The advertised weight of this gun is 7.3 pounds and it was exactly what our production model weighted out of the box. Claw is an understatement. I established a place in the community as a mortgage banker and met my lovely wife Lisa. I dont play much with sabots due to them not being legal in Colorado so my of my loads are with Conicals. The in-line technology has made these guns as accurate as many center fire rifles. CVA has taken what was already an extremely accurate and well valued gun and made it better. You can spend a lot more money on a muzzleloader, but why would you? I spent 8 years of my life serving as a United States Marine. It may not display this or other websites correctly. i am getting ready to buy some loads to sight in my new cva and am open to advice. Black horn web site has the breech plug your looking for I use the chiddette primers with 90/grains of BH 209 an a hornady sst 250/grain bullet , How ever I'm shooting a traditions pursuit xlt they preform well togather, 300 grain bullets tend to work best out of CVAs, but each gun is different, so you might need to try a few and see what your gun likes. Not sure what it will be with your load, but with mine the drop is only supposed to be around 9" at 200 yards I believe--probably less if the trajectory stays flatter than the predicted numbers. Oct 3, 2011 #3. I have an accura v2 and am looking for some advice on a good load/bullet choice. What is your most accurate load combination? Once you pick up one of these great guns and dial it in, you will see why it is our muzzleloader “Pros Picks”. Discussion in 'Muzzleloading and Traditional Archery' started by westernsix, Dec 4, 2012. I have the CVA Optima v2 and love it. You must log in or register to reply here. This can be done with the ramrod that is included with the gun, but isn’t as easy on the hands and why I recommend the special tool. I have the winchester 209 primers, but after doing some research I see that some say to shoot a fiochhi … At initial setup with your gun, I recommend that you mount a high powered rifle scope onto your gun of at least 9 power whether you will be hunting with a scope or not. I have high hopes from what I've seen. I would hunt any thing with that load. This is a benefit for unloading the gun during field outings. The winchester or fio? Sep 13, 2003 Somerset. Ed Shilen is a pretty common name to many bench rest and long range shooters and has made a life out of bench shooting and making barrels. Is there one thst I would need with this powder or should I just stay with the ones I have now? The new Quick Release Breech Plug or QRBP is the big hype with this new gun, and it works just as advertised. loads. These guns are capable of firing 150 grains of powder, but I usually start with a lighter load and increase with 10 grains of powder after 3 shot groups. Michael Deming and a 180 inch buck taken with the CVA Accura. I personally have never seen the fio primers. Some of the other muzzleloader companies claim to do this, but after testing, they don’t live up to the reputation. I have a wolf i use to shoot the power belts. I have an idea on what I want to shoot, my current set up with my old hawken (115gr loose pyrodex, 250gr bonded TC superglide). Bullets or projectiles leave a ton of room for argument so I’m just going to provide my personal preference and what shoots the best out of my personal gun. The new Accura V2 is equipped with a 416 stainless steel 27” fluted Bergara Barrel. I shoot a CVA Wolf and use two 777 50gr pellets, that combo killed A LOT of deer and one moose. Once, I have my best load, I move out fifty yards and see how much drop I am experiencing and document the correct yardage for the circles in my Omega. I have the same gun without a scope and shoot 1" groups at 50 yards with 100 grains of powder and powerbelts. Messages: 124 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 16. I believe CVA recommends White Hots so that is what i bought when i bought my CVA, DO NOT SHOOT A WEIGHED 100 OR 110 GRAINS OF BH209 FROM YOUR MUZZLELOADER!!! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I personally like to shoot loose powder instead of pellets. This is just an all around great rifle and it is top quality. YOU WILL BE OVER CHARGING A PRODUCTION MUZZLELOADER. S. spydermon Senior Member. Being able to enjoy your passion as a job is truly priceless. Do they make different ones? Didn't have a very solid rest because I left my bags at home. Ok guys I am headed to get me new V2 here shortly. Loads for CVA Accura Mountain Rifle Discussion in 'Muzzleloaders' started by muddhunter, Sep 14, 2017. We shoot Hornsby 240 grain XTP with 100 grains of 777 pellets. Tags: Add Tags. Oct 18, 2005 louisville. I have the same rifle, I shoot sub 1-inch groups at 100 yds. My last two cva rifles plus my dads are all tack drivers with this set up. Thank you and I mis-typed...I meant by volumes and not pure weighed out. I have the CVA Optima v2 and love it. Most are running 110 gr bh 209...I'm assuming that's measured and not weighed. Grn SST with three 50 gr pellets. The gun is 42” overall length and has a 14.5” pull. This thing simple won’t fall off of your shoulder. Now i shot the 250. Hunting Northern California’s Wilderness Areas, PacWest Outdoors: Prep School For Predator Hunters, Video Product Review: Sitka Mountain Vest.

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