Another passage that is used to justify the idea of the Antichrist being a resurrected person is Zechariah 11:17 — “Woe to the worthless shepherd who leaves the flock! The Lich King was pleased with his latest conscript. This was a supreme moment. The shrieks of their wounded were answered by the yells of the Aztecs. That’s why Jesus told the Jews that this period of time would be the “great tribulation” (Matthew 24:21) — not because it would be worse than the first half, but because the wrath would be focused upon them as a nation and a people. It is also contrary to common sense. But we do believe it is possible to know the season of the Lord's return, and it is our conviction that we are living in that season... © 2020 Lamb and Lion Ministries. The Virgin Mary is shown kneeling before the Christ Child in the centre, in the presence of the shepherds and wise men who are visiting him. His empire will be the most extensive in all of history, encompassing the entire world, and his rule will be the most demonic the world has ever experienced. Daniel indicates that he will be a sexual pervert, most likely a homosexual. We know this from the book of Daniel where it is prophesied that the Roman Empire will be the last of the Gentile empires until the end times when the empire of the Antichrist will emerge from a reunited Europe — that is, from a revival of the old Roman Empire (Daniel 2:31-45 and 7:1-8, 24-28). He now came to the Spaniards and offered to mediate with his people. The key to his economic control will be a mark that each person will have to bear on their right hand or on their forehead (Revelation 13:16-18). Even the most solid looking mountains and the very earth that supports everything on it are not beyond this inexorable law of change. Moreover, Mexico has been steadily hispanicized for more than four hundred years, and latterly has drifted into the North American sphere of interest. He bought up many paintings cheaply. The situation was hopeless, but the Spaniards did not hang back. The Aztec gold and jewels were removed and the walls decorated with flowers instead. Cuauhtemoc was taken prisoner, tortured, and hanged. This time the greatness of the Indian past evoked a spellbound recognition that simply had not been intellectually possible until the nineteenth century. Savonarola claimed that Florence could become the new Jerusalem if the citizens would repent and abandon their sinful luxuries – and that included much of their art. The Antichrist does not have to be a Jew. This is revealed in Revelation 13:11 where it says that John saw “another beast coming up out of the earth [literally, the land].” Just as the sea is used symbolically in prophecy to refer to the Gentile nations, the land (or earth) is used to refer to Israel. He asked for permission to examine one of the large temples, and after Moctezuma had consulted with his priests, this permission was reluctantly granted. His beliefs were made real as groups of evangelical youths went on to the streets to encourage people to part with their luxuries, their lewd pictures, and books, their vanities, combs, mirrors. Some see the figures of the three men at the bottom of the painting as representatives of the three executed holy men, raised up and restored to grace – but persecution not peace awaited Savonarola's followers and it was in an atmosphere of oppression that Botticelli set out to create the Mystical Nativity. They went in to look at the jasper block on which the sacrificial victims were slaughtered with an obsidian knife. He travels safest in the dark who travels lightest.” A fifth part of the treasure was reserved for the Spanish King so as to ensure royal clemency should Cortés suffer defeat, yet live. Cortés also had all the ditches and lagoons searched by divers, who explored the bottom with their feet.

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