And she is also Greg Heffley's crush. but said, "I'm not trying to like caddy." After high school he left his life and everyone in it for college. "Lieing candy." As Greg and Rowley show up Greg said, "Hey it Me, Greg!" But ether way you and he will profess your feelings for each other". Greg thinked as He get his mind off of 'Rodrick's Puberty juice' but he don't think so.. Shoot! ", When they got home, Greg grabbed his mom's laptop, and told his mom, "I need to do some homework on the computer. Greg's at school when he gets the text from Rodrick, but it doesn't stop him from wandering out to the soccer field to find out what his older brother wants. 1…2…3!". She look the box it said 'The First Lieing Candy only 99 certs' Greg said "It Cool, huh?" Next morning me and holly were talking then She lean to me the we kiss.i pull her closer she oppend her mouth then I put my tounge in her and she did too.When we break she said I love you I said I love you too.I noticed is not a dreem because I should just have waken up.I noticed we are only in the hallway I grab her hand walk her to a quiet place.we started to take her clothing off. Holly Hills got up from the couch after the 2:30 showing if Enews ended, she then walked up the stairs to her room to listen to some music on her stereo system. Deal's are made and rules are added. I asked "Who is this beautiful ma'ma?" Greg is still very skinny and weak and still plays video games and doesn't bullies small children. I went down to talk to him and he said if I wanted to start that project the we neglected to do. He saw all his normal things: his 7th grade school supplies, his textbooks, and —yes!— his ladybug cellphone. 239 2 1. Will he be ready for the repercussions of his action, or will he run away? Mike 1st I was sitting in a dark corner of Holly Hills room. Rodrick has other plans, unbeknownst to Greg. Manny is the only character not to have any love intrests. There is no change in Greg's look but he appears only slightly taller then his normal height because he doesn't excersise and keeps playing video games. He requested friendship, and in a matter of minutes, she accepted. I'm going tell Mom and Dad. Rodrick said. Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and stuff like that," Holly said as she unzipped her bag. "Your voice sounded diffrent, how you get it?" "Nope, Greg, it need a time." Gregory "Greg" Heffley(born July 16, 1994) is an American student and the main protagonist of the Diary Of a Wimpy Kid novel series and franchise. She sat down in front of her desk mirror to see if she had any blemishes. I'm not the one to get Puberty with my voice. "Do you say Lieing Candy?" Roderick Heffley Big Brother • Tries to be a ladies man (but isn't) • Is in high school and can drive • Throws a party while his parents are away and Greg gets blamed as a co-conspirator • Locked Greg in the basement Holly Hills Greg shot out from behind the desk and ran to his the back row. ", His mom said, "Okay, but only if you do homework. Oh no, Greg Thinked. I'm not a Chipmunk Fan, They Sing high voices, Ok? He then put his right index and middle fingers to his temple and peered into me. What a ferret." said Greg. Greg gets laid by Holly Hill eventually. Rodrick's part time job is too play drum for a band. Much slower. I lock the door then i started to take our clothing off. He couldn't hear the lyrics that well, except the words, "You belong with me." But what's even more shocking is that his sister was nothing like him. The sweet and nice girl whom is also Patty's best friend, some one Greg has had a school boy crush on since day one. I got it! Rodrick Heffley (63) Greg Heffley (49) Susan Heffley (25) Frank Heffley (21) Rowley Jefferson (20) Manny Heffley (16) Holly Hills (10) Heather Hills (10) Ben Segal (10) Original Characters (9) Include Relationships Greg Heffley/Rodrick Heffley (20) Rodrick Heffley/Original Female Character(s) (6) Rodrick Heffley/Original Male Character(s) (5)

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