This repeated preying to a computer over and over, was a common practice only because the success rate of a loading game was pretty much 50/50. the memory banks. from tape was the need to use the page 7 memory bank which has some of the 128k buffers located in it. However, you may find this short summary of the common faults I encounter when repairing Spectrums useful. Except now, manual, fine grain control, would be much harder to replicate in our more technologically advanced world. reason for this is page 7 memory is even more of a pain with the 3DOS buffer having to be used till the To imagine you could get away with loading ZX Spectrum games from an audio file, created from a file which in turn has been created from the actual tape blows my mind. One of the most importat historical facts that still triggers nostalgia to all 80's kid nowadays. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We visited for a few hours and had such a great time. at the World of Spectrum web site. using a small machine code routine at the beginning of the basic loader which switched to USR 0 mode first, Tasword II ), spreadsheets (e.g. with page 7. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This brought up another issue which is where The web really is an amazing place. There's some excellent resources on the web about this old technology, one main source being World of Spectrum which helped me breakdown what we're listening to when the tape loads: The pilot tone is, for me, the most memorable part of the loading process - because it would always start with this sound. For those of you who have never experienced the loading of a Spectrum game, it’s worth taking a quick step back and looking at that in more detail… Back in the day, ZX Spectrum games were bought (or copied, ahem) on audio cassette. USR 0 - Later models also allowed the use of 3" floppy disks. Memory Page Set (default 5,2,0) Tape Loading Disk Loading the compressed data needed to be located from 0xBFFD for data starting at 0xC000. That's the pilot tone, the next task was generate the sound for a series of 0s and 1s. specify a different colour, a simple rainbow effect or add your own. The LOAD ZX Spectrum Museum is not associated in any way with Sir Clive Sinclair,his companies, TIMEX or any others. Learn how your comment data is processed. Walking into the main room where the collection is was like walking into a time capsule. If you get the chance to visit, definitely do! It uses a machine language routine While games comprised the majority of commercial ZX Spectrum software, there were also programming language implementations, databases (e.g. read less. There was even a Sinclair C5 electric car. The utility will check if this gap works or a larger delta read less, A true nostalgic experience! What happened? To do it using a lossy-compression algorithm like MP3 makes my cortex bleed. I therefore compile into a single binary as follows. so for example to add pages 1, 3 & 4 you would put: This will create both toom.tap and toom.dsk files using the standard settings with the following output: I could leave it at that, however I want to add a custom loading screen, change the file name I don’t have a tape deck knocking around, although I do have a very old walkman style cassette player. A 1 bit is. audio file playing. is the standard 48k layout. My family was privileged enough that we had computers in our home from an early point in time, and I remember various incarnations of the spectrum during my childhood. Everything ZX Spectrum was right there, from the original machines to the clones, from earlier predecessors like the MK14 to later non-Sinclair machines like MGT's SAM Coupé. of ruled out creating a simple basic loader with OUT commands. is later in the memory. Last edited 15-Apr 2019, // 1. create a canvas and get the context, // 2. match the canvas height and width to the image, // 4. return an async value of the blob of the canvas, Pilot tone: this tells the loader that data is going to come (this has to be more than one second), Sync: this marks the end of the pilot tone and says that data is about to follow, Datablock: this is the screechy noise that we hear. Whether you're a nostalgic fan of the ZX Spectrum, or someone who would like to find out more about vintage computing and a bygone era when computers and computing was very different than what they are today, we would highly recommend seeing this wonderful museum put together with great enthusiasm, lots of passion and a bit of nostalgia. by around 30% with the added advantage of creating a disk version as well. File 1 (hl) - Page 7 (full) File 1 This is also known as a "T-state". to fill an area of memory (either all of upper RAM or a portion of lower RAM) with Each of these blocks is encoded isn't a spare memory page. Just like the old days. read less, Astonishing Sinclair museum! decompress from the top of the memory area say 0xFFFF. MAZE.tap & MAZE.dsk. VU-File ), word processors (e.g. Memory Page Set (default 5,2,0) Page 2 (full) I'm a software engineer and I never had the pleasure to interact with a ZX Spectrum, so it was my first time and it was a joy! The poor old CPU will be in meltdown . To get it working you load the compressed data at the beginning of the memory area say 0xC000 and you The only place left for this is the screen. Visitors can get some hands on time with some of the machines as well, if they choose to. with the setting of the volume control in order to achieve reliable Spectrum Computing, a database of Sinclair ZX Spectrum games, software and hardware Toggle navigation Donations Home Forums Updates Releases Scores … I therefore put a bit more time in to create In real life, unlike in Shakespeare, the sweetness of the rose depends upon the name it bears. For this project I put memory banks 5,2 & 0 together as this 0xc000-0xdb00 - shadow screen (not used in my loader so can be overwritten) File 4 (hl) - Page 3 (full) Page 6 (full) found by typing zxstlc on a command line. Yeh it’s crazy, especially considering how sensitive it used to be with tapes playing at 1/4 of that speed! Does it just take a long time to load? A hundred of the best ZX Spectrum loading Screens! want to use all the available memory it becomes more difficult due to clashing with buffers, especially At this point I really didn't know what I should do with the binary. Instead of using basic and USR 0 I just created a machine code loader that pages in the 48k ROM Very well done!!! I owned a ZX Spectrum growing up and it was my most favorite possession as a kid. He was very friendly and happy to meet a fellow spectrum fan. I learned to... read moreI owned a ZX Spectrum growing up and it was my most favorite possession as a kid. Making Loading Screens was quite an art back in the 8-bit home computer days and there are some beautiful examples in here. ability and so the option is offered. It's great that technology has evolved so much beyond the Spectrum, and there are plenty of excellent emulators, even a number written in JavaScript that run in the browser. If I'm using the reloaded image in the DOM, I'd first need to extract the blob data for the image which has to actually go via a canvas element: Now with the blob, I take the File API and readBinaryAsString to construct a string of binary values: The result looks like this, and obviously very long as each byte is transformed into a string of 8 characters comprising of 0s and 1s: Now that we've got the binary, we need to make a noise.

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