This is the ideal solution for homeowners who want their basement to look nice and bright, even if the installation of a complete basement finishing system is not on the horizon. Finish Your Basement with Waterproof Materials. Avoid Basement Water Damage with Waterproof Wall Panels. You can choose from many textures and colors to customize the space. Protect your home with our proven solutions & lifetime warranty. It's a finishing touch that makes your basement look great! We are proud to provide homeowners in Edinboro, Erie, Warren and surrounding areas with foundation repair, piers for settling foundation and much more. Flexible financing available! Homeowners love the paneling's clean, finished look. x 14.76 in. Symptoms of water damage in your basement can vary. I can say from experience that I don’t like the Core system because the fabric gets dirty easily. AL  98 When it comes to protecting your basement from water damage, we offer the top products in the industry to give your home the ultimate protection. In Mississippi, we service Biloxi and the surrounding areas. A complete basement remodel can get very expensive, but simply installing new wall panels can quickly brighten the space and make it look new for a fraction of the price. Always come to these guys for basement waterproofing products. Our panels additionally provide a great cover for stained or ugly basement walls. * What is a Free Estimate and Inspection? best product to fill nail holes -basement wall? Waterproof wall panels are a great investment that can help protect your basement and avoid water damage. Not only do the DryShield Waterproof Wall Panels provide functionality for a dry and healthy basement, but they also give your basement a new and appealing look. 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Check out this video about DRIcore products: I really like the Wahoo Wall concept. Whatever your foundation problems, Total Foundation Solutions stays true to our name. These waterproof wall panels create a vapor barrier on your basement walls, keeping back the humidity that passes through the pores of … If you know of any other basement wall systems not mentioned below, tell us about it in the comments below. Transforming an unfinished basement into a finished living space is a great way for any family to gain extra room. Waterproof paints and coatings tend to chip and flake off the walls in as little as 6 months. If you are looking to enhance an area while eliminating worries of moisture, wood paneling is a sound solution. Our BrightPost™ system is a great solution for this eyesore! View our Privacy Policy here. If you are a builder or more experienced DIYer, feel free to post a better estimate below. Moisture Control & Waterproofing Services.®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent HDF decorative wall panels, manufactured in many styles to imitate brick, concrete, wood, and stone finishes, add a touch of class to living spaces. Plastic Basement Wall Panels. (251) 250-1901 Website operating It’s important to identify signs of water intrusion before it causes damage. Painting your bathroom with waterproof paint is no different than any other paint, just make sure to keep the room well-ventilated and dry until the paint is completely dry. Both system must be installed by a certified an authorized installer. As an additional benefit, AquaStop® wall panels keep humidity and water vapor from seeping through your foundation walls and into your basement. The DryShield Wall Paneling from Nash Distribution is a great choice for basements and utility rooms. 5275 Business Pkwy. (251) 220-3457 Our innovative and forward-thinking approach to designing products has solved wet basement problems that the basement waterproofing and crawl space industry has faced for decades, and our patented sump pump systems are the smartest and most reliable. This prolonged moisture can cause basement walls to crack, leading to leaks. Notice the nice scribble marks. © 2020 Nash Distribution | Terms of Service and Privacy Policy | Sitemap. A finishing system protects the basement from all of these risks and more and comes in a convenient kit for ease of installation. The most common way for water to enter your home is through the basement, which is why it’s important to have the proper waterproofing solutions in place. suggestions. Basement wall systems can also help you finish your basement quicker than using traditional building materials, but which wall system is best for your situation? Revolutionary PLAS-TEX PolyWall wall panels provide a logical alternative to fiberglass when the wall needs to be waterproof, sanitary, durable, and easy to Look out for the following symptoms in your basement: If you notice any of these symptoms, it could be a sign of water damage. DRIcore SMARTWALL is the easiest and smartest way to finish your basement walls. Homeowners love the paneling's clean, finished look. TN  Water damage can have a devastating impact on your home. 38563, Montgomery, AL / Columbus, GA Your local authorized Basement Systems Dealer can provide a fast, professional installation of our warrantied BrightWall® Panels. They’re durable, washable, and inhibit the growth of mold and rot. If you want to waterproof your basement and give a clean appearance without a complete finishing job, AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists has the solutions you need! Due to that fact, I’m not completely convinced that I should go with a basement wall system. You may freely link The most common way for water to enter your home is through the basement, which is why it’s important to have the proper waterproofing solutions in place. You may expect some moisture because your basement is underground, but in areas with high rainfall, a basements become extra moist as water seeps through the walls. This article explains the most widely-used basement wall panels and their uses. We are dedicated to following all CDC safety and health guidelines. (205) 286-5520 (256) 344-6717 Your walls may look great, but what about those ugly, rusty support posts? |  Privacy Policy, 130 Interstate Commerce Crt. Total Foundation Solutions is your trusted partner throughout Northwestern PA and Western NY. 100 & 200 Each of our free estimates includes an on-site inspection and measurement of your basement walls, as well as an expert consultation, where we answer any questions you have. They provide a cost-effective solution to protect your basement from water damage without a complete remodel. 214 Industrial Park Dr. Many basements are prone to elements which limit the use of the space. Our network operates throughout Canada and the United States. How to Cover Your Concrete Basement Floo... How to Cover Your Concrete Basement Floor. AquaStop Wall Panels® are a 100% waterproof rigid plastic paneling for unfinished basement walls. Waterproof wall panels are a great investment that can help protect your basement and avoid water damage. However, basement conditions demand different construction materials than those used upstairs. Thank you. More about Peeling, Chipping Waterproof Coatings. There's a locally owned and operated dealer in your neighborhood that's waiting to serve you!

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