Click here to get it featured on the homepage instead. Many kit designs have followed its epic design and But one thing at a time… I’m currently running on head-ache medicines with all that excitement ! ;) If you have questions or would like comparison photos, please ask. The reason for this was because Brian Keith, who played To make it more outstanding on television the front The later Manta Montages used a space frame, that’s the Montage T. It was designed to use the GM 2.8 litre engine from the Chevy Citation and other GM front drive cars. He was always building some wild stuff. Please, don’t hesitate to email me a copy of the car registration (and some more pictures, if you can). But the new Coyote 5.0 engine barely breaks 400 pounds, and when combined with the already-light MKIII body, creates a heart-pumping, non-stop thrill ride. That way nobody is ever surprised or disappointed by factory defects. Good Lord would that thing move! Too much $$ for a college kid. It’s fully road legal and drives perfectly, just beautifully restored and ready to be driven back home. Pretty packaging can be arranged however it will cost more. Only the hottest racing versions of the 914/6’s 2.0-liter flat-six engine sing the sort of high-strung tune that Coyote did. In order to do that, YOU must be one hundred percent satisfied. The finished product is apparently a quite faith recreation of the McLaren, though naturally it has more than a few modifications and deviations from the original. Don’t believe us? Terms of Use  |    Very interesting. We are no longer shipping international unless you pay to register the parcel and/or assume full responsibility. Ertl Hardcastle And McCormick 1/64 Coyote Diecast Sports Car In Blister, 1958 Plymouth Fury, Red & White Aka CHRISTINE From Stephen King's '83 Fi, 1969 McLaren M6 GT, Papaya Aka Coyote Think Hardcastle & McCormick ERTL, Coyote X From The TV Series Hardcastle And McCormick 1/64 Scale Limited, 1/64 ERTL HARDCASTLE AND McCORMICK COYOTE, DEC 1974 ROAD AND TRACK Car Magazine MCLAREN M6GT, 1:64 Scale Hardcastle And Mccormick Coyote Still On Card, 1/64 Ertl Hardcastle And Maccormick Coyote. McLaren’s coach builder was Trojan Cars. All that said, the seller had some unusual plans make the Coyote X a formidable performer that could live up to its swoopy body lines: he put a down payment on a Porsche 996 Turbo to swap the kit car onto the Porsche chassis. I also, have put a $6,000 deposit on a Porsche 996 Twin Turbo that I was going to move the body off of the VW chassis on to the Porsche – The Porsche Is also for sale, but for an additional $6,000 and then the NEW owner of this vehicle can take over the Porsche payments….BUT NOT REQUIRED FOR ME TO SELL THE MANTA. I worked at a body shop in the early 80’s, and one of the guys there, Steve Walters had a Manta. Your satisfaction equals our success. There is a reason why people are NOT willing to pay 18k for an underpowered pos project! Unique Classics, Replicas and Build Culture, Copyright 2020 Rare Car Network. The owner is honest making it clear that it just drives like a 1300 VW ’69 beetle… reasonable cost. Not me. and if possible a short video clip of the car running. I tested a French Manta yesterday, quite similar to yours., 14,800 Original Miles!

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