To increase, all you do is make an extra half double crochet stitch where you've already made one. The half double crochet falls in between a single crochet and a double crochet in height, but instead of working off two loops at a time, you draw the yarn through three loops on the hook. The half double crochet stitch shows up in all different types of projects, so you can use any yarn and any crochet hook to work on HDC. Sides: Chain 10. (as normal). It really is that simple. It also means that you can work into the third loop instead, a technique that creates a great knit-like fabric. This sample was made with one row of double crochet and one row of half double crochet – the first row was made crocheting 5 dc (double crochet) and the second row was made crocheting 5 hdc (half double crochet). Yarn over and insert the crochet hook into the stitch. The video uses a large cardigan neck to create a double crochet edge on. It is a foundational crochet stitch and worked similarly to those two basic stitches. Repeat the steps for each HDC, working across the row of foundation chain and across all the stitches of each subsequent row. Charity Quilt Fabric from Blue Meadow Designs. You can change the appearance of a basic stitch like half double crochet by working into only one of the loops instead of into both of them. It is one of the basic crochet stitches that a beginner should master when learning how to crochet. This means that you have to understand the anatomy of the loops better to make sure that you're correctly crocheting into the front loop or back loop. ... Then you can whip thru an afghan ,doing it in single or half double stitches( my favorite) and just fancy it up with a pretty trim. Sign up for new blog posts and free crochet pattern releases straight to your inbox! Slip stitch (SL ST) into the top of the next single crochet on the blanket, and into the next. Yarn over and insert hook into stitch. It produces a fairly tight fabric similar to one made with a single crochet stitch: 1 Do 15 chain stitches (ch 15). Oh happy anniversary! All Rights Reserved. Pattern for the blanket that this border was worked on is called the Pink Petal Stitch Blanket. Then pull through a loop on to the hook. Next, make a foundation chain to work the first row into. In the last stitch, work under both front loops. Thank you so much for such clear instruction. SL ST to the next SC on the blanket and the next. If you are working with a crochet pattern, the pattern will tell you the exact materials needed. By  Adrienne, At December 24, 2009 at 10:16 AM. If you were making a single crochet stitch, you would not yarn over before inserting the crochet hook. These instructions work for any blanket that is a rectangle or square with straight sides. Upon returning to the third SC that makes the corner, SL ST once. Half double crochet is a beautiful crochet stitch; it's simple but versatile. For a video tutorial for the border see below: For more border ideas, look under the menu heading “BORDERS.”.

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