A similar discussion broke out in the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque shootings, as a mass-murder was live-streamed on Facebook for millions to see. On Instagram, people began tagging Devins’ account on uploaded photos of puppies and cats in a concerted effort to overwhelm graphic images of her death. Was BB Comics Luxury Competition worst challenge in show history? She was murdered in cold blood by a boy I will not name and the pictures he took of her after the fact are circulating by basement-dwelling edgelords using her horrible demise as a joke. Yes, AOC Can Still Be A Democratic Socialist & Wear A $14,000 Sui... “Anonymous” Waited Too Long To Reveal Himself. He was then immediately taken to the hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery. She will always be remembered as our Princess… Your prayers help to strengthen us through this difficult time.". All images are used with permission or licensed. Police found Clark lying on the ground next to a black SUV around 7am Sunday local time. Police confirmed the authenticity of the circulating images to Rolling Stone. "Hours after news broke on social media of Devins' killing, users began flooding both [the suspect's] and Devins' profiles. ©2020 Rather than showing the horrific image of her death in a slideshow advertising "pics of Bianca," posters are using the method to criticize those seeking them out. The duo reportedly attended Canadian singer Nicole Dollanganger's concert in New York City together on Saturday evening — Clark was giving Bianca a ride home when they reportedly got into an argument. This latest event in platform moderation and distribution has highlighted what many have known for years: most social media platforms really can’t control the content on their own sites. Police identified Clark as Devins' boyfriend, but a mutual friend told Rolling Stone that their relationship was "strictly platonic." Following the Christchurch terror attack being livestreamed on Facebook, 16 countries and eight tech giants signed a pledge in May initiated by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern that hopes to stop similar atrocities. Photo credit: Instagram / Bianca Devins / escty Instagram is under fire for reportedly leaving graphic photos of murdered 17-year-old Bianca Devins online for several hours. Graphic photos of Bianca Devins’ murder were widely circulated on social media. Is Fake Melania Trump The Greatest Unsolved Mystery Of Our Time? confirmed by local reporters, who spoke with Utica Police, Jennifer Aniston Posts Hilarious Throwback Photo, Kanye West Went Berserk, Nostalgic on Instagram, 2019 Was Selena's 'Year of Third Wheeling', Kylie and Travis Had an Interesting Night on IG, Cole Sprouse Posts First Coupley Photo of Lili, 50 Incredible Instagram Photos From #NationalDanceDay. Coromato said investigators are still piecing together the events of the night. We are working closely with law enforcement to provide any assistance we can. The entire horrific episode first went viral yesterday, as images allegedly from the scene of the murder began surfacing on 4Chan, Instagram, and Facebook. The answer to the spread of horrific content on social media engenders more problems. Although Instagram has taken steps to mitigate the spread of gruesome photos of Bianca Devins' murder, its screening technology has blind spots. ", A post shared by bianca ⚖️ (@escty) on May 7, 2019 at 4:52pm PDT, An Instagram page with photos of Devins is still active and currently has over 60,000 followers. Lately, the term has also been used to describe men who engage with a woman's social media in hopes of sleeping with them. How QAnon Went From A Fringe Conspiracy Theory To A Political Mov... Ivan Hunter Is The Boogaloo Boi Who Opened Fire On A Minneapolis ... to Instagram, 4chan, and gaming chat platform Discord, New Jersey man killed an 18-year-old woman, Texas man posted a photo of his murdered girlfriend. "She is now looking down on us, as she joins her cat, Belle, in heaven," the family wrote in a, Bianca Devins Alleged Killer Posted Murder On Instagram. I hate knowing you’re not going to ever come back home. (@JoshPescatore) July 15, 2019. Clark is reportedly being treated for his injuries and expected to survive. The inventive approach makes it harder to search for pictures of Bianca Devins' dead body. Instead of repeatedly sharing and it saving these sick pictures, you report them so they can be taken down. "Helped them when they were down even if she was going through her own shit.". On Instagram, Clark’s account was only removed after the platform was directly contacted by BuzzFeed News. People also banded together to report accounts that slip through Instagram's cracks in addition to spamming Devins' tags with aesthetically pleasing images. Many Instagram users don't think the platform is doing enough to moderate its content, so they've taken matters into their own hands, tagging Devins' account so her tagged section is filled with bubblegum pink sunsets, cats surrounded by heart emoji, and pastel stuffed animals. "She is now looking down on us, as she joins her cat, Belle, in heaven," reads the Devins family statement, which was published on the Huffington Post. Devins has more than 80,000 followers on one of her Instagram accounts, escty, which remains active at the time of publishing. She worked as a model and was an “egirl” and frequently posted photos on Instagram and Tumblr. Wtf is wrong with you people!!? The user @stopthegore has been highlighting accounts that shared the photo of Devins' body, urging followers to report them. In addition to the suspect posting photos from the crime scene, several other internet users have also shared the images, sometimes as a form of promotion. "Unfortunately reporting everything won't work, Instagram will just cover the photo with a sensitivity screen," stopthegore said in a DM. Surely, preventing situations like this one should be the bare minimum we expect. The newly created account @bia.nnccaa is run by a teenager who was horrified by the photos she saw and didn't believe "Instagram isn't doing a good job by itself." The reality is that the pure size and scale of social has now made moderation almost impossible – and many platforms are happy to perpetuate that narrative and let the public work for free to do their moderation for them. Clark’s self-inflicted injuries were severe, but he is expected to survive. While the hashtag #yesjuliet was disabled at the time of writing, the widely shared photo of Devins' body was still visible on anonymous Instagram accounts. }. A post shared by BT (@bt.artistry) on Jul 14, 2019 at 11:53pm PDT, only posting this cause the whole situation going on with bianca’s death is messed up and she doesn’t deserve this one bit. On Instagram, where they circulated for hours before they were removed, users attempted to access the gruesome images in an effort to gain followers and social media clout, with at least one user claiming they would send followers the photos once they had 8,000 followers. Mashable, MashBash and Mashable House are among the federally registered trademarks of Ziff Davis, LLC and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission. A 13-year-old girl shouldn't be the one trying to take down sick people's posts. Police disarmed Clark and took him into custody. if (typeof siteads.queue !== 'undefined') { Police have confirmed the authenticity of photos being circulated online, but say a video purporting to be of the killing is fake, reports Rolling Stone. And instead you post about what a beautiful young woman she was.". This experience has sickened me to my core. Devins' stepmother Kaleigh also took aim at people sharing the photos of their deceased family member online. The outlet also reports that when police found him in his car in Utica, he slit his own throat and posted a photo of his bloody neck to Instagram, too. Her family released a statement on July 15 (local time), describing her as a "talented artist, loving sister, daughter and cousin" and a "wonderful young girl, taken from us all too soon.". After images of her body began circulating online early Sunday, Clark reportedly called the cops on himself, according to The New York Post. Login with your Facebookor Linkedin account, A 17-Year-Old Girl Was Murdered And Photos Of Her Death Went Viral On Instagram, the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque shootings. Police have confirmed the internet celebrity 'egirl' was killed in the city she lived - Utica, New York - on the morning of July 14 (local time). Such blatant ‘growth hacking’ also translated onto YouTube, where one user hosted a livestream celebrating Clark’s alleged actions. Clark's Instagram account @yesjuliet had 3,000 followers before it was taken down, and mostly contained selfies, gym pics, and content about metal music. Clark posted the photos of her dead body around 6:40 a.m. Another member of the Discord server followed Clark on Snapchat, and used his Snapmaps location to alert the police after seeing the photo of Devins' body. She was known as an e-girl, a subculture of young women who tend to have large followings on TikTok, Tumblr, and Instagram, and blend gamer culture with emo aesthetics. Police say the two met on social media, and had a relationship. Graphic photos of Bianca Devins’ murder were widely circulated on social media. According to reports, 17-year-old social media star Bianca Devins had recently graduated high school and had plans to study psychology at a community college in the fall. Devins frequented Discord servers and the anonymous forum 4chan, and incorporated Minecraft and Hello Kitty into her posts. is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. Thank you for always being there for me. Social media platforms being used to broadcast extreme violence is of major concern globally.

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