Which is another thing that I loved about this episode is that he wasn’t a meta. In an interview with CBR, Rath spoke about how Brainy and Nia's relationship would develop on screen. So I will serve you up the greatest softball ever like what is the best part for you about playing her What do you love the most about her? NOW! I am open for any story that brings back Yvette, because I am absolutely in love with Roxy. Let’s just cross our fingers till then. Nia is the CW’s take on the less than remarkable DC Comics character “Dream Girl”, with one fairly remarkable exception. She had only recently come out as gay in the second season and her relationship with Maggie, who she had adored, came crashing down due to a disagreement over wanting children. I was on a call with them before we wrote anything they called me and we had like an hour-long conversation. That’s why with the Angus character — who is the famous Gregory Bauer — we wanted to be using soundbites and be using rhetoric thrown around by people with anti-trans sentiment. The show made history when it introduced Nia Nall, the young CatCo reporter who would become a superhero known as Dreamer. Nia defends Brainy, and the pair have a nice moment of connection. You can listen to our unedited – admittedly, somewhat meandering and messy – conversation with Maines below. Since then he has gone on A wormhole dragged everyone in all the various Al’s Bars around the multiverse onto Earth-Prime, which a) gave the watering hole we know and love a chic upgrade and b) deposited a bunch of doppelgangers onto Earth, including the Kryptonian witches who created Reign and tried to terraform Earth and are now running a side-hustle telling fortunes. You’re not even green!”. My only request for the new Al’s Bar is that it retains its pinball machine. And like just having this crazy, like, really cute banter over all of it. Because I love them. James was Kara's main love interest for the whole of Season 1 of Supergirl and so the season spent a lot of time depicting Kara shooting sad looks towards James's way whenever he turned his back. Mania, Comics Let’s see if we can (talk about) something a little happier. Just the month between Season Four and Season Five! I think it’s really important. Quick J’onn update: He’s still the best advice-giver. “Not the Luthors. A few people [actually] sent me questions for you about Nia saying last season she wanted to become a CEO. Just the month between Season Four and Season Five! The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Imra was sweet, kind, determined and caring and almost everyone warmed to her. Next for Nia, especially going towards the end of season 5, now [we’ve seen] Nia breakdown. And it’s certainly something that should be applauded. over a business deal and is at CatCo to investigate the Luthors. Both Nia and Nicole Maines, the actress who plays her, are trans. Then we come to our final new partnership on Earth-Prime. Supergirl's Jesse Rath teased that Brainiac 5 and Nia Nal would have scenes together in the near future featuring a long-awaited confrontation between the pair. Even after Earth-Prime was pieced back together, her roommate Yvette was attacked by a villain who wanted Dreamer to stop being a hero because she is transgender. We’re going to see her start to dream more. Lex sets out to get the Danvers sisters on board his peace-on-Earth plan. Unfortunately, Luthor had predicted that Brainiac-5's inherent nobility would win out over his sense of logic, and he was ready to swoop in and steal the bottle containing Leviathan for his own purposes, leaving Brainy for dead on the floor of their base. In the midst of all of this tragedy and all of this loss, she still finds the time to be f—-g ridiculous. And I was – first I have to say I was pretty stunned that a network TV show was like, okay, we’re going to step up and tackle this anti-trans violence story. This is arguably her most important power, which reminds me a lot of Phoebe Halliwell’s power on the original Charmed and how often the show emphasized that premonitions were the most important power they had to save people. It’s about Hey, gang, I’m seeing the f—-g future. They shake on it, and an uneasy alliance is formed. Lex Luthor’s got this. Relax, everyone. It’s sad because I think that that couple is so – there’s so much to that pairing that’s been unexplored. But, what’s so notable about Nia’s story, is that it’s not about her life as a transwoman. While this cliffhanger did end Supergirl season 5 on a thrilling note, it seems highly unlikely that this is the end of Braniac-5. And in 19, I believe she starts seeing dreams of him. What matters is that you’re doing that and it’s wrong. So yeah, there'll be some Brainy and Nia scenes. A lot of fans hated Mon-El at first and honestly, it's hard to fault them for that. However, his character developed throughout Supergirl's second season and so when he returned in Season 3, he was a much more selfless person than previously shown. 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The Supergirl season 5 finale, "Immortal Kombat," saw Brainiac-5 working alone while his friends coped with the problem of Leviathan striking out against Supergirl, armed with Kryptonite that had been provided by Lex Luthor, all as part of his efforts to endear himself to Leviathan so that he could bring them down from within. Perhaps it’s because this show doubles down so often on themes like care, empathy, and kindness. Write a comment below or submit an article to Hypable. I really wonder what role her dreams will play in that, if they’re going to be getting bigger and bigger…. Forget Boss Babe aesthetics, give us more pinball! Also, Maggie and Alex were exceptionally cute together. He confessed, "Without 20 in our lineup anymore, there are certain scenes that I don't know if we'll see or if we'll have to wait till next season to … ), approaches Lex and offers to work with him to stop Leviathan. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Will we get [to see] Nia working with Kara and William on their exposé of Lex Luthor for the rest of the season? Additionally, with Jesse Rath's name on the cast list for Supergirl season 6, it seems likely he's returning for more than just a death scene. It’d be really interesting to kind of see how that relationship goes moving forward. before receiving his own column, The Mount. It was really awesome to get to just see Chyler doing all of that. There was one unfortunate snag Luthor did not foresee; Leviathan protected their base with a radioactive force-field that would slowly poison anyone who wasn't wearing a special protective pin. One of my favorite things actually is the way that Nia and Dreamer have been – she’s been included in Supergirl in a way that’s absorbed as a natural part of the story. She’s like, “How could you call yourself a reporter and do that?”. There [would] definitely be one where her mother and her sister [are still] in her life. For the Supergirl Alex episode, those were a lot of fun, and we kind of get to see… Oh man, it’s… I mean, first of all, Alex as a superhero is so cool, and Alex with a Cape is so cool. I think it would be exciting to see them be doing well and happy. Jame and Lucy actually dated before Supergirl even started but Lucy broke it off as she felt that James was sidelining her in favor of Superman, to which James vehemently disagreed. It’s going to be really interesting to see what her virtual reality kind of paradise looks like, how her friends are involved in that, and what Alex is [facing] as she plunges into the virtual reality is kind of an escape. Nia didn’t really leave off with her sister in the best way last season. Do you think we will see Nia and Brainy get back together anytime soon?

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