The female can lay up to 75 eggs at once, and the larval period lasts up to several months depending on the food source. Not only does this beetle feed on the seemingly inedible, but also this pest can eat its way through wood and cardboard to get to a food source. This pest feed on several items both food product, other insects and writing materials, the food products they feed on are birdseed, pet foods, cereals, and grains. Identification is the first step in control. Cigarette beetles have smooth wings and serrated antennal segments, whereas the drugstore beetle’s wing covers are grooved and their antennae are clubbed. It really works by desiccating and scorching the beetles. When a small bit of pet food is contaminated, some homeowners place it in a sealable bag and put in the freezer for either 16 days at 36°F, 7 days at 25°F or 32°F for four to seven days. Furthermore, the female beetle can reproduce a total of 80 times before passing away, the number of eggs laid ranges from 25 to 114 eggs, all hatching within a week and 2 days, in most cases, the time in which the larvae grows can be influenced by the amount of moisture in air or changes in temperature. Just one female roach and her offspring can produce 30,000 roaches in one year. Through this breakdown, you’ll have a glance at every detail we’ll point out in this article. Don’t let tightly closed or even unopened food boxes fool you, since cigarette and drugstore beetles are infamous for their ability to escape, showing up seemingly untouched. Appearance. This could result from you keeping your home, store or workplace both indoor and outdoor untidy, not disposing of waste properly, and not carrying out regular cleaning. The life cycle of these beetles starts from laying of eggs, larval, pupal before the adult stages, in a conducive environment these beetles can reproduce up to four generations. This type of beetle first got its common name from feeding on herbal extracts and remedies. The adult beetles can fly, and they are attracted to light. These beetles appear to be small beetles, their length varies from 2.25 mm to 3.5 mm converting this to inches, they are 1/10 to 1/8 inches in length. The drugstore beetle is a red-brown beetle. Although small in size—only up to about 1⁄8 inch long—cigarette beetles can cause widespread damage if ignored. While a cigarette beetle is most commonly associated with areas where tobacco products are stored, a drugstore beetle prefers to raid medicine cabinets. For research purposes, the use of pheromone traps is preferable, however, using this technique, you’ll be able to capture this beetle using the sex pheromone trap to catch the male drugstore beetle. Viewed from above, the head is not visible, so the beetle appears to be "humped." Drugstore Beetles: Facts, Infestation and How to Get Rid of it, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window). Drugstore beetles are found throughout most of the world. The hairs which cover larval cigarette beetles are more visible and longer than on a drugstore beetle larva. Pestclue is established with the aim of enabling a pest-free environment. —bed bugs and mosquitoes—have a reputation because they bite. Although cigarette beetles only live two to four weeks once they reach the adult stage, the females can lay up to 100 eggs over a six to ten day period in crevices, folds or depressions in their food, making them even harder to eradicate. The cigarette beetle’s head is bent downward, which makes it appear hunchbacked if you see the pest from the side. The drugstore beetle, also known as the bread beetle or biscuit beetle, is a tiny, brown beetle that can be found infesting a wide variety of dried plant products, where it is among the most common non-weevils to be found. The most effective method of ridding a home of this beetle is to try to discover the source of the infestation. In this article, the facts about this beetle and how to get rid of it will be unraveled. It will also come as no surprise that the cheese mite attacks cheeses. drugstore beetles have been known to feed on strychnine, a highly toxic herbal extract. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The oldest known member of the genus is Stegobium raritanensis from the Late Cretaceous (Turonian) aged New Jersey amber. In addition to feeding on prescription drugs, the drugstore beetle enjoys sweets, spices, bread, cookies, flour, chocolate, wood, wool, aluminum foil and other items. Apart from the drugstore beetle infestation, what will make any pest or insect infest your surroundings is the availability of their searched food or conducive environment. Thankfully, homeowners can take some simple steps to get rid of both of these pervasive pests. You may also notice damage on books, dried flower arrangements, wreaths and stuffed furniture. What about the cigarette beetle? As you might expect, grain mites like flour, cereal and other grains. You possibly can apply diatomaceous earth as a powder in the identical approach as you’ll use boric acid, by sprinkling liberally over all cabinets and cabinets and so forth. These beetles found worldwide, however, it important you know how to get rid of them, they can cause serious damage in homes, stores, or workplaces. Their oval-shaped bodies have rows of pits that give them a distinctive lined appearance. ABC Home & Commercial Services for decades to identify pest problems and to work on treatment plans to get rid of pests, for good. However, they also fly to lay their eggs, when infesting your home, they fly in through windows and openings. The drugstore beetle is also known as the biscuit or bread beetle since it can live on biscuit or bread crumbs. While the pantry is the natural habitat for these critters, cigarette and drugstore beetles can just as easily be found in bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms. Approximately 3 – 4 mm long. Although you may not realize it, the cigarette beetle is one of the most common pests to infiltrate our homes. 11 Nsasak Street off Aka Road, Uyo. Yes, unfortunately, this beetle can be anywhere and will feed on items we don’t even consider food, including leather, dried flowers, books and even silk. Unfortunately, these stubborn beetles are known to feed on ingredients found in insect baits and insecticides called pyrethrum powder which is strong enough to kill cockroaches. When a small bit of pet food is contaminated, some homeowners place it in a sealable bag and. These pests prefer tropical climates, with temperatures around 85 degrees and high humidity. © Copyright 2020 ABC Home & Commercial Services All Rights Reserved. You can also put food in the oven at 190°F for one hour or 120°F for 16 to 24 hours to ensure any potential infestation is controlled. Keep it up! Drugstore beetles hatch from eggs which are generally laid on food stuff their larva like to eat. When you first see these beetles, take prompt action to protect your home from these prolific pests. In fact, some homeowners have more luck putting bread with peanut butter or a candy bar on a mouse trap. It is the larvae that are responsible for most of the damage that this species can cause. It is the only living member of the genus Stegobium. Drugstore beetles often enter a home in bulk items like bird seed, grass seed, or dry pet food, where several generations of beetles can develop unnoticed until some of the adults eventually leave to infest new locations. These beetles are classified as a nuisance because of its destructive nature, however, the attack food products like cereal, bread, cookies, chocolates, sweets, seeds, grains, pet foods, spices, red pepper, flour. The drugstore beetle has a worldwide distribution though it is more common in warmer climates. When the female drugstore beetle lays eggs and it’s at the larval stage, this is when the infest more, destroy more food products, grains, and so on. When it comes to common household pests, many of us throw up our hands in defeat, since these creatures are often difficult to control without the help of a pest professional.

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