How to Increase Your Salary. Information on these high-growth Zoo Veterinarian careers: Zoo veterinarians maintain the health and welfare of animals in captivity, which is a highly rewarding, yet challenging role. Certification is not necessary, but is very helpful in this highly competitive field. Jobs for veterinarians are expected to increase by 18 percent between now and 2028. How a Zoo Veterinary Technician Works . These emergencies take precedence, making an average day in the life of a Zoo Veterinarian not so average after all. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics acknowledges that Veterinarians risk being injured while working with frightened or wounded animals. Zoo veterinary technicians primarily find employment in zoos, but they may also find jobs at aquariums and research facilities. The size of the zoo and the types of animals that require care will also impact a zoo vet salary. Another great tip is to look for work at zoos located in metropolitan areas. Good luck and blessings, Copyright 2019 | All Rights Reserved |, Veterinarians must complete a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association, accredited by the American College of Zoological Medicine. The road to becoming a Zoo Veterinarian is paved with a significant amount of education. The ideal person will be a great team player, have good customer service skills and most importantly a passion for, As a successful candidate, you will have good general veterinary skills, ideally with surgical experience, excellent communication skills and be enthusiastic…. If an animal’s appetite decreases or if an animal shows behavioral changes, the zookeepers immediately notify Zoo Veterinarians. While the five responsibilities mentioned here look great on paper, the reality is, Zoo Veterinarians can experience unplanned emergencies at any second. Hi! Glassdoor has salaries, wages, tips, bonuses, and hourly pay based upon employee reports and estimates. Indeed ranks Job Ads based on a combination of employer bids and relevance, such as your search terms and other activity on Indeed. Hi! This is the employer's chance to tell you why you should work for them. There are a few ways to increase one’s chances of reaching the higher end of the salary range. Salary estimates based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in South Korea. In an average week, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recognizes Veterinarians for working irregular hours as some clock in more than 50 hours per week. Zoo Veterinarians check up on past patients, making sure all of the animals who are showing clear signs of recovery. However, the best way to find a job as a Zoo Veterinarian is through joining professional affiliations. Working with large elephants and dangerous cats can be daunting, but Zoo Veterinarians possess the fearlessness needed to execute such intimidating work. 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Becoming a zoo veterinarian is the most competitive specialty in the veterinary field. They conduct regular examinations on animals to ensure health. There is a vast array of exotic animals at the zoo, so the Veterinarian will need to train other zoo staff on how to properly handle and care for each species. ranks number 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Zoo Veterinarian salaries. Zoo Veterinarian Growth Trend. Zoo Veterinarians have a busy, unpredictable work schedule to adhere to. Check-a-Salary provides insight on earnings collated across multiple sources for every position in the UK. Don’t let that deter you though. or V.M.D.) 8403 Colesville Rd., Suite 710 Silver Spring, MD 20910-3314 Phone: 301-562-0777 Tax ID: 68-0480736 EIN: 55-0526930 Compassionate, experienced, and dexterous individuals are suited for the position. Get a free, personalised salary estimate based on today's market, Check out the latest ZSL London Zoo Jobs & Careers, We're ZSL (Zoological Society of London), an international conservation charity, and our vision is a world where wildlife thrives. An exciting opportunity has arisen to join the Animal Studies…, Sales, Retail & Customer Support Occupations, By creating a job alert, you agree to our. Zoo Veterinarians also show incredible perseverance. Associate Veterinarians must have a DVM degree, a valid license to practice, and a minimum of one-year clinical medicine experience. Average salaries vary, with a high of $108,304. One primary tip is to become board certified. It is this compassion that allows them to comfort frightened animals and adequately care for them. According to the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, zoos located in metropolitan areas are often capable of offering higher salaries to their employees. The average salary for a Veterinary Resident is $60,578. Since the number of people visiting zoos has increased over the past two years, Zoo Veterinarians can expect to experience this growth too. Licensing regulations vary by state but most states require both the successful completion of the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam and a separate state exam. Chief Zoo Veterinarians must have a DVM degree, board certification, and license to practice. The process is long but it’s worth it!!! And finally, are you willing to enter a highly competitive field? They provide medical treatment to the likes of cheetahs, sloths, elephants, and other species of exotic animals at the zoo. Zoo Veterinarian salaries, more specifically, vary by location and are dependent on the experience level of the individual. VOLUNTEER OR INTERN at your local zoo or aquarium. An entry level zoo veterinarian (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of ₩28,229,700. The information provided is from their perspective. Zoo Veterinarians also use their strong management and communications skills to lead teams and collaborate with other zoo employees. I would say that once you pass the GED, go to a reputable four year school and get a bachelor’s degree in a more general science such as Biology or possibly Zoology. Zookeepers who get to spend ample time caring for and getting to know animals will often be the first to notice when something is amiss. I know this probably isn’t the help you were looking for, because I obviously don’t have experience either, but I figured I would just kind of let you know my plan of action. They’re able to think of different approaches to solving an issue before deciding upon the best possible solution. When an animal is ill or injured, a Zoo Veterinarian provides immediate assistance to treat that animal and inhibit the spreading of disease. Zoo Veterinarians possess a combination of key personality traits and skills that make them remarkable at what they do. Predictably, they are compassionate people. If the solution is surgery, Zoo Veterinarians employ the dexterity needed to control a scalpel. Job Details: This practice is looking for an enthusiastic Full and a Part Time…, You will be RCVS registered with a strong track record in the delivery of exceptional. Hello, if anyone reads comments here anymore. Zoo Veterinarians who spend the extra years becoming certified earn higher salaries and can skip associate positions to move on to being a full-fledged Zoo Veterinarians. Once you get into veterinary school, you should’ve built up a good report over the years to to gain the recommendations you need to apply for a zoological residency after vet school and then you can become a zoo vet. The Zoo Veterinarians then come by and do initial assessments and diagnoses before administering treatment. I am also interested in becoming a Zoo Veterinarian, I am currently 17 years old and have known this is the path I want to take for a while. In order to become board certified, Zoo Veterinarians must take the ACZM Certification Examination. Generic job search tools also provide plenty of applicable job posts. Get your GED and apply to a college with a pre-vet program or animal science program. Zoo Veterinarians who have critical managerial and communications skills are better suited for this position. Completing nearly a decade’s worth of education, internships, and residencies takes an uncanny amount of dedication. If the answer is yes to all three, then you have the right passion and discipline for the career. You may find yourself operating on a tiny lizard one day, and examining a ten-thousand pound elephant the next. Zoo Veterinarians are open-minded individuals and they have great decision-making capabilities. Zoo Veterinarians have one of the most fascinating yet challenging jobs out there. Residency programs, accredited by the American College of Zoological Medicine, are also great opportunities for aspiring Zoo Veterinarians. Like Veterinarians, Veterinary Residents must be compassionate, patient and fearless when handling exotic animals. Once candidates meet these requirements and pass the ACZM exam, they’ll be board certified, which presents an incredible advantage in being hired. Since conserving endangered animal species is a top priority for zoos, the Veterinarian carefully oversees the nutrition and reproduction of all animals. All aspiring Zoo Veterinarians must complete a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M. Duties include managing the care of all zoo animals, training staff, and preparing budgets. Aspiring Veterinarians should always look into their prospective veterinary school’s requirements when planning their undergraduate class schedules. Salaries vary based on a number of factors including the employer type and the responsibilities of the job. At the end of each day, Zoo Veterinarians maintain and update medical records.

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