"What is a convector radiator?" But, it's less effective for evenly heating larger rooms. Our selection of Stelrad Compact radiators is second to none, with a selection including traditionally finished and flat panel radiators we are sure you will find something you like. The old method of over-sizing your radiator “just to be sure” is an inefficient way of heating. The BTU rate of a radiator is a quick and easy way of letting you know how much heat a radiator will emit, and is basically there to help you decide … This configuration of convector radiator is still relatively slim, and can comfortably fit in even small rooms. Follow the checklist above and you will soon be enjoying the warmth and luxury of efficient, practical and beautiful new radiators that we specialise in here at BestHeating. Radiator Valve Essential Guide: How to Know Exactly What to Buy. 1792 Watts / m2 (∆T50), One steel panel with convector fins. This is our Head Office address only and is not open to the public (there is no shop or showroom as we are an online company). Because obviously, in theory, a single panel convector radiator the size of the entire wall would heat better than a double panel the size of an A4 piece of paper, but we're keeping the width and height the same, and simply changing the amount of panels, convector fins, and overall depth. Measure the width and height of your radiator, then use the appropriate table below to determine it's power output in Watts. When we talk about radiator sizes it can mean two things 1. You can also get them in fairly long sizes too, making them a good choice for hallways and corridors to strike a balance between size and heat output. Calculate the estimated heat output of your existing panel radiators. 3 layers of convective fins lovingly mounted between 3 radiator panels. At-home and virtual surveys enable us to give uniquely tailored design and tech advice. The Watt/BTUs of radiator (i.e Heat) you require is dependent on 3 main factors:1. BTU is the standard heat measurement when it comes to choosing radiators, so you should see it featured on the product spec of any good radiator. If you have a higher BTU requirement, it might be better to use more than one radiator to deliver the heat you'll need to a room. Please note: You may need several radiators for bigger rooms. The BTU rate of a radiator is a quick and easy way of letting you know how much heat a radiator will emit, and is basically there to help you decide if a radiator is the correct size for your room or not. 1000 BTU/hour = 293 Watts. That's easy: use our BTU calculator to find the perfect convector radiator for you. If comparing radiators across suppliers please ensure you are using the same Delta T figure by using the simple converter below. If you've been paying attention you know all about this radiator already. One steel panel with no convector fins. 835 Watts / m2 (∆T50), Two parallel panels with no convector fins. We take you through the different types of efficient radiators and show how you can keep your radiators running efficiently. To help you to calculate the right amount of BTU you’ll need, there are plenty of calculators around the web that you can use – we even have our own here at BestHeating. Hide Contents. When selecting our convector radiators, we ensured we chose brands which look good as well perform to a high standard. Yes, we are very experienced with large projects that require complete radiator replacement.

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