Condition: Good ... 2000+ Paperback Fiction Books Pallet. Wholesale Liquidation Pallets. If you are elsewhere, please contact us and we can arrange shipping to your location. Wholesale books are stored and transported in sturdy Pallet boxes that come in many sizes (sometimes measuring up to 48" x 40" x 36"). Can you pick and choose individual tiles which you can check out before you buy? Required fields are marked *.
World of Books do still sell wholesale bulk-buys, I believe.

However, if this is possible I do not know where these suppliers are.

Better World Books offers a variety of compelling wholesale buying options to meet your book and media sourcing needs. I have bought books by the box-load (10 boxes @ £4 each). Cleveland, Ohio. Used books are most definitely an area of demand. I have read and I understand that Bank & Vogue only buys and sells used goods in bulk (a full trailer or container).

The Company employs innovative e-commerce marketplace solutions to manage, value and sell inventory and equipment for business and government sellers.

However, again, be careful to ensure that you check out what you are buying, and crucially, what you will receive for your money. So personally, I would be unwilling to pay more for a new book than I would for a used book. When you buy books by the pallet, you do have to accept that many books will not be of your choosing, many may well only fetch low value prices despite being ‘new’, usually because ‘new’ books by the pallet/wholesale will be either end of publishers’ lines or returns by high street shops – so ‘new’ does not always mean recently published editions that you see in WH Smith. Of course, you may see advertisements for pallets of used books and in many cases this will mean being even more wary. You get a wide range of merchandise that is sourced from top retailers; so, you know that you are only getting high-quality, internationally renowned brands whenever you purchase a pallet of liquidated merchandise. All shipments contain a minimum weight requirement (30,000 pounds for loose clothing; 12,000 pounds or more for other products). They most likely will be in a stronger selling position than you and they have probably paid less than you, and can afford to reduce the book price – automatically devaluing your copy. Now offering CLEAN (NO EX LIBRARY) bulk books, $500 per Gaylord box! Price per 900 to 1100 books packed in a Gaylord box on a pallet, is $350, f.o.b. Wholesale Used Books. Delivery costs can increase the total cost quite significantly. Trusted Inventory & Service We receive high-quality books and media from thousands of sources in order to offer you the best selection and service. When you purchase pallets of books, new or used but especially used, you do need to ask certain questions: Does the seller also sell on Amazon and cherry-pick the books before boxing them and offloading them to sell by the pallet? This gives you extra protection should the seller be unreliable. Your email address will not be published. Mills and Boon, Readers Digest titles and very heavy coffee table general books. Of course, when you purchase books from whatever source, it is not always possible to be absolutely sure which books will sell or how quickly, but when the cost of buying the books is low, then the ones you do sell make up for the ones that take a while or indeed never do sell. With over 20 years experience, our thorough understanding of market trends and a global network of clients, Bank & Vogue has become the leader in the wholesale used goods industry. today.

Do they remove books that are unlikely to sell on Amazon? Demand for Used Books Book Liquidation Lots has a huge selection of out-of-print, rare, first edition, college/university textbooks & children books. Can you pay using credit card? I am now very wary when buying used books in this way. Not all books will sell quickly but you will need to recoup your outlay and make a profit, so again, be wary, as once you have paid the seller for a batch of books the seller has made their money! We are seeing a strong demand for quality loads of hardcover and paperback used books, with particular demand for children’s books. I have often been asked about my experience and opinions on buying books wholesale by the pallet-load – as apposed to buying from my usual haunts such as charity shops and libraries etc. USA. All Rights Reserved. 100+ Mixed Children’s Books. Each Pallet box contains between 900 and 1600 books depending on the size and binding of the books. Sign up for the hottest news in the business. These boxes contain between 450 and 700 books on average. In most cases you will be buying ‘blind’, and as ever, it’s impossible to tell the value of a book’s resale from the cover alone. I know it does seem attractive to purchase a load of books at one go, but before diving in, check out the questions above and be very wary! To ensure the highest weight possible on book loads we encourage suppliers to stack the books neatly and to package books in gaylords on pallets. In some cases it is possible to purchase new books by choosing individual titles that you have checked before you buy. Contact us today for more information on our wholesale used books and how you can incorporate them into your business. The below products are only available to customers within the United Kingdom. Copyright © 2020 Bank & Vogue. I wish I did – imagine how much time would be saved!

Our wholesale books are collected, stored and shipped in gaylord boxes. Remember: condition is king, so this is something you need to ascertain, alongside price and genre. Every Pallet box is placed on a standard shipping pallet. $400 per box if 20+ boxes are ordered at one time. Your email address will not be published. Large Quantity Wholesale Pallets Merchandise At Unbeatable Prices Wholesale pallets Merchandise are a great way to make money and grow your business, as it offers you the ease of receiving large quantities of products at once for low prices that simply wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Again, you need to ask if the seller also sells on Amazon, as they will compete with you. What condition are the books in? Our customers who are predominantly online book retailers are always interested in quality loads that do not contain magazines, encyclopaedias, damaged books, multimedia (old CDs and DVDs), and books that are volumes in a series.

Indeed, most new books sold by the pallet will cost at least £1 each. email us The most important question to ask yourself is not only will you get your purchasing costs back, but will you make a profit? It’s also a great way to get products in bulk and save money. Books have a minimum target weight of 40,000 pounds. 20 Piece Wholesale Makeup Assorted Lot ~ L'oreal Maybelline Covergirl Sally Hansen Almay Revlon & More Name Brand Cosmetics (20 Piece) 3.6 out of 5 stars 228 $29.86 $ …

About Liquidity Services. Sign me up for your newsletter to get the newest market information and offers. This graded type of used book load means that we can maximize the value to our suppliers by ensuring our customers receive higher quality goods for resale. Liquidity Services (NASDAQ: LQDT) operates a network of leading e-commerce marketplaces that enable buyers and sellers to transact in an efficient, automated environment offering over 500 product categories. Find Out The More By Filling Out The Form Below, Hold Ctrl (cmd on mac) key to select multiple options. I have often been asked about my experience and opinions on buying books wholesale by the pallet-load – as apposed to buying from my usual haunts such as charity shops and libraries etc. As a newbie, I would not really advocate buying books by the pallet-load at all. While the book industry has seen major changes with the growth of eBooks, we still see strong demand for quality loads and lots of used hardcover and paperback books, including children’s books.

For our suppliers who can produce these types of loads, we have been able to make regular and long term commitments.

To ensure the highest weight possible on book loads we encourage suppliers to stack the books neatly and to package books in gaylords on pallets. A wide variety of pallet used books options are available to you, There are 448 suppliers who sells pallet used books on, mainly located in Asia. You need a mixture of general titles – but sometimes buying pallets of books could mean buying 1,000 books and it may be one title. In general, we do not buy or sell books that have already been scanned for online sale. Thanks to our strong network and business exchanges, we can safely say  that, in spite of a shift towards eBooks in the publishing industry, it doesn’t appear that this demand has decreased the desire among consumers for recycled materials.
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This would likely be disastrous, unless it was a Top 100 best-selling book, which is highly unlikely. Books have a minimum target weight of 40,000 pounds. Get Free Tips and Advice from me every week! Listen to the Zubal brothers unload about things in the book trade that make them smile or give them the feelings that their heads may explode! I have to admit, I would not have chosen most of the titles myself when buying from charity shops, but felt obliged to list them as I had them and had paid for them.

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