1 Land economy. Are all the values for post-Imperial, all upgrades, or for no upgrades? Gather rate: 0.408 f/s (0.610 f/s using the Mongols). Gold is possibly the most important resource in the game, because without gold, only three military units types are available (Spear line, Skirmisher line and Scout line, which are cheerfuly called as 'trash'). Note: (Cree) Coureur the bois gather from cherry orchards with a base speed of 0.67 food per second. Ideal gold miners are 28 gold per minute (no walk, no congestion), I can't remember the source for this but I have it written down on my AoC cheat sheet ;), Actually (from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJs2Ac9ZwtE), 1 relic = 30 gold per AOE min, 2 relics= 60gold/min, 1 relic playing as aztecs +33% = 40 gold/min, Villager perfect collection rate (1 square away), 1 vil gold mining (+15%) and wheelbarrow= 25.1 gold/min, 1 villy gold shaft (+15%) and hand cart= 28.5 /min turk villy all upgrades and (+15% civ gold gather bonus)= 32 gold/min. However they're essential to the rest of the game. All Rights Reserved. Fishing with villagers is faster than with Fishing Ships, but has the obvious disadvantage of only being able to fish near the shore. Sea economy expand very quickly, when compared to villager based economies. I'd like to try it out myself to confirm/deny but I'm pretty busy today. Also, they usually require a mill nearby, because the Town Center is usually far away. Highest Win Rates. Not sure if this has already been discussed but I find it interesting. 1.1 Base gathering rates in resources per second; 1.2 Economic technologies. Since deer run away, and common practice calls for deer hunters to have to walk a ways, the time it takes to walk to deposit it was taken into consideration. Food is used to create units, researching technologies and advancing to the next age. I'll probably do it over the weekend or sometime next week. Please obtain prior written permission from HeavenGames if you wish to use our site's content and graphics on other sites, publications, or media. Stone isn't used for units, but some technologies require it. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Very often a Mill is build close to it, fastening the gathering. Double Bit Axe increases 20% and Bow Saw another 20%. I had the hunter go until 70 food was deposited (two trips; hunters hold 35) and I timed how long that took. Usually a player just delete their fishing ships when the fishes run out and switch to farms. No technologies or civilization bonuses affected the resluts. Usually only two sheeps are placed in the Town Center per time (yes, this requires some micromanagement and experience). Usually a >player just delete their fishing ships when the fishes run out and switch to farms. This page was last edited on 31 October 2020, at 12:42. Wood harvesting can be upgraded up to three times with the Double Bit Axe, Bow Saw and Two Man Saw upgrades. Can you see any other discrepancies in the data from AoK Haven? 0.206 f/s = 12.4 food per minute, where your tests are saying 20 f/m, which is only 2 less than deep sea. In conclusion I think relics are worth it - but only if you are expecting a long game. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJs2Ac9ZwtE, (same as land farm, but 715 food total (compared to 175 for un-upgraded farm, 550 for crop rotated farm) and 100 wood (plus 75 for fishing ship) rather than 60 (40 if Teutons)), (not considering time to pull the boar, and assuming no villager deaths), if close to TC/Mill, 17 if at a typical distance from TC (animal spawn points are predictable). I'm guessing you are/were a science student aswell. If Forgotten Empires has tweaked it, it's not as relevant to me, but still -- well done. (And thanks to /u/TechIsCool for formatting and sorting. You can also find the effects of all the economical technologies and shipments that affect your economic rates. Trading sends trade units to a market or dock and carries back an amount of gold based on the distance. (Althought there are some players that to do this without Loom). I have been looking online for this a lot and mostly can only find some values for AoE RoR. Gathering Rates From The ESOC wiki for Age of Empires 3. Bonuses that deal with carrying capacity of units don't really matter as much, so long as the distance is short. I'm very new to Reddit and didn't feel like learning the formatting things. Gather Rate: 0.359 s/s initially (0.431 using the Koreans). Korean villagers start with 20% bonus efficiency at stone mining. While Villagers can collect at the listed 0.53 for brie… They'd really only affect resources with which distance is a legitimate factor, like for deer. Gold mining is the primary gold source; and the initial mine clump, has seven mines. Its probably that finding about 12-14 sheeps can be enough for them to very quickly reach the Castle Age. Base article at MrFixit: Link Gather rate: 0.330 f/s (0.408 f/s using the Britons). I found it extremely interesting that, without walking times considered, deer have the same gather rate as boars. Trees and mango groves are referred to as "Wood". There are usually 2 pockets of Deers per player in a random game. Let's give a close examination in each of these individually. If your results are correct then that highly changes the effectiveness of fish traps (especially with little to no travel time). Note: Not every type of villager is able to build all economic buildings, but it is possible to gather from a building of your ally. Thank you very much for this. Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings is a game by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios. Over 312,532 DE matches on patch 40220 analyzed! However, bushes are very vulnerable to overcrowding, decreasing the productivity. But, usually, players build a Mill close to the pocket. Patch: 40220; Ladder: 1v1 Random Map. Note: Dutch settlers have a base gather rate of 0.69 gold per second from mines. Article modified by Espadachim. Fish Traps are almost useless, since they are slow to build, slow to gather, requires a lot of wood and sea protection. Despite the listed gather rate, Farms seem to have a hidden maximum production rate of 0.44 food per second. x999xRoses. I did this because I found nowhere any data of the sort (as in it's common knowledge that berries allegedly gather the slowest, but no one seems to know just how slow it is). Tribute resources for its improvement? Edit: This is still cool and well-done, but I was definitely assuming this was for HD. One thing I have learned from this is that fish traps are slightly more wood-inefficient, even if you have ships already, from fishing for deep-sea fish, than fully-upgraded farms. Come by and visit its thread in the University Forum! In the upgrades and shipments below, both berry bushes and cherry orchards are referred to as "Berry bush". aoestats. This is the same as a normal villager and is most likely a bug. aoestats; Civs; Maps; FAQ; Buy me a coffee. Since they require wood and a mill, they're rarely used very soon. Thank the author? A player needs to have caution when placing them to have the optimal results! Note: The Indian and Japanese civilization cannot gather from herdables. This page includes lists of all the gathering rates measured in gathered resources per second. 715 food / 100 wood = 7.150 food/wood (fish traps), 175 food / 60 wood = 2.917 food/wood (un-upgraded farm), 550 food / 60 wood = 9.167 food/wood (crop-rotated farm), Relics are 30 gold per minute. So the math here is. Town Centers, Outposts, Castles, Towers, Walls, Gates and Wonders all require large amounts of stone. Althought wood can only be gathered from trees and gold and stone must be extracted from mines (besides Relics, and trading of course), food has 8 different forms of gathering, each with different rates. Obviously, not every forest is close to a Town Center, so a Lumber Mill (or another Town Center) is an almost obligatory requisite for an efficient wood gathering. Forage bushes are usually used at the game as second or third food option, before farms. June 21, 2018, 4:39am #1. Formatted for readability and sorted from smallest to largest, Great work dude, very interesting. It makes vills walk faster and carry more resources. You can also find the effects of all the economical technologies and shipments that affect your economic rates. At two minutes exactly on the game clock, I stopped them from gathering and had them deposit their remaining resources. Probably, the only downside is that you have to search for them. The Gather Point is a game feature in Age of Empires II, Age of Mythology, and Age of Empires III wherein players set a location from a selected building where they would want a newly created or ungarrisoned unit to automatically go. Turkish gold miners start with a 15% bonus efficiency, teams with an Aztec player have 33% more profit with relics, and teams with a Spanish player gain 33% more gold with trading. Lord Puddington. A Gather Point automatically gathers new units at the desired location. Celtic lumberjacks start with a 15% bonus efficiency. Fish Traps are almost useless, since they are slow to build, slow to gather, requires a lot of wood and sea protection. It's completely no-upgrades or bonuses. Same effect but much less micromanagement. Copyright © 1997-2020 HeavenGames LLC. Rates: (all in Resources per Villager per Minute)-Berries: 15-Sheep: 18-Boar: 22 (not considering time to pull the boar, and assuming no villager deaths) The table below shows all gathering rates in descending order. Each villager is akin to a trial, so with three trials of five villagers there were in effect fifteen trials for each resource. Forage bushes are usually used at the game as second or third food option, before farms. Gather rate: 0.408 f/s (0.610 f/s using the Mongols; +10 attack using the Goths). Thanks for that. Each resource was tested by placing it adjacent to a town center and letting villagers (or fishing ships) gather from it for two minutes. As we all probably know, Age of Empires II - The Conquerors has four different types of resources that are required to build more units and structures, and research technologies - food, wood, gold and stone. It would be interesting to see a comparison. It's easy to take this baseline and multiply by the gather-speed bonuses. Its mining rate can be improved with Gold Mining and Gold Shaft Mining upgrades. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I'm not sure if the gathering times have been tweaked or what, but your values are a bit different from the AoK Haven - Insight About Gathering. upvoting because its nice to know i'm not the only sad act who wastes time doing stuff like this. Most random maps have 2 of them close to your city, which are very useful. Now I understand a bit more why great players do, what they do in games. Your civilians (Villagers and Fishing Ships) gather these resources in order to sustain your civilization. Disclaimer | Privacy Statement | Forum Code of Conduct. A Gather Point can be changed or removed at any time.

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