You will then pick first in round three, and last in round four. Our Fantasy EPL Draft Strategy Guide looks into key tactics to consider when undertaking your all-important EPL Fantasy Draft! The thinking here is that you can draft in the middle-ish of the draft order and pick up an elite player in the first round. From the pool of midfielders, you’re looking for players that gain a fair amount of attacking returns, but those who will also gain good points for key passes or successful crosses. The result of this is that there are a lot of top-quality forwards to go around in a draft on Fantrax. Make sure you’re adaptable throughout the draft though – the pressure is almost certainly going to get to you! Drafting. If the midfielder doesn’t work out, just drop them and pick up someone else after the first few weeks of the season! I would recommend trying to pick a different position with each back to back pick. Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. If it doesn’t work out, you can easily drop them and move on during the season. If there is a player you feel may get drafted before your turn I would recommend reaching for them. This all depends on the manager.

Due to the fact that it’s not just attacking returns and clean sheets that impact the scoring system, defenders can easily rack up points for aerials, interceptions or clearances. For example, if you draft 1st in an eight-person league, you will get the first, 16th, and 17th best players. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Pick 2 doesn’t differ too much from the pick 1 strategy asides from the huge dilemma In round 1. Pereira or Digne are going to be worth it, based on their average scores around 12 points per game last season. 19 forwards averaged over 10 points per game last season! Use this to gauge who you will be able to draft in the first few rounds of the draft, based on the size of your league. In 2019/20, Liverpool claimed their first Premier League title in record-breaking fashion. A passing midfielder who scores goals is the ideal Fantrax midfielder! If you know the manager in your league being in the middle of a draft could be a huge advantage if you can properly predict how they may draft. Read below for our tips! By that, I mean jumping on trends in the draft whether its when everyone goes on a “defender run” or you see some solid FWD2s fall through the cracks, and you want to trigger a run of forwards. You’re reading our EPL Draft Strategy Guide, so you’re off to a good start in any case! Your specific strategy will come down to personal preference. We mentioned above that there are certain Sweet Spots of where to draft. Follow The FF Genie on Twitter @draftgenie for all the latest! Otherwise, try and pick up a midfielder such as Grealish, Ward-Prowse, Pulisic or Buendia (if he returns to the EPL) in the second round. The two games have much in common, with one vital twist. If not choosing one of Mane, Salah, or Sterling would be the way to go. We think its personal preference when you pick up the rest of your forwards. If Bruno falls to you here, I would recommend drafting him. The English duo are obsessed with everything English Premier League after falling in love with soccer as children growing up in the 90s. It’s so much more fun when your best player gains points for actually scoring goals!! There are a lot of them to go around, but if you have the chance to pick up two good or great forwards in the opening few rounds, then you should take that opportunity! I'm just … Press J to jump to the feed. This is all down to personal preference too. Assuming you take KDB round 1 you will want to pick up at least one forward with your next two picks and compliment that with a top-end defender or a tier two/three midfielder.


Looking for a better way to play Fantasy Premier League?

You also have a good chance of picking up a very good player by the time the second round picks come back round to you. The draft follows a “snake” format – it goes in numerical order and then reverses to make the draft order fair. Obviously, if you’re happy with taking Sterling or Alexander-Arnold in the first round, then drafting fifth or sixth in the order could also be advantageous to you. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a802087fb9bee41225f0a234a3027340" );document.getElementById("c965bf8bbf").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); November 3, 2020 By David Mendelson Leave a Comment, November 2, 2020 By Chris Clegg Leave a Comment, November 2, 2020 By Eric Cross Leave a Comment, FantraxHQ is the official content sponsor of. Followed by a very good or good player by the time the second round comes round to you, Pick in the middle rounds of the order and you’ll get either an elite player or a very good player in the first round. Decide on an EPL draft strategy that suits your preferences prior to the draft, and have a good idea of the players you want to bring in at certain times. Some managers may be desperate to get their hands on De Bruyne, and will therefore gladly draft first so that they can get him. Well, we’re here to help with our incredible Draft Position Strategy articles! Using Opta data and statistics, players such as Mohamed Salah and Raheem Sterling are rightfully classified as forwards. Alternatively, sign up to a public league along with seven other randomly assigned managers. Mess this up, and you’re in for a season of pain… come out of the draft with a half-decent team, and the next nine months of your life will be far more pleasurable. With pick 5 I would recommend having a main target for your pick and 4-6 backup options given where you are in the snake order. For more details on this and other elements of FPL Draft, see our FAQ. Pick 4 is a huge advantage with you getting one of the elite forwards and having a 2nd round pick with some premium assets still available. An elite midfielder or forward, followed by a very good midfielder or forward, followed by one of the best defenders, is a good Draft Strategy! Move your Fantasy EPL league to Fantrax now! You need to weigh up if you think your fellow managers will draft the players that you want to, Do as many Mock Drafts as you can – this is the best drafting preparation possible. Also, if your waiver wire order at the start of the season is set to be the reverse of the draft order, then the manager drafting in the final slot will get the benefit of having those two picks in a row, and also the benefit of being top of the waiver wire order.

The first player to go was Alexis Sanchez, but where will he be playing next season? Crystal Palace (+320), O/U 2.5 The EPL DFS Breakdown | Oct. […] Due to the intelligent nature of the scoring system, there is usually a good spread of points across the positions. I’m in an 11 person league with all newbies and would like to exploit the inexperience of the league.

Our upcoming Fantasy EPL Draft Rankings will help you decide which forwards are best to draft when.

Our upcoming Top 200 Draft Rankings will enable you to test out these theories before your draft. Make sure you’re adaptable throughout the draft though – the pressure is almost certainly going to get to you! How does the first 2 rounds (16 picks) look? Then you just need to name your team and join a league. Lots of people talk about these “Sweet Spots” in the draft order, or weighing up how late in the first round order you could draft and still be able to pick one of your favorite elite players. There are no player prices and no budgets, with managers using a draft system to build their squads. This means avoiding the temptation to draft five mids back to back. Looking at things in this way will hopefully reduce the stress involved in the process! These positions will guarantee you an elite level player in the first round… but what kind of strategy should you imply for the rest of the draft?!

Having a plan, no matter how loose it is, will help you immensely during the draft. As we mentioned, there are a limited number of top quality midfielders, as wingers are actually classified as forwards on Fantrax! Going forward-forward could land you with a front 2 of Mane and Vardy which would lead to a ton of goals. The big dilemma here is whether to select Bruno or one of the Liverpool wingers. Leave drafting your goalkeeper until late on in the draft!

You need to weigh up if you think your fellow managers will draft players that you want to draft. Check out our brand new Fantrax Scoring System which will be assigned as the default scoring settings for Fantasy EPL! They have been playing the draft format of the game for many years, and are our resident soccer experts! The two games have much in common, with one vital twist. Log in sign up. Don’t be afraid to go early on a defender on Fantrax.

Chelsea's Mason Mount, Fikayo Tomori and Tammy Abraham among those establishing themselves as first-team regulars at Stamford Bridge. Find The Chaps on Twitter @TheFFChaps for all the latest. If you personally rank Sterling or Alexander-Arnold for example the same as Salah or Mane, then drafting in fifth or sixth position would mean you still get one of these players, and a better chance of drafting a very good player in the second round. You should be streaming a couple of midfield spots throughout the season. Required fields are marked *.

The following three rounds I would look to get at least one if not two elite defenders and either an extra midfielder or forward. However, managers will have a preference on where they draft in the order. Video Assistant Referees made their Premier League debut in the 2019/20 campaign. Your draft order has been decided, and you’re currently trying to work out a strategy for which kind of players you are going to target in certain rounds. In the draft, each manager takes their turn to select players over 15 rounds. The date of the draft is set by the league administrator, while drafts in public leagues will take place 24 hours after the first team joins. Our upcoming Fantasy EPL Draft Rankings will help you decide which forwards are best to draft when. At pick 3 you will be separated by four picks before your “double”. Drafting Midfielders As we mentioned, there are a limited number of top quality midfielders, as wingers are actually classified as forwards on Fantrax!

For example, if you think you can go another round before drafting Matt Ritchie or Wilfried Ndidi, then take James Tarkowski or Aaron Wan-Bissaka as a banker defender; then snap up the mid-range midfielder the next round. It is free to play and can run alongside your Fantasy Premier League season; it even uses the same familiar scoring system.. This season pick 1 Is considered the “golden pick” with the obvious selection being De Bruyne. A mock Premier League fantasy draft for 2017/2018. This needs to be factored into your EPL draft strategy!! The Fantrax draft-style EPL Fantasy Soccer Leagues are the most feature-rich, easy-to-use, and customizable in the industry. With your 2nd pick, I recommend grabbing a forward regardless of your first pick. Beginner FPL Player Help. 3. Therefore there will always been starting goalkeepers in the free agent pool! Well, we’re here to help with our incredible Draft Position Strategy articles! The only place to play Draft Premier League is Fantrax, and here are six reasons why.

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