Honda’s electronic shift program allows riders to shift the machine using a pair of up and down buttons mounted on the left handlebar. There are some improvements that may increase durability: The fuel pump is relocated in the fuel tank, like a car, for intrinsic cooling and less exposure to dust and debris. You may have noticed the word “optional” a few times there. The 2014 Honda Rancher is trying to expand into the recreational market, making it a “more well-rounded machine, more versatile for recreation and utility.” What’s New A lot. Maybe it just feels that way because we were spoiled by the EPS machines we rode, but for heavy use the EPS seems like a must. While I actually find this to be quite a handsome design, I don’t know if it supports their marketing goal of reaching more into the recreational market, where more lithe, wasp-like designs dominate. Honda Rincon TRX680FA 2014 Honda Recon TRX250TM 2013:icon_ nana::icon_cool: ... Price was the biggest factor the few extra cc's weren't worth the difference in price to me and i hope to swap the front diff out one day . Beginner Dirt Bike for Adults: How to Buy One, How Much Do Motorcycles Weigh? In the end, Honda came up with a plan to improve the 2014 Rancher’s work capability (848 pounds of towing capacity and 199-pound capacity for the two racks) where possible, but made a serious effort to make the Rancher more fun for recreational riding. Power. Add Honda legendary reliability to this already-long list of features, and it’s no wonder why the Rancher AT has become such a popular part of the Rancher family. This may be in part due to the broad, comfy seat. Hit the jump for more information on the 2014 Honda FourTrax Rancher AT IRS. We spent an afternoon with the new Rancher at Honda’s Transportation Research Center (TRC) outside the Marysville, Ohio, R&D facility where the model was developed. Automatic transmissions and power steering are areas where the best engineering intentions can lead to unfortunate outcomes, so they were of particular interest in the ride. It also makes shifting a lot quicker between gears with less lurching or jumping when it does shift. Find Out! The Rancher feels full-size and capable, but still light and agile. Rider position is revised this year. The 2014 Honda Rancher is trying to expand into the recreational market, making it a “more well-rounded machine, more versatile for recreation and utility.”. You can choose 2WD or 4WD iterations of the Rancher for 2014. Kelley Blue Book assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. By throttle position and vehicle speed, the DCT tries to intelligently hit the right gear at the right time, based on the rider’s demand, and to reduce “shift-shock.” Also revised is the optional Electronic Power Steering (EPS) with the intent of keeping steering light but tactile while reducing kickback in the handlebars. It is very rarely accessible to the prying eyes of the media, but for a brief day I had the honor to walk the halls and testing ground of Honda R&D. … Important Safety Information The DCT was almost always right where I wanted it to be, giving good power and not up-shifting too soon. There is more information on the electronic display, including water temp and a maintenance monitor. The compact engine both lowers the center of gravity and increases ground clearance. I was never left feeling that I wanted more out of the machine, nor that it was too heavy or awkward in tight spots. Moreover, the Honda FourTrax Rancher AT IRS has received a revolutionary twin-clutch five-speed automatic transmission that offers superior shifting performance. Upshifting or downshifting is easy and fast—just push one of two handlebar-mounted buttons. Honda semi-dry sump and overhead valve designs give you an engine that’s shorter from top to bottom. The machine still has dual front disc brakes and a single rear drum on its solid rear axle, but that drum is moved outboard toward the wheel to increase clearance and reduce possible obstacle damage. It works without a handlebar-mounted clutch and is super easy. Ive always been a big honda fan this one proves this honda is as tough as any other on the market today pay more get more Honda rules. The pride of Honda’s engineers is the fact that they take the vast knowledgebase from the automotive side and incorporate things like this automatic transmission into their off-road vehicles. A sleek new squared off look is a breath of fresh air to the machine. Will KTM Up The Hyper Naked Ante With A 1290 Super Duke RR? All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. I checked out that rider’s triangle, and, while seated, it seemed just right for my 6-ft frame. The differences in these models are not frills and trim, but actual product benefits. Getting out on the trail, though, that was not the case here. This invaluable feature allows a rider to shift, via a front-panel-mounted lever, between 2WD and 4WD for maximum versatility during tough chores or on uneven terrain. It didn’t really feel like power steering, just like a very light and responsive steering. $2,880. Honda is the first Japanese automobile company to release a luxury brand (Acura) and has built a reputation of high quality and customer satisfaction. The powertrain is basically the same 420cc, longitudinally mounted, fuel-injected single as before. Honda’s transmission works flawlessly and made the ride easy for even those not familiar with the advanced systems. It was almost – dare I say – Honda-like. The Honda Rancher 420 is a popular model of all-terrain vehicle(ATV) that that is commonly used for yard and farm work. Did you know J.D. VINTAGE - 1948-1958 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Honda, pricing data is still being collected. “We’ve re-tuned the dual zone shift map for performance and to match the driver’s style,” Stevens indicated. The result: more power produced by the engine makes it to the ground, right where you need it most. Finally, there is a host of new factory accessories, including a snow plow and heated grips, which again seem to favor the utility market. The shifting is controlled in three forms, which make up some of the various models. No operator under age 16. In manual, the gearing seemed quite low. The Rancher has a broad range of capability, and if Honda maintains or even improves their durability track record, this is a machine that users should be very happy with. Engine vibration was practically nil, which will help reduce fatigue, especially on longer rides. Honda Genuine Accessories are built to work as hard as the ATVs they’re on. The gas tank is high and above the front wheels, but this did not seem to add any undue inertia. If the Ranchers are a pack, then the Rancher AT is the leader. The sealed rear swinger is also designed to prevent mud, dirt or any kind of debris from getting into the bearings. In the small hills just outside Columbus, Ohio sprawled over hundreds of acres is a R&D facility that has been working hard to refine several ATVs for the 2014 season. The CAD-designed chassis, described to me as the “double cradle” steel frame, has added rigidity and this is done for more precise handling as well as to offer a smoother ride. Public has the opportunity to see them on the showroom floor. Emissions are down. It is certainly capable of doing much more than daily tasks, especially the upper-tier models. A standing hard right turn while keeping the thumb on the throttle is a little awkward. A more optimized programming for the fuel injection also adds to the response and fun factor in the Rancher’s heartbeat. The real question is whether they will be able to keep the utility market while opening up the recreational market. Honda started from scratch with an entirely new frame design. At the heart of the ATV sits a 420cc, liquid-cooled, OHV semi-dry-sump, longitudinally mounted single-cylinder four-stroke engine which features Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI). I wish I could share everything I spotted in the buildings, but we had all been sworn to secrecy just to gain entrance this one time. We use our rancher on unmaintained logging roads with big washouts this machine kicks butt, tons of power and excellent traction very happy with this investment this machine is a workhorse. Out back Honda reworked the rear wheel swingarm into an enclosed rear axle design to help spread the load of the ride and remove stress from the final drive gears. The Rancher ranges from $5199 for the base model to $7399 for the top-of-the-line. There was even very good engine braking with the DCT on, which I wasn’t expecting. It is nice to have that economy option, but I think most of the market will want the more versatile upper-end models.

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