There’s also no tag inside on one of the sides with the Independent Trading Company tag and the drawstrings with a different tip than others. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the travisscott community, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The top tier replica of this hoodie does not have this flaw but the lower tiers do. Fake, the usual small S which marks it fake. This might not be noticeable at first but when you compare it to retail, it stands out quite alot. We use encrypted SSL security to ensure that your credit card information is 100% protected. The S doesn't look too small but the drawstrings are different than the image of the same … What up repfam. But the S has been small on most of the real ones I’ve seen ?? This is completely off compared to retail. also the drawstrings and drawstring eyelets are totally off. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. This not only affected Scott but many others who shared similar memories with that place. Copyright © 2020 Astro CollectionNote that this site is not affiliated with Travis Scott but satisfies high quality first copy standards. In saying that, the one I got is arguably better quality than the original. 1/7. save. In addition to this another Astroworld Hoodie with the name, Astroworld Scattered Hoodie is in this collection where the alphabets of the word Astroworld are embroidered with the face of a smiling Earth This Astroworld Hoodie comes in all sizes which are shown in our size preferences and at our store these vintage hoodies are available. Ill be more than happy to help you guys out. please reply asap bc i needa pay soon. There are a few reps I didn't cover for example the LOOK MOM I CAN FLY beige hoodie. hide. StockX alters images, don't completely base verdict based on StockX. report. The album Astroworld dropped on the 3rd of August and the Astroworld merch dropped between 1st to 10th of August in small clusters which included the Astroworld Hoodie, Astroworld tees and Astroworld caps. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The second big flaw with these are the drawstrings. This Travis Scott Hoodie is inspired by the emblem of fire where either a fire represented design is present or there is a simple text of La Flame written in different text sizes and colors representing the different forms and perspectives and how they gel up to give the perfect streetwear look. For the tag flaw, the real shirts tags are a normal distance from the top of the collar and are not too far away, they are also a duller colour. Thanks for these pics! Another example of his merchandise based on one of his albums is the Bird merch from Bird in the Trap album. Having established how much Astroworld means not only to Scott but to his fans as well. I'm not too sure why that is, but fakes have a hard time replicating the right tie dye anyways so it'll be easy to differentiate the fakes of those if they come. Jordan. save. If you have any questions about the authenticity of one, shoot me a pm, i'll be more than happy to help. Today, we are here to tell you how to legit check any fake vs real Anti Social Social Club item that contains their “ASSC” logo prints in just three simple steps. 1/4. Hey everyone I'm looking at this Astroworld hoodie and I'm wondering if it's legit? Yea it was more the image of the globe but i could be overthinking it. The embroidery looks really thick but I'm not super good at LC'ing. It actually looks like the T in your hoodie is a little pointier and also the eyes on the O are a little less round as well. 12. ... CPFM Air Force legit check? The most iconic of them all which is also available at our store is the Skull and skeleton edition holds a different meaning and perspective according to the perceptions of the fans. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. First flaw is easy to spot. see full image. For the collar stitching flaw, I have mentioned this in many legit check posts before. share. save. Posted by 4 days ago. S in astroworld is too small. This is solely for people who want to make sure they are getting the real deal when you are spending a pretty penny. Another edition of the festival series represents his hometown, Houston where on the backside of it the tour dates for that year with there locations are mentioned with a message of “I Was Here” and “I Went To Astroworld”.

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