Brison is hiding out on the We suggest that you consult the router's manual or contact your ISP if you are in doubt. Deimos can only be killed at the end of the main story, on Mount Taygetos in Lakonia, during the quest "Where It All Began". I have played the game 3 times now and every time I go to mykonos to kill podarkes there are no side quests and he is not in the leader house I would love to be able to complete the game is there anything I can do to solve this problem? Because of this, there are no clues to unravel his identity, and you will encounter him in the main story. This armor set focuses on augmenting your Poison attacks. Delian League is a branch of the AC Odyssey Cult of Kosmos. To expose her identity as a cultist, you must complete a series of side quests given by Diona herself, starting with the quest "I, Diona". The first of the branch sometimes is. Hermippos can be uncovered in two ways. Elpenor is encountered in the Snake in the Grass quest, and once you kill his body double, you can find him in a cave on the West side of the Snake Temple in Phokis, located in the Valley of the Snake. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. … See Upgrade the Spear for more details on Leonidas's spear.". Description: This Cultist hides in a tent. I have the same problem about podarkes.. did you find a solution?? By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Just like Missions, Cultists will have a recommended level for when you can face them. Meanwhile, any civilians you whacked would immediately flee the scene. The Polemarch is the captain with the biggest icon, and taking this enemy out in a fort can be a tough challenge. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Ancient Tablet Locations – How to Upgrade Ship, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Greek Heroes Set Legendary Armor – How and where to find. Now that the Cultist's identity, and location has been revealed, it's time for you to go and eliminate them through any means necessary. Start the side quest Citizenship Test in Athens with Sokrates and Akibaldes, located by the Temple of Hephaistos in West Athens. To expose this cultist, you must kill the leader of Messara, which will then force the cultist into sailing around the region of Messara and leave them vulnerable to attack. Have fun using it on our WWW pages. It during the A Life's Worth quest that you will uncover The Master's identity as part of the quest, and after making a decision, you will be able to kill him. You may also be interested in something from the list below. Once you've eliminated all the Cultists in your list, the quest "A Fresh Start" will begin. As an attractive son of a rich Athenianartist, Brison lived his life easily used by others. The clue will point you to Messara, where you can find Swordfish at the Fisherman's Beacon. This branch of the cult isn’t too difficult to find, with two being behind main story quests. Silanos of Paros is the third cultist of the Peloponneisan League, and cannot be uncovered except by the main story. Do what you want, but if I have one regret in 60 hours of Odyssey’s story, it was this one. To find Sotera, travel to the Port of Nisaia on the Southeast side of Megaris on the water's edge. To uncover this cultist, defeat Okytos the Great, at which point you will learn that Deianeria is involved in the conquest of Boeotia. Sokos is the second cultist of the Gods of Aegean Sea, and his clue can be revealed by defeating Asterion. All members of this Cultist League can be found aboard powerful ships. Once uncovered, you can find Kallias patrolling the region of Elis, walking between Fort Koroibos and the main city, as well as the road between them. Sword of Damokles - How to Get & Weapon Stats, Legendary Armor Set List & Locations Guide, FFCC (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered), Unmasking & Killing Cultists - Tips & Guide. Podarkes the Cruel is the second cultist from the Delian League, and can be exposed by engaging in a side quest. Write your own epic odyssey and become a legendary Greek Hero in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, an inspiring adventure where you must forge your destiny in a world where every choice matters. Items: Paris's Bow (Legendary Bow), The Ghost's whisper to Kleon (Cultist Clue) Complete the main quest Escape from Athens to help Phidas get from the port to the island region of Seriphos to get the clue you need. We found him sleeping on the top floor of the house. Kodros the Bull is the fifth cultist from the Delian League, and can be revealed by killing Titos of Athens in The Arena. Description: Participate in the second-to-last fight on the arena in Messara. Once uncovered, you can find Okytos at the Temple of Poseidon at the Sanctuary of Sounion in Lower Attika just South of Athens. Needless to say, Rhenxenor has a host of tough guards keeping him safe, so prepare for a lot of trouble. One of which includes taking out an elite captain, a Polemarch, at Fort Phyle in northern Attika. Prior quests . You will face Rhexenor the Hand in the main story / odyssey quest A-Musing Tale. share. Okytos is not in a restricted area, letting you set up an easy assassination, though he will have soldiers to help in the area. The fact that Kleon the Everyman is one of the Cultists will eventually be revealed to you at the beginning of the the main story / odyssey quest - The Resistance. Brison is easy to recognize among the workers and guards by his fancy clothes; he wears a blue toga over a gray tunic. You can uncover this cultist's identity at the conclusion of the quest Speak No Evil. Kill Aigle, one of the mercenaries, to get the clue related to Iobates. His identity will be revealed at the end of the support mission Escape From Athens by Phidias' friend Theras on the island of Seriphos. Once exposed, Melite can be found in Messara, at Kresila’s Residence. 1/3. In order to expose this cultist, travel to the island of Delos and engage in the side quest Rebel, until you are able to take part in a Nation Battle, and then you can expose and kill him. There is a clue as to where the Cultist is operating from the page that shows them while they are masked. Follow this quest chain with Witness Him, then Free Speech (located by the Akropolis), and On a High Horse (located in the Port of Piraeus), until you start the quest A Life's Worth (located at Mt. Being the first group of Cultist you encounter, you will have to take down Elpenor for your very first Cultist kill in the Story. Rhexenor the Hand is one of the two cultists of the Delian League that you’ll unlock by simply following the main story missions. hide. Main Quest Complete Walkthrough Now Available! You will need to first rise in the ranks of the Arena in order to fight him. Otherwise, you will have to kill all of the cultists, as well as killing Stentor and looting his body. The marker for him floats on the map and he’s not at the quarry! Brison can be found in the Salamis Marble Quarry on Isle of Salamis. This leader is so mysterious that only by defeating the various cult Sages will you learn anything about this leader. It's AC Syndicate 5th anniversary, here my Jacob Frye cosplay =) // Fan Content. No matter your choice in dealing with Aspasia, you'll still receive the final piece of the Demigod set - Aspasia's Circlet. Once Sokos is killed, you can find The Octopus sailing between the islands of Thera and Anaphi. Your Cultist page will feature different branches of Cultists that come from one middle circle. Instead, you'll need to complete four specific side quests.

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