Once they choose a team, soccer fans are loyal to it for the rest of their lives. History of the Game, How to Improve Stamina and Endurance For Soccer In a Month, Best Soccer Positions for Short Players: 23 player examples, 17 Reasons Why Soccer is the Most Popular Sport in the World, Guide to Choose a European Soccer Team to Support. Soccer has the free-flowing nature of hockey, the creativity and freedom of movement of basketball, the skill and precision of baseball and the athleticism and tactics of American football. Soccer has the largest fan following in the modern world; everyone loves the beautiful game. If you don’t like one form of soccer you could play another and so on. Since then, I’ve traveled to compete in many countries like the United States, Costa Rica, and El Salvador. The more people play it, the more competitive it gets. I believe that I am more careful, thoughtful, and hardworking when I work on different projects because of this. Most games at world cup and Champions League are very tight and teams do whatever it takes to win, which makes the game very entertaining to watch. Make sure to visit their page here. There are different types of soccer i.e. In a Nielsen survey that spanned 18 … I once asked my friend Tomas from Argentina why he supported “Boca Juniors” if “River Plate” was also from Buenos Aires. The worse thing is that, from those 3 hours, only about 15 minutes are of actual playing time. A country with all the problems in the world, could totally forget about all of them for 90 minutes thanks to soccer. If a player is good enough he or she can play for the local club or even the national team when there is national pride involved and at the same time be richly rewarded. In fact, FIFA has official tournaments for different playing styles of soccer like: FIFA World Cup (official men 11 vs 11 tournament), Indoor Soccer or Futsal World Cup (5 vs 5 tournament), Beach Soccer World Cup (5 vs 5 soccer played in sand), as well as other informal Street soccer and freestyle tournaments. I wrote an article about the Most Skilled Soccer Positions newbies should take a look at to know what positions to avoid. 2. I’ve been interested both medicine and soccer and so I want to see if I can get a chance to do both but mostly soccer. In other sports like in basketball it is a requirement to be very tall, in american football you need to have a strong physique, etc. Contrast of “African National Identities Can’t be Built on Soccer Fever” and “Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye” HuffPost is part of Verizon Media. Soccer is one of the few sports in which all players have the chance to be in the spotlight. But to capitalize on its newest fans, FIFA, like most rights holder in sports, will need to figure out how to make money off mobile viewers: Among fans aged 11-20, some 25 percent plan to watch the 2018 World Cup via smartphone or tablet. Let’s start by saying that I will call football, as it is known around the world, soccer. It is the highest paying professional team sport so the prize money for winning the 2010 World Cup was $30 million (World’s Most Popular Sport- Most Popular Sports.net). It is the world’s game. Having a sporting event that brings 3 billion people to watch it, is basically thanks to the great marketing that the world’s biggest brands do. We all love it, but why is soccer the best sport? The Early Lotus Elise Series 2 Sports Car, The direction of a Mac App Store-only future. Sports fans are an interesting people. I wrote an article about how dangerous soccer really is where I debunked the myth that make people belive soccer is a dangerous sport to play. There is a constant discussion in the sports world related to if soccer is really dangerous or not. Maybe not in the US, but in other countries, people take extremely personal what happens in a soccer game. Explaining why soccer is the best sport comes down to one unassuming fact: Soccer is the simplest, cheapest, easiest sport for anyone to play. When huge companies invest so much money in this sport, believe me that you will see the word “Football” or “soccer” absolutely everywhere you go: restaurants, bars, hotels, airlines, the internet, videogames, etc. I made this page to inspire and help people to play and learn about the most beautiful sport in the world: Soccer! purple Anecdote: True story to add to elaboration ( In personal essay, these are great for adding in as examples) Soccer is the sport played most consistently around the world. It is incredible how people around the world live the sport of soccer, as if it was a religion. So with all the options available, it’s important to remember why soccer is the best sport. You can play soccer 11 vs 11 style in a full size soccer field. That a whole country has the chance to identify themselves with their soccer team. In my “Tiger Woods vs Jordan Speith” essay, I knew that there was an on-going debate on who was the better player. Another important factor is that few countries have another viable sport to rival soccer. So, why does this happen? Being an internationally played sport means it will be the one with the most competition. It can be played on any surface, on the neighborhood street, on the beach or in the park. With over 4 billion followers of football, it is by far the most popular sport in the world. Another great example was Syria during the last qualifications. Everyone, even people who had never watched soccer before, were united cheering for our nation to qualify for this event. What is the most viewed sporting event? Blue Wrap up/sum up: Restate main idea of paragraph Also, it promotes passion and intense rivalries especially when two teams from the same city play each other (called Derbies) or when national pride is at stake as when two countries compete for dominance in a Confederation. Soccer is definitely a worldwide fever. As you know the highest watched sport in the world is soccer, followed by cricket, field hockey, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, basketball and baseball. My two favorite sports are soccer and golf, and that is why I also wrote, The football versus soccer fight rages on for years now and has sparked quite some controversy. They appreciate sports and the spirit of competition in general, but will always have a favorite, and they’ll always valiantly explain why their sport is the bes In comparison to other sports, this is very few time. What you’re about to see, you’ve never seen before. Everyone has someone in their life that makes you feel better when you're sad or cares about you eternally, no matter what. Soccer is one of the easiest sports to play. First, if we look strictly at numbers, we can definitively say soccer is the most popular sport. Soccer is one of the oldest sports that is still played today. This means than more than half of the world’s population watched soccer’s greatest event. First, if we look strictly at numbers, we can definitively say soccer is the most popular sport. There team ended up winning 6 league championships, cliche or super basic and that is fine, but the topic of this essay is soccer. Passion is something that drags people to a sport. In order for a game to be as popular as possible, anyone that hasn’t seen it before needs to understand the basics of it when they see it for the first time. If you are new to the game, I took the time to make a Guide to Choose a European Soccer Team to Support. And when we did, everyone celebrated happily together. This other football is known in America as soccer. According to FIFA, “ball games” similar to soccer were played as early as 200 b.C in the UK. Waves of young fans in the world’s two largest economies are good news for FIFA. I would like to help you but I’m an amateur player just like you. Soccer being an outdoor sport is something that gives it a huge edge over other sports. I recommend you read my article “17 reasons why Soccer is the Most Popular Sport in the World”, so you see by yourself the magnitude of this sport.

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