However, with genetic examination becoming part of the taxonomic inventory tool box, it is also being discovered that there are indeed genetic differences from mountain to mountain, leaving us with the problem of whether to call them different species in a species complex, or just leave them as somewhat distinctive populations gradually evolving into different species as time passes and the environments become more different from mountain top to mountain top. h�b```f``�``e`` dd@ A6 �X �����[!�R�� �I�}����ܭ��\Yt��n�gn�jlDݨ�I�2]!$i�!���� �B���3v~��a�\����n2�bB�}ƫ�� ��IZ{���ܭ���U N����.����1n���N8�ͳ�1��d]�#����T�f!����)�՗4�ȹz���;���{.&ݼoW7d�$zOf�j �z�"�ʤ�h���u5g/�}���O��Z�R��Ç$4��5ˆ� JN�+��� After reading the three supporting details, what could be the main idea? Because they are often covered in warm mist, cloud forests are very humid and wet places. Which of the following answer choices would NOT help to give more information about the main idea. Trees can become uprooted. There is a place for tin plates, cups, and forks. endobj 2.What does the author explain in the passage? Like rainforests, cloud forests experience rainfall. Unfortunately, this question will be answered for us by the elimination of the great bulk of cloud forest species through climate change. A) There is a place for tin plates, cups, and forks. Property damage can be in the millions of dollars. Flour, beans, and coffee are in the wagon. "Oh, I guess I'll go back home now," said Jack quickly to himself. Unfortunately, all upper elevation cloud forests in Costa Rica (and elsewhere) are being severely impacted, and will be impacted to extinction, by climate change. ���� JFIF �� C However, during the last glaciation, these two areas of cloud forest would have been fused into one, and perhaps even fused with the 700 m remnant (?) h�D�AK�@�2�&�L�5EJ�4x�b�����WmG&%��)�z���Y, V�j3�w���S`�x��j�axX�j+�o� What is the main idea? But that’s what makes these forests so valuable. In order for humans to live, they need access to fresh water. What is the main idea? Like rainforests, cloud forests experience rainfall, but they also capture water straight from the air. stream If you stand in a cloud … ... Answer Key. :Lf$�蓡K�%����|T��D�ݢ�L�v�3>�l���vhn��'WP��~�3@��>�p1/P����j=ʚ��Epl�p?�Ė�o����>[�xWҎI�I*mO��P_�?/�����2 ��3]��i��w+9���tݫsp����$$}����Ӡ����M/����]�W�>ϲM��¨7�N-���$R��dJ����և��Sq�����Xcl}�el�gJ��V��Ǥf��H��+�]��.#�^��m�;m�Z�W��_�{=��F�(�+����UR�\���ƈ���}�ەś��u&�N%w���b��6� �%��|��ih���op���2���F�]T�C��UV�!���q�|Zu� ?4u�zd�q L�6�m�} Aug 23, 2015 - Improve your students’ reading comprehension with ReadWorks. The four main types of clouds are: cirrus, stratus, nimbus, and cumulus. Like it or not, nature as we know it, and as it has been known for past millennia, is on its way out. The trail boss keeps papers and maps there. ��-�U� ��Ȕ̳. h�2�0P0P���w�/�+Q0���L)�631�)����iS0i� b��`�L��T��$���� J� The ACG cloud forest ecosystem is an ecological island, but it has some linkages to the “mainland” that are highly significant for other ecosystems. Constellations are groupings of the stars in the sky. 3 0 obj People have died in some of the worst hurricanes. Long ago, people gave names to these grouping of stars. Once cloud forests are cleared, the damage can be irreversible. However, the isolated volcanoes of Cordillera Guanacaste belie this feeling with the massenerhebung effect. Cloud forest is generally defined as the upper elevations that are almost continuously bathed in fog, mist and rain generated (in Costa Rica) by cooling of the humid trade winds blowing off the Caribbean, as they are forced upward by the mountain range itself. Start studying A Drops Journey. It is often suggested that we might save the upper elevation species by introducing them to other (higher) mountains. Suddenly, foggy weather began to creep across the lake. endobj The cloud cover, which is so essential to the growth of these forests, disperses. ,c�š���NQd`Z,�%�X��4ֿ��2J2?a�c��Tô���i��QG�L���/�$��˾J�;�. 1 0 obj When cumulus clouds appear, it may mean that there will be fair weather for a few days. Sometimes, the main idea is not stated. Rapidly Advancing the Knowledge of Marine Biodiversity, Father of DNA Barcoding Receives MIDORI Prize, DNA Barcodes, BioAlfa, and the Study of Insect Diversity in Costa Rica, Op-Ed: Costa Rica Must Take Firm Steps Forward. few hectares of cloud forest on the highest part of Peninsula Santa Elena. What is the main idea? Water condenses on the leaves of the plants (sort of like dew on the grass in the morning) Like rainforests, cloud forests experience rainfall, but they also capture water straight from the air. The most important idea of a passage or reading selection is called ____________. A) Hurricanes can destroy life and property. %PDF-1.5 Which of the following is the main idea? }K{! Improve your students’ reading comprehension with ReadWorks. Hurricanes can cause a lot of damage. H2�� ����00]����q ��L�� � m <> ACG cloud forest occupies the uppermost elevations of Volcán Orosi (most northerly), Volcán Cacao (and the high pass joining them), and the Volcán Rincón de la Vieja-to-Volcán Santa Maria (most southerly); in short, ACG cloud forest occurs on the area of the Cordillera Guanacaste above about 1100 m elevation (and extending to the highest levels of 1900-2000 m on Rincón-Santa Maria). ���%Y�ns� Mk m���ȢO���#��}ƛ�]��WQi��9;;;;~3�>�ܶ��\�ћ7�m[.�e���m������cu�syWoʶn6�>}n�яU�����wW�����nwz¢��!U�Q&E��HɄˈ�DG���d��鉒:�#�E�i������� ������ They begin over water and rotate around an "eye" or center of the hurricane. stream %PDF-1.6 %���� However, these mountains are isolated, and the air mass tends to flow around the obstacle like a stream running around emergent rocks, with the result that the temperature at 1,000 m elevation on Volcán Cacao, for example, is equivalent to about 1,500 m elevation on the Talamanca mountain range in central Costa Rica. Horses can pull wagons and carts. _ۊ�(ϒpVb��;&-���#-�F�oEE4��ʪD�W���}!�V7\�g�w���77hf���$�*х��ܷr�P�Q��E�bA�T�z��u���w�.��:�,�;���*r6�b�)T���IUѯ7�^}ݦ5�%鮡���Bùֶ�f��憸�~�E��ʇ�}W� "$!�h�oo��F��f����ؿ�d ({1���a���q�3I%\�r1IH:B|�����Am���Z׸�x��n'�o"��IU�ߴ8%��r�E�+lr�v��$%�;���UR���Viy�>�@snA���8�I�[�,Y� �(E�Ӷ�ճ�9� K�&�ܕ����ö��WIBf���%�E�f2�{4�QU7����R�g"�4Y��B�jG����yʓ�r��_c���Q�y�KHS�Ӓ���됑q>��#�խ�6�����;I��2�J����VD��{ ���Mt�W��u�$!��΀�w%x +������O��}hHRD���sOH�i�h!���r��o����?d�ݣ��e�<9�)m�w�cJ*k��]�U���ąS�O��8��M��s{���r]�'��]�d�D�1�}�I�^b#��yԫʿkO��-��r`w�;>���"!��� ԅ]r��nh�����ҝ��z$/���B���y�o���]��隬���$��|H�I�����#�L�j`۶�����Ex:�'��7��Jƻ'�_�!�����;4ܖ��Z7�3�lc{kI,,������Ik�zTK��K����sy[���In�ҙ���e�[�]��Qǰ��$g֠UJr*�)�ʧ�H����Ꮭ��Ch,����j⎐o'k���H9���W!�ևYs!^��Z#oX��gq]�t���s�c(�Ų.�T�315�.���.�d0>v��M�����*���%$��L��b#/���m�����������0��o. Equally, such non-human ecosystems will be doing whatever they do according to their genetic programming, and on-site evolution and ecological adaptation. ��n �Ϋf�4&�wGeq7�i���3���֒p�� ���Mj�!̔�����h��o3* e���o�X� ���d����Fc�7���PmjjZU�aV�� W��K����Ze����q��otxJ_��c�V-x�Ui��=���N�a�{�''�զ���[��d�L�iK�%�&���,�&��ty��\ml���~��I;؟�JMC&[�&ڵ~�=�pb�.��\i����H�gg�x��6U����\���Y(N�[�> Building roads and gem mines also severely damages the cloud forests. h�bbd```b``N�� �q�d���@$�/��"Y,����7`��d�g���. ����w�CR�,��c�����h����~�"�C��yS�&znH�=書$(G��prD��l6����f��/�H��izm������� � 1.C   2.D   3.C   4.A   5.A   6.A   7.D   8.C   9.B   10.B. 687 0 obj <>stream �� C �� �" �� �� G endstream endobj 689 0 obj <>stream Read the three details that support the main idea. %���� Sailing is an exciting sport. �S�1��1���Ѫ��#����m��,��X��RQ�; I#TOު�q! K�>'9�>s���Hs\�#go��g���������a�?Y�zQx�e��ӯ��؝��aS-�ث�W�c`#�t|�)u�u2���EF lN���k����Ս��C��C�_\���� G�Lq !��. As is clear in a map of mainland Holdridge Life Zones of Costa Rica, the cloud forest of Orosi-Cacao is the last and most northerly ecological island in the archipelago of this ecosystem extending the long axis of Costa Rica, and ecologically the most northern end of the South American Andean upper elevation ecosystems (complete with a resident population of Podocarpus gymnosperm trees); the southern end of the North American Rocky Mountains ends in southern Honduras and northern Nicaragua, with their most southerly distribution of northern gymnosperms (Pinus). A) Clouds are made from little drops of water that float in the sky. Questions: Changes in Biodiversity . " 2!Bb#R�38Arv�$Sacq����147CQ�������� �� �� ? 2 0 obj Not all constellations can be seen at all times from most places on Earth. The names of some of the stars are Cancer the Crab, Leo the Lion, Taurus the Bull, Orion the Hunter, the Big Dipper, and the Little Dipper. 1 0 obj Horses are useful animals. Given that Costa Rican European society began in the central highlands, it tends to assume that the elevational band of cloud forest is the same on all Costa Rican mountains as it is on the mountains to the immediate north and south of the Meseta Central. (3) People have even used dog's teeth as money. 138 0 obj <>stream hބ�oo�0ƿʽl4eg0�TE����+Q7��n ��.��5N�&k��:���~�A�!0������"@��x0����yW�b��o]ƒP �0o0���Ck�)P ��4Sf �l�RZ�v6�@)"^m�E�M{�͒����|]�gs7O��!��L���j,$Xo ���q\�X,ҟP��g��N���Oj�2Qh8,�8L˓"��&u6����s0G_�0T�I��'�������'�mڶy;�MӴ�3yF���,�#��R�0����Fu�KZڧ��@��#��1�Y��|��E�d��/�Ǒ �� ����ܤH�a��O3-ϲ��n�x�����JRq���9�D�V�������Y��G������x�䷚J@��ʝ��C�y"������1 q�i�(sQ?n1.|���3���'�Dg�����������,�X�~�Ah��&R���Dɷc�p�ߴ�*K�_�x�!0G��>g�j�ޤ��7�

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