See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays. "You had [President] George Bush's mantra: 'We can't stop doing what we do, or otherwise, they win.' "Of course everybody remembers Tagliabue as the hero, but it wasn't all him," says former NFL tackle and union official Roman Oben, who spent the 2001 season with the Cleveland Browns. March 13, 2020 - 9:41 am . Yet Tagliabue was well aware that his predecessor, Pete Rozelle, had told numerous people that the greatest regret of the legendary commissioner's tenure was not cancelling the games out of respect for Kennedy. AAC Commish: "The Risks Just Weren’t Worth It" Mike Aresco explains why the AAC canceled its conference tournament. Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. Zach Gelb. What Tagliabue remembers most vividly was the chill he felt as the Giants charged through the Arrowhead Stadium tunnel and soaked up the symbolic warmth of a battered yet resolute nation. Some intra-team discussions were far more charged. This was especially true in the New York and D.C. metropolitan areas, and players for the Jets, Giants and Redskins helped add context to the tragedy for their peers in other cities. I knew what all the precedents were, but I also felt that there was no precedent, so what people were talking about as precedents did not really apply. There is nothing more important than the health and well-being of our student-athletes.”. But the whole country was on edge, not just him.". USA Today Images. Ultimately, after floating a plan to move the title game to another site, the NFL offered enough in the way of compensation to strike a deal with the automobile dealers, swapping dates with the previously scheduled convention and facilitating the first-ever February Super Bowl. Tagliabue recalled Tuesday. While there won’t be an NCAA tournament for the Illini this season — or any other team — Underwood said he understands why the decision was made by Warren. There's this fine line between where football is therapeutic for people to come out and enjoy themselves and for it being time to grieve. "When that crowd erupted with applause for the Giants as the opposing team appeared on the field, it was an incredible symbol of unity and an understanding of what happened in New York, that these football players were representing New York's citizens," Tagliabue says. At our very core, we are about bringing people together: teammates, competitors, […] Gene Upshaw had just dropped off his kids at school in Northern Virginia on a sunny Tuesday morning and was driving to work at the NFL Players Association's Washington, D.C. headquarters when he saw the dark, incomprehensible cloud of smoke. "[Upshaw's] whole focus was on the people who worked for the league – did they have family members or friends who might be trapped in the buildings?" In the end, no games were lost, and the Patriots defeated the Rams in a wholly entertaining and memorable Super Bowl at the Superdome. Why do you want to uproot us from our families and take us to Pennsylvania, where one of the [expletive] planes crashed? “They worked their tails off and accomplished what they set out to do; bring Illinois basketball back to national prominence and the NCAA tournament,” Underwood said. ', "I stood up on the table and went kind of crazy. But when Gene and I talked later that day, it was pretty clear he viewed the situation the same way that I did.". In locker rooms across the country – and, later, on an impassioned conference call that included Upshaw, members of the NFLPA's executive committee and key players from the Jets, New York Giants and Washington Redskins, whose regions were most impacted by the tragedy – players emerged as voices of reason in a charged and tenuous atmosphere. “I’m a big believer that once you make a decision and once you feel in your heart it’s the right decision that regardless of what anyone else did, it was not going to sway me or sway us,” Warren said. “Some very difficult decisions were made, but I echo the sentiments of others who have said that this is bigger than basketball right now. Haslett stood up and said, 'OK, so we're not going to Pittsburgh. If it’s in the form of a loan, perhaps we pay some of that loan back through programs,” Ambrosie said. “We’re really looking for a business relationship that would be good for Canadians in the long run.”. ", As one prominent owner recalls, "Most of the owners thought we should play the games, and when Paul made the decision to wait a week, internally it was not a popular one. He took a risk, but he did what he felt was right. But teams have three bye weeks and play 18 games. When players reported for work on Wednesday, typically the longest and most intense day of their practice week, they were as stunned and unnerved as most Americans by the events of the previous morning. This was a cosmic, unprecedented event, and playing football games that weekend was not appropriate. How can you coaches be talking about football? "There was some feeling that carrying on was what was called for," Tagliabue says. "The fact that it was the right call, to me, was confirmed the following week [12 days after the attacks] when I went to Kansas City to see the Giants play the Chiefs," Tagliabue says. I'm going to join the Marines.'". "There is no question [not playing was the right call]. ". My heart sank when I heard the news that NCAA tournament games would be closed to all fans, Ticket refunds available for Big Ten, NCAA tournaments, Winter championships, all spring competition now off. The Pentagon was on fire, and the longtime union leader and former Oakland Raiders great could not believe what he was witnessing. It was an unthinkable act of aggression. After 49 years, one last Halloween for Dallas & Co. (Because there were 31 NFL teams back then, at least one team was off each week.) Clear skies. Then we all went back in and had another meeting. With Michael Chiklis, Theresa Saldana, Kaj-Erik Eriksen, Geoffrey Nauffts. "Big [defensive tackle] Norman Hand grabbed me around the waist, and [safety] Sammy Knight grabbed Haslett, and they finally pulled us apart. The CFL season typically begins in June -- Week 1 for the upcoming season was scheduled for June 11 -- and the regular season runs 21 weeks, compared to 17 for the NFL. That said it all – that we'd done the right thing by [pausing], and now we could move on, together – and I think the 10 years since then have confirmed it. "We had smoldering remains across the river, and unclaimed cars in our parking lot," recalls ex-Giants halfback Tiki Barber. Scott Richey is a reporter covering college basketball at The News-Gazette. [ Related: Giants' Coughlin coaches son through 9/11 ], "There were security issues. The Illinois men’s basketball team was practicing at Butler on Thursday when it received word that the Big Ten tournament had been canceled. “These young men are devastated to know they will not be able to walk out on that court together and compete for a championship. I know we all love basketball — women’s and men’s basketball. The goal, in Tagliabue's mind, was to bridge the gap between honoring the gravity of the moment and providing emblematic inspiration to a fan base eager to display its collective resolve.

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