Terms and Conditions They encountered Muslim traders from the Indian Ocean who brought them silks from the Middle East and porcelain from China. His journey opened trade and communication routes that had not been open between the Middle East, Europe, and Mali. The spread of religion, aided by the increase in trade, often acted as a unifying social force. A direct comparison is a clear statement identifying similarities and differences. The Ming also supported major naval expeditions by Zheng He. The Week Before the AP World History Exam, AP World History: Modern Multiple-Choice Questions, AP World History: Modern Short Answer Questions, AP World History: Modern Document-Based Questions, AP World History: Modern Long Essay Questions, AP World History Practice Questions: Quiz 1, AP World History Practice Questions: Quiz 2. He never kept journals during his travels, but when he returned to Morocco in 1354 he was ordered to complete a travelouge. This empire was at first controlled by Mali, but by the early 1300s re-gained its independence and by the 1460s established itself as the dominant force in Sub-Sahaharn Africa under the leadership of Sunni Ali. The leaders of the Mali Empire generally converted to Islam, bringing with a tide of citizens of the empire. See the chart below for the exact weighting: The Black Death begins to ravage Europe. Swahili was a combination of culture and language of the Bantu and Arabic people. Central Asian Turkish warlords established this Muslim kingdom in northern India at the turn of the 1200s and it continued until their conquest by the Mughals. The one thing you need to know about this unit: The Sui and Tang Dynasties were able to reunite China after centuries of war. Mamluks are slave soldiers that won political control of several Muslim states during the Middle Ages. The Silk Road began as the Han Dynasty was seeking allies to help fight against the Xiongnu way before 1200. The architecture of Cordoba and the iron work of Toleda are directly related to this era of Islamic expansion. Arab settlers created  trade towns, and by the 13th century the city-states of Mogadishu, Malindi, Lamu, Mombasa, Kilwa, Pate, and Sofala had been established. Dates: 1200-1450. What family ruled the Republic of Florence? Brainscape is a web and mobile study platform that helps you learn things faster. Khan's soldiers took charge of protecting the Silk Roads, making them safe for trade. What were the religious beliefs of the people from the land of Zenj? Timbuktu was a port city of Mali that had a population of ~50,000 people by the 1300s. They could divorce, own land, and pass on property, giving them a higher status than before the spread of Islam. Slaves were in great demand because it was thought they could be trusted since they were under the control of their masters. 1.6 Europe from 1200 to 1450 After the fall of Rome, Europe, specifically Western Europe, was dominated by smaller kingdoms and regional powers. To farm the land, peasants known as serfs were used. Technological developments such as the compass improved shipbuilding technology, and gunpowder shaped the development of the world. Throughout East Asia, the development of Neo-Confucianism solidified a cultural identity. The French nobility and clergy supported the taxes because they were exempt from the tax. Silk Road The Silk Road began as the Han Dynasty was seeking allies to help fight against the Xiongnu way before 1200. They struggled to maintain their Christanity in the face of Islamic pressures to convert, especially from their neighbor and rival Somalia. There was, however, increased trade with Muslim merchants and an increase in European demand for the Asian goods to which Europeans had been exposed during the Crusades. As the Abbasid Caliphate falls to the Mongol invaders, new Islamic powers emerge: 1.0 Overview of Unit 1: The Global Tapestry, 1.3 South and Southeast Asia from 1200-1450, 1.7 Comparisons in the Period from 1200-1450, 2550 north lake drivesuite 2milwaukee, wi 53211. AP World History: Modern Key Takeaways — Period 1 (1200-1450) The spread of religion, aided by the increase in trade, often acted as a unifying social force. In 1234 Sundjata Keita (a.k.a. Beginning in Florence in about 1300 before spreading to Northern Europe, the Renaissance refers to the outgrowth of culture that marked a sharp break from the Medieval period. © 2020 Bold Learning Solutions. AP World History Virtual: 1200 to 1450 Assignment/Topic ... Watch the video on How to Study for AP World History. What trading center in Mali was one of the most powerful commercial outposts in the 1300s? Florentine artists grasped the importance of linear perspective, which required making more distant objects smaller. El baloncesto en México_Delgado Africa, Derecho de Acceso a la Información en México, Por el camino de las tensiones en la construcción de la paz: Retos para una nueva ciudadanía, Evolución de la empresa en América Latina, CRONOLOGÍA ACUERDOS INTERNACIONALES DE INVERSIÓN VIGENTES, Los presidentes de Colombia de la hegemonía conservadora, LINEA DE TIEMPO DE LOS PRESIDENTES DEL ECUADOR DEL ECUADOR DE 1979 HASTA 2015, Línea de tiempo evolución de las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación, Linea De Tiempo . The Mali Empire formed due to the inability to reestablish the Ghana Empire after attack, leaving multiple states to deal with the trade, mostly salt trade. Middle Ages 476 - 1453. Sundjata Keita is a cultural hero for the Mande ( or Mandinka) people. The Islamic region of Spain was referred to Al-Andalus. One of Africa's most famous epic poems, the _____-_____ recounts the exploits of the founder of Mali's empire. How did Edward III respond to Philip VI's confiscation of his lands in Aquitaine? This region, dominated by the modern-state of India, claims one of the world’s oldest faiths and a tradition of regional trade. Trade through the Silk Road, the Indian Ocean, the trans-Saharan routes, and the Mediterranean Sea led to the spread of ideas, religions, and technology.

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