In the sea hares of the genus Dolabella the back end of the body has turned into a slanted disc-like shield, with a large, calcified shell buried inside. Marine Invertebrates (PocketExpert Guide) - TFH Publications / Microcosm Ltd. - (English)Robert Toonen. volume 79, pages289–293(1984)Cite this article. It’s recommended that only expert-level hobbyist attempt to take on this fascinating invertebrate because it can be quite risky to care for them in a community tank. With that said, if you have a massive algae problem or just have a soft spot for the soft-bodied sea slugs, this article should help you figure out if they are something you want to add to your tank. The Dolabella Sea Hare also known as Wedge Sea Hare is a very effective algae eater and will clean up hair algae in no time. More about that later. 32, 389–395 (1975), Pauly, D.: Single-species dynamics in a multispecies context, pp 33–70. Mean duration of head withdrawal (± Standard Error) for unfed (open bars) and fed (grey bars) Dolabella auricularia (n This is based on a medium size animal, which you want to keep for several years.It might be possible to keep smaller specimens for a limited period in a smaller tank. The color is variable, with specks of green and brown. On the other hand there are small nudibranchs, especially … Part of Springer Nature. The Stomach-Footed Mollusks, Class Gastropoda, Subclass Opisthobranchia, Sea Slugs - Wet Web Media - (English), © Kasper Hareskov Tygesen ( It can be recognized by a flattened disk on the posterior surface of the animal. In: Proceedings of the Fourth International Coral Reef Symposium, Manila, Vol. The colouration and texture of wedge sea hare skin provides camouflage among the rocks and algae (Ruppert et … you intend to keep this animal in your tank, over the long run, you will most likely have to feed it daily with sheets of dried macroalgae, like nori, although some individuals might not take prepared/dried algae like that. 1). [6], Calumpong et al. Intertidal rock pools are also a favoured place to live. Have a look at the Dolabella references page for some relevant literature. Sea hares have a lifespan of about one year, dying shortly after laying their eggs. They have big appetites and need a lot of green stuff to survive. is released from the purple gland in the body cavity and squirted out the excurrent siphon. To investigate the latency of retention of defensive responses in D. auricularia, the stimulation process was repeated for each individual 30 minutes and 60 minutes after the first stimulation for both the fed and unfed treatments. 1). An decrease in the degree of head withdrawal response with continued presentation of the stimuli suggest some habituation to the stimuli. Es wird ein Aquarium von mindestens 450 Liter empfohlen. Withdrawal reflexes are known to be affected by an animals’ ‘state’, such as hunger (Advokat 1980).

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