for long range combat. Guides editor. I’ve been playing Ground Forces for a while now and I’m mostly enjoying it.

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