See more ideas about Senior picture outfits, Girl senior pictures, Senior pictures poses. Her top looks a lot like Bryony Duncan’s costume above, but the middle part isn’t as sheer and it looks like the neckline may be a little different. With the announcement of the Clueless reboot to TV, there’s no better way to pay homage to the film. Great, Click the ‘Allow’ Button Above 01/10, by Kelsey Garcia Zara McIntosh (West End), who alternates for Howard and Aragon. 2 weeks ago, by Victoria Messina LOOK at her skirt! The top seems very similar to the Duncan outfit in the middle, with all its similarities to Boleyn’s dress but the shorts has the Cleves belt and the epaulettes seen in Manser’s “all queens but Cleves” outfit. I haven’t seen any other opal pink costumes but the fabric is absolutely gorgeous, so I certainly hope that changes soon! 6 days ago, by Monica Sisavat This outfit also has a split peplum on the skirt, which feel similar to the epaulettes seen in other alternate outfits, but is different enough that it stands apart. Middle: Mouat and Colette Guitart (understudy, West End) - You can see the details of Mouat’s costume a lot better here - it’s very similar to Maedke’s dress, but appears to have little epaulettes, which seems evocative of castle crenelations or modern military dress. Cassie's butterfly tank top on Euphoria. That top though is just delightfully bizarre and totally unlike anything else. The one on the far right reminds me most of the current orange costume, with its peplum, but it has the mesh of boleyn’s costume. For the hair, try to slick it back for Dwight and part down the middle for Jim. Could you write something about dating/being in a relationship with Cassie please? Let’s start with a look at the black alternate costumes. The jacket and top underneath are pretty much straight Cleves, complete with the fur, although the arm warmers are different than Cleves’. While you might need to wear a mask and keep the celebrations safe this year, that does not mean the rest of your costume has to be. Lexi Lauren Photography. The devil can be in either red and black, but the best costumes will always include horns and a pitchfork. Cassie's denim buckled crop top on Euphoria. A TON of people on Tumblr have done more in-depth coverage and include more pictures: Grace Mouat’s Costume-, A review of the black and blue alternate costumes:, A great overview of all the costumes:, Various Instagram Sources: sladegabriella, camden costumes, dxntloseurhead. As you can see in the left and middle photos, she’s clearly wearing the same or very similar costumes, but her hair is done differently. Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard Cassie wears cleavage-baring tops in flirty colours and her outfits almost always hug her curves. Dionne’s look will include a similar black and white blazer and skirt set with a red top underneath. I’ll point out a few of the different hairstyles here, but for the most part, I plan to just talk about the different elements of the alternate costumes - which queens they came from, etc. She knows how to accentuate her body and use it to her advantage, and she does a damn good job at it. An Alternate is a performer who occasionally goes on in a role to give the main performer a break. Cher’s iconic yellow striped blazer and skirt can be paired with a pair of white knee-high socks and any colored heels. The costume in the second from the right looks very similar to the shape of Catherine of Aragon’s dress, but has the checks of Boleyn. The outfit she wears to the carnival is a mix of sexy and sweet, but she also keeps things pretty casual. I don’t think these costumes have been used in the show yet, as I can’t find any photos of them anywhere, but they do look really interesting and exciting for the future! 18/9, Euphoria's Costume Designer Went to High Schools to Come Up With Her Incredible Outfit Ideas, Photo Shoots, Commence: Beyoncé Is Sending Friends *and* Fans Her New Ivy Park Collection, Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi Were a Very Stylish Elvis and Priscilla Presley For Halloween, Beyoncé Promotes Her New Ivy Park Collection in a Striking British Vogue Cover, Naturally, I Require Some Help Picking My Jaw Up Off the Floor After Seeing Beyoncé's Red-Hot Gown, The Undoing: So . Middle: Courtney Stapleton (West End), who alternated primarily as Jane Seymour and Catherine Parr, but also understudied all the other roles. Left - Vicki Manser (West End) - Anne of Cleves variation - Here’s where you can see they really started having fun with the costumes. The grommets and stripes are the most obvious common elements with the other costumes. The next photo also shows Lee, only this time she’s going on for ARAGON [corrected 05/04/2020] (I’ve brightened it up a lot to show the details of the outfit more). Cassie's denim buckled crop top on Euphoria. We are meant to … It’s hard to tell. These costumes are the most classic on this list. (^This post includes links to workshop/q&a roundups from Lauren Byrne, Grace Mouat, Natalie Pilkington, Sam Pauly, Cherelle Jay, Vicki Manser, Collette Guitart, Jen Caldwell, and Harriet Watson)Details from Six Costumer Gabriella Slade’s Instagram TakeoverSix the Musical Wives 1-3: Historical and Modern Costume InspirationsSix the Musical Wives 4-6: Historical and Modern Costume InspirationsThe Early Costumes of Six the Musical: From Edinburgh to Cambridge to LondonUpdated Six the Musical Costumes for Broadway!The Alternate Costumes of Six the MusicalThe Shoes of Six the MusicalThe Ladies in Waiting of Six: Historical Inspirations and CostumesThe Tudor Fashion Elements of the Costumes in Six (with Painting References)How the Six Alternates Change Their Styling for Each Queen, The original primary West End cast of Six (Idil Sukan). This costume looks the same as Stewart’s, except it’s missing the straps in between the top and pants. This dynamic duo costume is sure to be a hit this Halloween. The alternates change up their hair and makeup to match each queen’s style, and it does seem that certain styles of alternate costumes are worn only with certain queens. 1 day ago. They have a very strong profile and almost look like ribbon on a Christmas present. In other musicals and plays, it’s standard practice for alternates and understudies to wear the same costume/style of costume as the main actors, with the idea that they should blend in as much as possible. Cassie's Alabama Whirley halloween costume on Euphoria. Abby Miller Powered by Squarespace, Ads from Google Adsense, Buy Me a Coffee? #euphoria #cassie howard #euphoria outfits #cassie euphoria #cassie outfits #sydney sweeney. Sign up for our Celebrity & Entertainment newsletter. Here are six costumes that you and your bestie can rock this Halloween: Since the HBO show dropped last year, the phenomenon Euphoria has taken over. anonymous said: Ahhh I’m so excited I found someone who not only writes for Euphoria but is also a wlw blog!! The neck decoration is really interesting - I love how it continues the vertical stripe in the bodice up around the neck. It appears that when she stood in for Cleves though, she wore the regular costume instead of a special alternate costume. ADDED 01/15/2020: Right: Still Bryony (although doesn’t she look so different from picture to picture?) The top seems very similar to the Duncan outfit in the middle, with all its similarities to Boleyn’s dress but the shorts has the Cleves belt and the epaulettes seen in Manser’s “all queens but Cleves” outfit. . Cassie's Alabama Worley Halloween costume is absolutely iconic, and while this definitely isn't a night to remember for her, Cassie's outfit is just something we can't get out of our heads. The jacket’s neck is also higher and the shorts don’t have the diagonal stripes seen on Manser’s. Cassie Howard's Alabama Worley Halloween Costume A total babe and complete smoke show, Cassie is the girl of every guy's dreams. (If you want to caffeinate the author further, anyway), The Alternate Costumes of Six the Musical. Aug 26, 2019 - Explore Cassie Howard Photography's board "Senior Outfit Inspiration" on Pinterest. These alternate costumes are so interesting, because they have enough elements in common with the usual queen costumes to blend in with the style of the show, but they tend to have a few unusual touches all their own. Specifically, each alternate has their own costumes that are separate from the main Queen costumes. 23/9, by Yerin Kim This dress also has a skirt similar to that seen on Aragon’s, but with more panels, and it goes all the way around. Right: Nicole Kyoung-Mi Lambert (US) - Aragon/Parr variation – The pants are pure Parr, although the fabric strips connecting the top and the pants are very different and seem to emulate Cleves’ or Howards’ criss-cross straps on their neckline. The skirt is super cool and unlike any other alternate skirt I’ve seen so far. Here's How to Dress Up as the Characters From Euphoria, 15 Inexpensive Christmas Trees to Fill Up Your Home, Not Your Budget, If You Made Fun of Lil Nas X's Halloween Costume, You're Part of the Problem, Gap Has the Cutest November Releases — All For $50 and Under, Lululemon Has All the Gifts He's Secretly Eyeing This Holiday Season, 31 Special Gifts That Will Show Your Clients That You Appreciate Them, 5 Ways (Other Than a Giant Party) Kendall Jenner Could Have Safely Celebrated Her Birthday. Oh, and the pants are definitely different from Stewart’s; Stewart’s pants have two thinner orange stripes and criss cross lacing , but Watson’s look to just have one big orange stripe. Halloween is fast approaching and it’s down to the wire to find the perfect costume. Seems like the formal alternates also jump in as understudies if need be. Add a curly blonde wig and be sure that you and your bestie will have the funniest costume around. The skirt is awesome and looks similar to Katherine Howard’s skirt, only with more checked fabric and contrasting stripes. Cassie wears cleavage-baring tops in flirty colours and her outfits almost always hug her curves. ADDED 11/30: Right: Harriet Watson of the UK tour. ADDED 01/15/2020: Middle: Bryony Duncan - Seymour - The top is similar to the one on the left, but the stripes are tilted differently, plus she has long black sleeves here. ADDED 11/30: Right: Jennifer Caldwell of the UK tour, who primarily covers Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard. But Six encourages their alternates to stand out and online, the alternates have almost as much of a rabid fanbase as the main actresses! On the left, she’s going on as Jane Seymour, with the long flowing hair pulled back away from the face, without any studded accessories. Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard Cassie wears cleavage-baring tops in flirty colours and her outfits almost always hug her curves. It’s got more pleats and a fuller silhouette than all the other alternate skirts (it actually looks a lot like the shape of Boleyn’s skirt) and also actually goes completely around, as opposed to the ones that open in the front. ADDED 11/30: Right: Jennifer Caldwell of the UK tour, who primarily covers Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard. Cassie's pink newspaper print dress on Euphoria. The criss cross laces on the top and the pants appear to be reminiscent of corset laces historically. These pics are from the instagram accounts of costume designer Gabriella Slade and Camden Costumes, one of the people who sew and assemble the costumes.

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