These are the characters From BrainSurge. Here is a list of those guest co-hosts: There is a ride at Nickelodeon Universe in Mall of America called "BrainSurge", the title of the same show name. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. The co-hosts were: During the last week of season 2, there were pairs of related players competing, but the game was still played with the usual rules. On the sibling and twins episodes, the winners' sibling or twin would wish them luck via video before starting the bonus round. [3][4] The show's format was adapted from the Japanese game show Brain Survivor. In Season 2, some celebrities were the guest co-hosts of BrainSurge for the episode with Jeff. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. For the third and final season, Brainsurge became Family Brainsurge, as families competed on the show just like Double Dare (2) & Nickelodeon GUTS did. All eliminated contestants/teams in this and future levels are sent down the "Brain Drain", a slide formed as a human ear containing foam. BrainSurge (then later as Family BrainSurge) was a show based on a Tokyo Broadcasting System game show called Brain Survivor with challenges that are designed to test the memory and comprehension skills of its contestants. Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Stone, creator of kid's game shows Legends of the Hidden Temple, … Two episodes had 3 pairs of siblings playing individually, while another 2 episodes had the same configuration, but with 3 pairs of twins. Stone, creator of kids' game shows Legends of the Hidden Temple, Fun House, Paradise … Remember: Abuse of the image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules! Contestants/teams can win three prizes, one for completing each of the three paths, with the grand prize usually being a trip (though on a celebrity episode of Family BrainSurge, it was a billiards table); any prizes they win on one stage are theirs to keep, regardless of the final outcome. if a contestant make a mistake than the game will go to a sudden death which whoever make a match move on; if no contestant makes a mistake, the contestant who made the last correct match wins the game. If the player made a mistake by stepping to a wrong square, then he/she must go back and start over after seeing the required pattern again. The show's format was adapted from the Tokyo Broadcasting System game show Brain Survivor.. The third season ran until November 17, 2011, when the show was canceled. There were 6 (sometimes 5) puzzles in season 1, worth 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 100 points each (for a maximum of 250 points); in season 2, the 40-point puzzle was dropped (except in an episode that was delayed from season 1); in season 3 (Family BrainSurge), there are four puzzles, worth 10, 25, 50, and 100 points. You'll love this website as you will travel through its features. Losing the bonus round meant that the celebrity had to go down the Brain Drain (in season 1, the audience member also went down the brain drain with the celebrity, while in season 2, it's just the celebrity while the audience member is standing with Jeff). © 2020 TV.COM, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. In level two, the four remaining contestants listened to a story read by host Jeff from his Big Book of Truth, otherwise known as "Jeff's Big Book of Super Fantastic True Chronicles of Truth That Are Absolutely True". In each episode, there are 6 contestants and 3 rounds. On Family BrainSurge, the Nick stars won prizes for their Brain Trusts in the audience (fans of the show each team was representing). The four highest scoring contestants move on and the other two go down the Brain Drain, a slide filled with white creamy goop. On Family BrainSurge, the child did the 4x4 and 6x6 while the adult did the 5x5, and the rest of the team (including the "Brain Trust") was allowed to help guide the contestant. Likewise, if the player won the final round, the co-host would get slimed with the player. If a male contestant won, male audience members received a green BrainSurge T-shirt. The two players with the lowest scores were eliminated from the game. Stone, creator of kids' game shows Legends of the Hidden Temple, Fun House, Paradise Run, and The Mole, and Clay Newbill, executive producer of The Mole and Shark Tank. In the first round, they play different memory games worth different amounts of points. MyEpisodes is your personal TV assistant with alot of loved features including episodes checklist, rss feeds, automatic state view, calendar and more. One type involved who, what, where, when, and why type questions about events in the story (in this type, if a question is missed the next player/team will be asked the same question, but sometimes a new question in season 1) and the other type involved players/teams naming things that Jeff listed in the story (e.g. The person who loses the knockout round get $3,000 for their charity in the WWE it was changed to $4,000 and winning team get $5,000 for their charity. Login / Register. The contestants/teams have 10 seconds to lock in their answers. name the musical instruments mentioned in the story) and in this type repeating an already said answer, including another form of that answer, counted as a wrong answer. The reason why BrainSurge was cancelled is because of Figure it Out's revival on June 11, 2012. As soon as the winning contestant stepped on the last square of the required pattern, he/she must then run over to & press a button to stop the clock. Sutphen decided to leave BrainSurge and do Figure it Out instead. [7], BrainSurge was taped at Hollywood Center Studios in Hollywood, California.[8]. The U.S. version was created by Scott A. The round one puzzles and the round two story usually contained references to that episodes co-host (mainly about what they're famous for). Each player in turn must pick two numbers that contain two pictures that match each other. If time runs out, the contestant/team must go down the Brain Drain but still keep their prizes they won, while contestants/teams who succeed before time runs out are slimed, in network tradition. Airdate: 10/11/10 Production Date: 4/1/10 1 Brainiacs 2 Level 1 2.1 Puzzles 2.2 Results 3 Level 2 3.1 Story 3.2 Knockout Round 4 Level 3 Colton: (Green) Chanell: (Red) Reysita: (Purple) Axon: (Pink) Matt: (Yellow) Lexi: (Blue) Colton and Reysita are eliminated Level 1 prize: Street Surfing/Bucket of Slime Chanell, Axon, Matt, and Lexi in Level 2. The first five questions increased in value by 10 points, for they were worth 10, 20, 30, (40 in earlier episodes) & 50 points respectively. Plus there are now names for each level. The Puerto Rico's audiences premiered on WIPR-TV on May 4, 2020. For the bonus round, the contestant/team must successfully trace out three paths on grids within 90 seconds. The remaining episodes aired on Nicktoons from April 28 to May 9, 2014. Contestants/teams lock in their answers by sitting down on a chair. On the Family version, The Brain Drain had seats for the eliminated players. The show was cancelled in 2011 and did reruns until June 2012. Skip navigation Sign in. Eliminated players slid down a slide full of foamy earwax slime called the "Brain Drain". No episodes have been added for this season of BrainSurge. The show's format was adapted from the Japanese game show Brain Survivor. Level one is called Brain Tease, level two is called Brain Fart where during the question portion, if the family in control gets stumped they must then yell out "Brain Fart", allowing their relatives in the audience to help out, and level three, the bonus level is called Brain Trip. When a player does not make a match, the round was shifted to sudden death where either player will have a chance to win the game by making a match. There were also two Family BrainSurge episodes with celebrities and their families playing to win prizes for themselves and a donation to a favorite charity the team eliminated in the first round receives $1,000 for their charity the two teams that are Eliminated in the second receives $1,500 for their charity in the WWE special the amount was changed $2,500 for their charity. The fifth/sixth & final puzzle was worth 100 points. The ride is based on the show. On "Family BrainSurge", if all the answers in the naming type questions are used up before two teams are eliminated, then Jeff will ask tiebreaker questions using who, what, and where type questions, and teams cannot use their Brain Farts during a tiebreaker (any unused Brain Farts are out of play when the tiebreaker starts). Six contestants were challenged of their minds & their comprehension skills. ", "Nickelodeon's 'BrainSurge' brings back the game", The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius,, American television series based on Japanese television series, American television series revived after cancellation, Articles needing additional references from January 2010, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 October 2020, at 07:15. This continues until two contestants/teams remain. All for a grand total of up to 210 (originally 250) points. One week during season 2 featured Jeff hosting with a celebrity co-host by his side. The contestants/teams then take turns matching pairs of images from the story. In the Knockout round, the two remaining players were shown eight matching pairs of pictures from the story for 10 seconds. BrainSurge/Catchphrases When a player gave a response, he/she must then sit in a "hand" chair with a whoopee cushion on it. For each completed pattern/cleared floor, the winning contestant won a prize, and if he/she finished the final pattern, the winning contestant also won a grand prize and got slimed. BrainSurge is a game show on Nickelodeon. Also, during those episodes, if the player lost the final round, the co-host would go down the Brain Drain with the player. BrainSurge's challenges are designed to test the memory and comprehension skills of its contestants. The first path is 6 squares (5 squares on a season 1 episode) on a 4x4 grid, the second is 8 squares (10 squares on two season 1 episodes and 9 squares on a season 2 episode) on a 5x5 grid, and the third is 10 squares on a 6x6 grid; squares are always connected (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). If a contestant/team gets a question right, a ding sound is heard. Search. There was also an episode with teams consisting of a child paired up with a WWE star the Kids receives prizes while the wrestlers Receive Cash To Donate for the Make a wish foundation unlike the other contestants the wrestlers wore whatever they wanted, rather than the BrainSurge shirts usually worn on the show by every contestant. Watch the most fun videos of Brainsurge Show, Enjoy!!! On celebrity games, the winning celebrity contestant was trying to win prizes for a randomly selected audience member. On each grid, the day's winner was shown the pattern twice and then the clock started when the winning player stepped to the first square. In 2012, the show was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show, but lost to Jeopardy!. Episode Recap BrainSurge on If a contestant/team gets a question wrong (or if they fail to answer), the chair makes a farting noise, and the contestant/team is pulled backwards through a paper "tooth" (curtains in Season 2 or later) of a large face (made to resemble host Sutphen) and eliminated from further play. Watch BrainSurge episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. The third season started airing on July 18, 2011 on Nick at Nite, marketed as Family BrainSurge,[1] and had a two-person family team format with five teams.

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