Leo took little Phoebe to the realm of Whitelighters for protection. Ironically, Phoebe is the only sister who has all girls. However, as the least rule-abiding one of the four sisters, Phoebe frequently saw magic as a tool, which led her to often break the most basic of Wiccan rules: magic is not meant to be used for personal gain. Phoebe asked Darryl to keep him locked up in order to keep him safe. Her traumatic experiences from being the Queen of the Underworld and carrying the unborn Source also played a hand in her reluctance to their relationship. Penny Halliwell †Allen Halliwell † Hence, when a series of events caused her to re-encounter Cole years after his supposed permanent vanquish, she lashed out at him despite his having turned over a new leaf, for she had grown to hate him as much as she loved him due to their previous tumultuous romance. [31] Later in the season, Phoebe helps to deliver Piper and Leo's first child, Wyatt Matthew Halliwell. She's already late for work and fears that Elise might fire her if she's even later. Phoebe writing her entry; after the ultimate battle. These measures not only ensured that the child could be conceived easily, but also that the child's evil nature would grow consistently stronger. She also did this because she had evidence that her father, Victor, was living there. [4] After Phoebe unknowingly recites aloud what turns out to be an incantation from the book, the three sisters each receive a magical power and discover their destiny as The Charmed Ones – the most powerful good witches the world has ever known. Her future self is shown to have waist-length curly hair in a slightly darker colour and she can be seen wearing a suit to work. Besides this, due to her being the only Charmed One to be born in the Halliwell Manor (above the Nexus), Phoebe was more susceptible to being influenced by evil than her sisters. Besides these advanced powers, Phoebe possesses the basic powers of a witch: the ability to cast spells (which is her specialty), brew potions, scry for lost objects and people, and divine for pieces of information. (Look Who's Barking, When Paige was still learning witchcraft, she accidentally exploded a magical potion and switched bodies with Phoebe. She did not understand her new power and was afraid that she would use it to hurt him. They then interrogated Grams and Patty and found out that Paige was their younger half-sister, who was given up at birth for protection. Phoebe also played a significant role not only in helping Paige to mature into their Charmed heritage, but also to ensure that Paige and Piper came to understand and love each other as sisters. Prue became engaged to a man named Roger and she asked Piper to be her maid of honor. Phoebe married Coop the Cupid in the series finale and together they have three daughters. Piper and Paige expelled the evil witch's spirit from Phoebe's body, and her soul returned. They later discuss this with Leo, who finds the situation weird. Phoebe's premonition power appears to have advanced, evident by the fact that she was able to receive one upon command while she and Piper were attending their friend Brittany's funeral. In 2010, Charmed gained an officially licensed continuation in the form of a comic book, which is often billed as Charmed: Season 9. The reason Phoebe became a mermaid was because of her desire to run away from her love for Cole, which made her a vulnerable subject for the spell to help them track a Sea Hag. [15] However, because of this they arrived too late and were only able to heal Piper of her injuries from the season three finale. When Phoebe discovers that Billie and her sister, Christy (Marnette Patterson) are the ultimate power The Charmed Ones must defeat to save Leo from the Angel of Death (Simon Templeman), she has reservations because the women are human and not demons. The demonic powers were removed after the Hollow was released from them. This was enough to wake her up, but not enough to expel the demon. She did marry Dex while under a spell from her ward Billie Jenkins. [5], Unfortunately for her, almost three years after her birth, Phoebe's mother was killed by the Water Demon. PiperHollyCharmed/Norman Reedus is Portraying JUDAS in GAGA'S New Music Video!! Eyes color Although while Piper was still a Valkyrie she was able to tap into her powers through empathy and used telekinesis against Piper. [49] In the end, Phoebe participates in the ultimate battle between The Charmed Ones and the Jenkins sisters, which destroys the Halliwell Manor, and only Piper and Billie survive. Everyone suffered the losses but also rejoiced in what they had recovered. Despite their unchangeable mutual love, she believed that they could not be together because he now had countless demonic powers—though he did his best to do good deeds—and she was still a good witch. Killed by an energy ball thrown by demon Rodriguez a second time after time was reset by Tempus. However, after the vanquish, the essence of the Source stayed in Cole and slowly started to corrupt him. Her, Alyssa Milano portrayed the character in all but one episode during the series' run, placing her second behind. Phoebe, more than any of her three charmed sisters embraced her life as a witch and over the years, has grown the most out of all four. Phoebe sighs, telling herself and Coop that this might become a problem.

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