Initial reports said MacKenzie was last seen around 10pm, but according to Dixon, a woman named “Charlie” who was on the trip said the captain was the last person to see her sister — around 2.30am Saturday. Maybe the assailant did push her and try to cover her mouth and she was fighting. Alison MacKenzie is a woman from Prescott, Arizona, who has gone missing in Belize. When I first connected with Alison I see her going into spirit form and floating above me which means she has passed on. Maybe seems harmless to most people. The couple was staying in a tent on Rendezvous Caye after a catamaran tour they took with Ragamuffin Tours. That it’s unlikely. Romero said MacKenzie traveled to Belize in December and was supposed to stay there until May 2020. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! She’s showing me the area where she last left island is where the blue circle is. I would check if anyone used a smaller boat that was around there or if there was proof someone had used it. I feel her wearing a tank top and skirt. She says that she fears that her daughter may no longer be alive. Her 2 daughters are past being consoled. But I see the tents lining the right side and an inlet top left just like she’s showing me. Up to news time, forty-three-year-old MacKenzie remains missing. I also normally get a quick read on the situation by how she walks and how she appears to me right before she shows to me in spirit form. She has still not been found. She shows me some small wooden type of boat going out on the water. The family is also working to find out who MacKenzie was on the catamaran tour with, but they “have no idea where in the world they may live.”. I don’t know what island she was on and don’t have those maps. Cherie MacKenzie said in a Facebook post that Rendezvous Island, where the couple stayed the night after their tour is approximately two acres with about 10 palm trees. None of them consistent with the others,” she wrote on Sunday. I wonder about noise too, because this island is so small. She falls and turns around to see how she ended up on the sand. It has been 48 hours now, and not only missing, but feared no longer alive.”. disappeared between Friday night and Saturday morning while camping on the tiny island of Rendezvous Caye Why? Please.”, Cherie MacKenzie says that her family is distraught and that MacKenzie’s children are “past being consoled.” She posted on Facebook that Alison’s children “have lost their mother and their best friend. The tour the couple took of the inaccessible parts of Belize’s reef began at Caye Caulker and ended in Dangriga, staying in the inner reef, where the water is calmer. Like this wasn’t just an assailant coming after her. Raggamuffin Tours’ website says that the tour accesses the remote or inaccessible parts of Belize’s reef where people like to snorkel and fish. I then looked at a map of this island and man, it’s tiny. Alison Mackenzie, originally from Prescott Arizona, went missing in Belize in January 2020. The island is located around 21 miles southeast of Belize City. She tells me it’s ok. It’s ok. She’s just resigning herself to her fate. MacKenzie and Rote left Belize and had arrived at Rendezvous Caye January 17 as part of their trip, which was supposed to span three days and two nights. And Who Am I. She described him as “distraught.”, MacKenzie’s family told Channel 5 Belize that she came to Belize for vacation after the deaths of her father and step-father last year. I want my daughter back.”. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. He told police she wasn’t there when he woke up around 6am. I am feeling like there is a sense some of this was her fault. Alison MacKenzie was reported missing in Rendezvous Caye, Belize, on Jan. 18, 2020. For other inquiries, Contact Us.

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